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Temperament For Dummies (Personality Matrix Part 1)
Discusses the basis of temperament theory, and how it helps us understand ourselves and others. Promotes a theory of a fifth temperament, and how the factors of temperament theory (Introversion vs extroversion, along with people vs. task orientation), work. There are also three "areas of need" through which people's temperaments can be blended. All of this was derived from the once popular FIRO instrument.
Short version (perhaps start here)

PERSONALITY MATRIX Part 2: MBTI and the 16 Types and Cognitive Functions
The familiar system with the sixteen four letter types, starting with Introversion and Extraversion. Builds it up from scratch, and also ties it to classic temperament (above).
Short version

INTRO TO TYPE: the bare basics of the type code in 8 steps (perhaps start here)

ERICA vs. EISeNFelT: A New Look at MBTI-FIRO Correlations
A treatise on the correlation between classic temperament (particularly the "Arno" version using the FIRO-B system) and MBTI type (especially since we see they already share a common factor: I/E!)

Type Ideas: The Best of the Personality Matrix series
A collection of tables, illustrations and short descriptions from the series

BDMNQR2 Fan interest Web Sites

Subways and city in general

Line By Line History
Chronicles the history of each subway line in the New York City Subway system.

Subway Car history
Chronicles the history of general car assignments in the NYC Subway.

33rd Street Passage
A forgotten passage connecting the 6th and 7th Avenue subway mezzanines (including PATH) that was useful, but prone to crime and the homeless. Formerly owned by Gimbel's, it is now owned by Vornado Realty, owner of the whole block, of which the passageway is the property's sidewalk vault. With Hotel Pennsylvania already demolished, construction is ongoing, and the passageway is planned to be reopened with the new construction!
Includes pictures, both mine and others, and how to find where it is sealed up.

A notorious area of the city from over a hundred years ago, and that I worked in for nine years. Interest started with an old Jacob Riis photo of impoverished women and children sitting by an odd looking building they apparentely lived and worked in.

Entertainment (Cartoons, games, music)

The Scooby Story
The definitive guide to the Scooby Doo series through the years.
In defense of Scrappy (see also Respose to "Scooby Doo, Where Are You Now?")

Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies filmography Exactly 1000 films from 1930 to 1969, plus subsequent releases and specials

Super Mario
Discusses the series of games, and how the first one was the best.

Filmation, the much maligned staple of Saturday Morning TV
The history and contributions of this cartoon studio, that for a time was second only to Hanna Barbera.

Battle of the GHOSTBUSTERS!
My reprinting of an old fanfic that resolves the dispute between the two ([supposedly] unrelated) "Ghostbusters" cartoons from the 80's. (the "underdog" of the two, in fandom, being the original one by Filmation!)

TONTO: Unique musical production style
Discusses the influence of engineers Bob Margouleff and Malcolm Cecil on Stevie Wonder's career. They had created a very unique sound for him, the Isley Bros. and others, replacing conventional orchestras with fat synthesizer sounds, amd adding rich harmonies and emotion to the music.

Christian issues:

Blends four Gospel accounts into one narrative. Others have done this, but only this one has it's own chapter and verse system, and I try some methods to create a more freely flowing text.

Tri-une Nature of God
Offers somewhat of a possible resolution to the age-old Trinity issue. The pre-Nicene expression was less formulated, and thus easier to understand, and this should be reconsidered by Christian scholarship.


Pantelism/COMPREHENSIVE GRACE (discusses this "consistent" extension of preterist eschatology)

"Changed Life" concept (the common view, which blurs Law and Grace in salvation)

"Spiritual Power": A much misunderstood subject in conventional theology (the basis of cold reactions to the suffering, and even judgmentalism)

Man "Deserving" Pain, and Where This Notion Comes From (the main justification of both the common view on jugment, as well as the pains of life today)

"Sin" as Deliberate Animosity Towards God (another common and wrong assumption that drives the judgmentalism and "us vs them" premise of conventional preaching)

Other Christian issues at Christian page Index


Alphabetic Integers
I always imagined extending the alphabet by doubling the digits like numbers. I later found that this is done, in court exhibits, and spread sheet programs. Here are additional and mathematical tables showing how it would work

Other Interesting Things from the Web
Two-factor political theory (Political Compass, Politopia)
Air powered car
HunterDouglas Silhouette hybrid blinds/shade
KICK Subway map


To longer essays (Entertainment, Transportation, Math & Science)


Rap: Where Did We Go Wrong?
An essay on rap music or hip hop, which frequently been coming under criticism, even from black leaders and newspaper columnists, for its violence. It originally started out as a response to the article "Rap Only Ruins" by John H. McWhorter, (PostOpinion, NY Post, 8-10-03; taken from "How Hip-Hop Holds Blacks Back", City Journal, 7-1-03., which actually blamed Grandmaster Flash's "The Message" for the beginning of the downfall. But I actually see that as the high point of it, and ultimately positive. It was the two turning points that occurred with the debuts of Run DMC and later KRS One, that changed rap. Both groups had an ingenious, but also aggressive style that quickly caught on, and in a few years, entirely transformed the genre into what is called "hardcore".

World Trade Center memoirs
My memories of WTC (where I had my very first paid job) and thoughts about 9-11 and the ideological debates thet followed.

On Race and the election of Obama (From my old political project, the "Right Wing" series, part 3)

MAKERS vs TAKERS: Tax, Lax and Blacks: How Racial Tension is Fueled in the Politics of Blame

My attempt at a book covering the political climate of the Obama era, where right-wing rhetoric was really turned up!

Written around the time the informative term "dog whistling" was first coined, yet I wouldn't hear of it until years after. Wish I knew it then. Also what I didn't realize, some of the more radical rhetoric I cover in there (people speaking of "openly naming" the "black problem", and even putting down the Constitution and criticizing the colonists as mistaken for bringing us over here, since we were incapable of "assimilating", and only "ruin" everything!) is really from a faction of the Right that would become known as the "alt-right", particularly a few years later, when the presidential campaign of Donald Trump led them to partly differentiate themselves from the mainstream Right (that was still leery of him at the time), whom they chided as "cuckservatives" (i.e. "cuckolds" passively watching blacks and the liberals "screw" America) for not supporting Trump and using indirect dog-whistling, instead of directly "naming the elephant in the room" (i.e. "the black problem"). With much of the Right, including even the Christians, eventually putting aside their reluctance and embracing Trump (and him actually winning the election in 2016), the distinction has subsided, yet with the radicals more influential, as we can see in them eventually leading an actual insurrection attempt against the US Capitol! (I had mentioned in there them "virtually mulling an armed war against the "tyrannical" government", and they've actually started to do it!)
Think of updating it, but now, is for the most part superseded by these more concise articles:
I Didn't Own Slaves (that was 150 years ago), but..." and
A Clever Summary of Conservative Views on Race and Economics

East River Crossings Manhattan Bridge Alternatives
This is basically outdated, but it is interesting to see some of the BMT-IND subway patterns they came up with, in the event of the Manhattan Bridge being fully opened (O), partially open (N north tracks/S South tracks), or closed (C), and a proposed alternate connection between DeKalb Avenue and the F line tunnel built or not. Of course, the bridge is now finally fully open after years of switching back and forth between one side or the other. But before this, especially in the transitional 90's, when seemingly neverending work was continuing, and even possible threats of permanent total shutdowns floated around, transit fans always wondered what service would be like if it was fully closed, or the work was finished and it was fully open, or the new connection built. So this was valuable information.
The new connection was not built (And now the area it would have been dug up in is being built up). There was an option on there called "No Build" or "Transportation Services Management" (TSM) meaning using the existing infrastructure and improving serivce. This technically is what is being done, though the current pattern is still nothing like the TSM-O in the list. These patterns reflect the pre-2001 routings (B on West End line, D on Brighton, Q on 6th Avenue), which changed when the Bridge swapped back from the N to the S configuration in 2001, and by the time the work was finished and it fully opened, rider input and other operational issues went with totally different service patterns, so it's all moot now. It is still helpful in giving an idea of what it would be like if the bridge was completely closed, and the tables include the throughput (trains per hour).
BTW, the public hearing where this info was given out took place in the WTC, and was the last time I was up in one of the towers (a good four or so years before 9-11).