•(LT)= Looney Tunes
•(MM)= Merrie Melodies
• {{BR}} = reissued as a Blue Ribbon Merrie Melodie; *; Original title and credits restored in remaster; {{BR}} Original Title card retained
• NT = Non-Theatrical Shorts
• LGTC-X = Released in Looney Tunes Golden Collection, Volume X,
Black & White
• The following directors are listed by just their last names:
•• Rudolph "Rudy" Ising
•• Hugh Harman
•• Arthur "Art" Davis
•• Ub Iwerks
•• Tex Avery
•• Frank Tashlin
•• Robert "Bob" Clampett
•• Isadore "Friz" Freleng
•• Charles M. "Chuck" Jones
•• Robert McKimson

Pilot (1929)
0. (LT)Bosko, the Talk-Ink Kid (Harman and Ising/LTGC-5) Bosko is drawn and plays with his artist.
( ----

1930s — 270 titles ----

1930 — 5 titles

  1. (LT) Sinkin' in the Bathtub (Harman and Ising/1st LT-Apr/LTGC-3) —Bosko, Honey
  2. (LT) Congo Jazz (Harman and Ising/Sep) —Bosko
  3. (LT) Hold Anything (Harman and Ising/Oct) —Bosko, Honey
  4. (LT) The Booze Hangs High (Harman and Ising/Nov) —Bosko
  5. (LT) Box Car Blues (Harman and Ising/Dec) —Bosko
    1931 — 14 titles
  6. (LT) Big Man from the North (Harman and Ising/Feb) —Bosko
  7. (LT) Ain't Nature Grand! (Harman and Ising/Mar) —Bosko
  8. (LT) Ups 'n Downs (Hamilton and Smith/Mar) —Bosko
  9. (LT) Dumb Patrol (Harman and Ising/May) —Bosko
  10. (LT) Yodeling Yokels (Harman and Ising/Jun) —Bosko
  11. (LT) Bosko's Holiday (Harman and Ising/Jul) —Bosko
  12. (LT) The Tree's Knees (Harman and Ising/Jul) —Bosko
  13. (MM) Lady, Play Your Mandolin! (Marsales/1st MM-Sep) —Foxy
  14. (MM) Smile, Darn Ya, Smile! (Harman and Ising/Sep 5) —Foxy
  15. (LT) Bosko Shipwrecked! (Harman and Ising/Sep 19) —Bosko
  16. (MM) One More Time (Harman and Ising/Oct 3) —Foxy
  17. (LT) Bosko the Doughboy (Harman and Ising/Oct 17) —Bosko
  18. (MM) You Don't Know What You're Doin' (Harman and Ising/Oct 21) —Piggy
  19. (LT) Bosko's Soda Fountain (Harman and Ising/Nov 14) —Bosko, Honey
  20. (MM) Hittin' the Trail to Hallelujah Land (Harman and Ising/Nov 28) [Censored Eleven] —Piggy
  21. (LT) Bosko's Fox Hunt (Harman and Ising/Dec 12) —Bosko
  22. (MM) Red-Headed Baby (Harman and Ising/Dec 26)
    1932 — 25 titles
  23. (LT) Bosko at the Zoo (Harman and Ising/Jan 9) —Bosko
  24. (MM) Pagan Moon (Harman and Ising/Jan 31)
  25. (LT) Battling Bosko (Harman and Ising/Feb 6) —Bosko
  26. (MM) Freddy the Freshman (Harman and Ising/Feb 20)
  27. (LT) Big-Hearted Bosko (Harman and Ising/Mar 5) —Bosko, Bruno
  28. (MM) Crosby, Columbo and Vallee (Harman and Ising/Mar 19)
  29. (LT) Bosko's Party (Harman and Ising/Apr 2) —Bosko, Honey
  30. (MM) Goopy Geer (Harman and Ising/Apr 16)
  31. (LT) Bosko and Bruno (Harman and Ising/Apr 30) —Bosko, Bruno
  32. (MM) It's Got Me Again (Harman and Ising/May 14/LTGC-3/AA nominee)
  33. (MM) Moonlight for Two (Harman and Ising/Jun 11) —Goopy Geer
  34. (LT) Bosko's Dog Race (Harman and Ising/Jun 25) —Bosko
  35. (MM) The Queen Was in the Parlor (Harman and Ising/Jul 9) —Goopy Geer
  36. (LT) Bosko at the Beach (Harman and Ising/Jul 23) —Bosko
  37. (MM) I Love a Parade (Harman and Ising/Aug 6)
  38. (LT) Bosko's Store (Harman and Ising/Aug 13) —Bosko
  39. (LT) Bosko the Lumberjack (Harman and Ising/Sep 3) —Bosko, Honey
  40. (MM) You're Too Careless with Your Kisses! (Harman and Ising/Sep 10)
  41. (MM) I Wish I Had Wings (Harman and Ising/Oct 15)
  42. (LT) Bosko the Drawback (Harman and Ising) —Bosko
  43. (MM) A Great Big Bunch of You (Harman and Ising/Nov 12)
  44. (LT) Bosko's Woodland Daze (Harman and Ising) (Dec 17) —Bosko, Bruno
    1933 — 26 titles
  45. (MM) The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives (Harman and Ising/Jan 7)
  46. (LT) Ride Him, Bosko! (Harman and Ising/Jan 16) —Bosko, Honey
  47. (MM) Three's a Crowd (Harman and Ising/Jan 17) —first "literary characters come to life" plot
  48. (MM) One Step Ahead of My Shadow (Harman and Ising/Feb 4)
  49. (LT) Bosko's Dizzy Date (Harman and Ising/Feb 6) (A.K.A. Bosko and Honey) —Bosko, Honey
  50. (MM) Young and Healthy (Harman and Ising/Mar 4)
  51. (LT) Bosko the Speed King (Harman and Ising/Mar 22) —Bosko, Honey
  52. (LT) Bosko in Dutch (Harman and Ising/Mar 22) —Bosko, Honey
  53. (MM) The Organ Grinder (Harman and Ising/Apr 8)
  54. (LT) Bosko in Person (Harman and Ising/Apr 10) —Bosko, Honey
  55. (MM) Wake Up the Gypsy in Me (Harman and Ising/May 13)
  56. (LT) Bosko's Knight-Mare (Harman and Ising/Jun 8) —Bosko, Honey
  57. (MM) I Like Mountain Music (Harman and Ising/Jun 13) —magazine covers come to life
  58. (LT) Bosko the Sheep-Herder (Harman and Ising/Jun 14) —Bosko, Bruno
  59. (LT) Beau Bosko (Harman and Ising/Jul 1) —Bosko, Honey
  60. (MM) Shuffle Off to Buffalo (Harman and Ising/Jul 8)
  61. (MM) We're in the Money (Harman and Ising/Aug 26)
  62. (LT) Buddy's Day Out (Palmer/Sep 9) —Buddy, Cookie
  63. (LT) Bosko the Musketeer (Harman and Ising/Sep 16) —Bosko, Honey
  64. (LT) Bosko's Picture Show (Harman and Ising/Sep 18) —Bosko
  65. (MM) I've Got to Sing a Torch Song (Palmer/Sep 23/LTGC-5)
  66. (MM) The Dish Ran Away With the Spoon (Harman and Ising/Sep 24)
  67. (LT) Bosko's Mechanical Man (Harman and Ising/Sep 27) —Bosko, Honey; final Harman & Ising film
  68. (LT) Buddy's Beer Garden (Duvall/Nov 11) —Buddy
  69. (LT) Buddy's Show Boat (Duvall/Dec 9) —Buddy
  70. (MM) Sittin' On a Backyard Fence (Duvall/Dec 16)
    1934 — 25 titles
  71. (LT) Buddy the Gob (Freleng/Jan 13) —Buddy
  72. (MM) Pettin' in the Park (Brown/Jan 27)
  73. (MM) Honeymoon Hotel (Duvall/Feb 17) Cinecolor; first color WB cartoon
  74. (LT) Buddy and Towser (Freleng/Feb 24) —Buddy
  75. (MM) Beauty and the Beast (Freleng/Apr 14) Cinecolor
  76. (LT) Buddy's Garage (Duvall/Apr 14) —Buddy
  77. (MM) Those Were Wonderful Days (Brown/Apr 28)
  78. (LT) Buddy's Trolley Troubles (Freleng/May 5) —Buddy
  79. (MM) Goin' to Heaven on a Mule (Freleng/May 19)
  80. (LT) Buddy of the Apes (Hardaway/May 26) —Buddy; w/black caricatures
  81. (MM) How Do I Know It's Sunday (Freleng/Jun 9)
  82. (LT) Buddy's Bearcats (King/-Jun 23) —Buddy
  83. (MM) Why Do I Dream These Dreams? (Freleng/Jun 30)
  84. (MM) The Girl at the Ironing Board (Freleng/Aug 23)
  85. (MM) The Miller's Daughter (Freleng/Oct 13)
  86. (MM) Shake Your Powder Puff (Freleng/Oct 17)
  87. (LT) Buddy the Detective (King/Oct 17) —Buddy, Cookie
  88. (LT) Buddy the Woodsman (King/Oct 20) —Buddy, Cookie
  89. (LT) Buddy's Circus (King/Nov 8) —Buddy; w/black caricatures
  90. (MM) Those Beautiful Dames (Freleng/Nov 10) 2-strip Technicolor
  91. (MM) Pop Goes Your Heart (Freleng/Dec 8) 2-strip Technicolor
  92. (LT) Viva Buddy (King/Dec 12) —Buddy W/Cookie as senorita
  93. (MM) Rhythm In The Bow (Hardaway) —;last B&W MM
  94. (LT) Buddy's Adventures (Hardaway) —Buddy, Cookie
  95. (LT) Buddy the Dentist (Hardaway) —Buddy, Cookie
    1935 — 23 titles
    All MM's in 2-strip Technicolor.
  96. (MM) Mr. and Mrs. is the Name (Freleng, Jan 19)
  97. (MM) The Country Boy (Freleng/Feb 9)
  98. (MM) I Haven't Got a Hat (Freleng/Mar 9/LTGC-3) —Porky Pig, Beans, Ham & Ex, Little Kitty
  99. (LT) Buddy's Pony Express (Hardaway/Mar 9) —Buddy, Cookie
  100. (LT) Buddy's Theatre (Hardaway/Apr 1) —Buddy
  101. (LT) Buddy of thre Legion (Hardaway/Apr 4) —Buddy
  102. (MM) Along Flirtation Walk (Freleng/Apr 6)
  103. (MM) My Green Fedora (Freleng/May 4)
  104. (LT) Buddy's Lost World (King/May 18) —Buddy
  105. (MM) Into Your Dance (Freleng/Jun 8)
  106. (LT) Buddy's Bug Hunt (King/Jun 22) —Buddy
  107. (LT) Buddy in Africa (Hardaway/Jul 6) —Buddy; w/black caricatures
  108. (MM) The Country Mouse (Freleng/Jul 13) {{BR}}
  109. (LT) Buddy Steps Out (King/Jul 20) —Buddy, Cookie
  110. (MM) The Merry Old Soul (Freleng/Aug 17) {{BR}}
  111. (LT) Buddy the Gee Man (King/Aug 24) —Buddy
  112. (MM) The Lady in Red (Freleng/Sep 7) {{BR}} —Hosehold pests (cockroaches)
  113. (LT) A Cartoonist's Nightmare (King/Sep 14) —Beans; "animation board" gags
  114. (MM) Little Dutch Plate (Freleng/Oct 19) {{BR}}
  115. (LT) Hollywood Capers (King/Oct 19/LTGC-3) —Beans
  116. (MM) Billboard Frolics (Freleng/Nov 9)
  117. (MM) Flowers For Madame (Freleng/Nov 20) {{BR}} —flowers come to life gags
  118. (LT) Gold Diggers of '49 (Avery/LTGC-5) —Porky, Beans, Little Kitty
    1936 — 32 titles
    All MM's in 3-strip Technicolor, except 2T
  119. (MM) I Wanna Play House (Freleng/Jan 11) —First concentric rings ("bullet") opening
  120. (LT) The Phantom Ship (King/Feb 1) —Beans, Ham & Ex
  121. (MM) The Cat Came Back (Freleng/Feb 8) {{BR}} 2-T
  122. (LT) Boom Boom (King/Feb 29) —Porky, Beans
  123. (MM) Miss Glory (Avery/Mar 7)
  124. (LT) Alpine Antics (King/Mar 9/LTGC-5) —Beans, Little Kitty
  125. (LT) The Fire Alarm (King) —Beans, Ham & Ex
  126. (LT) The Blow Out (Avery/Apr 4) —Porky Pig; first "real" Porky; first "Dumb Hounded" plot
  127. (MM) I'm a Big Shot Now (Freleng/Apr 11) {{BR}}
  128. (LT) Westward Whoa (King/Apr 25) —Porky, Beans, Ham & Ex; final "Beans Gang"
  129. (LT) Plane Dippy (Avery/Apr 30) —Porky
  130. (MM) Let It Be Me (Freleng/May 2) {{BR}} —"Crosby" character
  131. (MM) I'd Love to Take Orders From You (Avery/May 16)
  132. (LT) Fish Tales (King/May 23) —Porky; first LT with large central WB shield
  133. (MM) Bingo Crosbyana (Freleng/May 30) —Household Pests (flies)
  134. (LT) Shanghaied Shipmates (King/Jun 26) —Porky
  135. (MM) When I Yoo Hoo (Freleng/Jun 27) {{BR}}
  136. (LT) Porky's Pet (King/Jul 11) —Porky
  137. (MM) I Love to Singa (Avery/Jul 18/LTGC-2) {{BR}}*
  138. (LT) Porky the Rainmaker (Avery/Aug 1) —Porky
  139. (MM) Sunday Go to Meetin' Time (Freleng/Aug 8) {{BR}}[Censored Eleven]
  140. (LT) Porky's Poultry Plant (Tashlin/Aug 22/LTGC-4) —Porky; first Stalling score; first Tashlin
  141. (MM) At Your Service Madame (Freleng/Aug 29)
  142. (MM) Toytown Hall (Freleng/Sep 19)
  143. (LT) Milk and Money (Avery/Oct 3/LTGC-5) —Porky
  144. (LT) Porky's Moving Day (King/Oct 7) —Porky
  145. (MM) Boulevardier From the Bronx (Freleng/Oct 10) —"Merrily We Roll Along" theme begins
  146. (MM) Don't Look Now (Avery/Nov 7) {{BR}}
  147. (LT) Little Beau Porky (Tashlin/Nov 14/LTGC-4) —Porky
  148. (MM) The Coo Coo Nut Grove (Freleng/Nov 28/LTGC-3)
  149. (LT) The Village Smithy (Avery/Dec 5) —Porky
  150. (LT) Porky in the Northwoods (Tashlin/Dec 19/LTGC-4) —Porky
    • First year to use "bullet" opening and closing sequences, first used in the Merrie Melodies series, first using the color blue
    • 1936-1937 season for the Merrie Melodies series begins using it's primary theme Merrily We Roll Along onwards
    1937 — 36 titles
    From now on, all Merrie Melodies are in 3-strip Technicolor.
  151. (MM) He Was Her Man (Freleng/Jan 2) {{BR}}
  152. (LT) Porky the Wrestler (Avery/Jan 9) —Porky
  153. (MM) Pigs Is Pigs (Freleng/Jan 30/LTGC-3) {{BR}}
  154. (LT) Porky's Road Race (Tashlin/Feb 6/LTGC-3) —Porky
  155. (LT) Picador Porky (Avery/Feb 27) Mel Blanc’s first LT. —Porky
  156. (MM) I Only Have Eyes For You (Avery/Mar 6) {{BR}}
  157. (MM) The Fella With the Fiddle (Freleng/Mar 27) {{BR}}
  158. (LT) Porky's Romance (Tashlin/Apr 3/LTGC-3) —Porky, Petunia
  159. (MM) She Was an Acrobat's Daughter (Freleng/Apr 10/LTGC-3)
  160. (LT) Porky's Duck Hunt (Avery/Apr 17) —Porky, Daffy Duck
  161. (MM) Ain't We Got Fun (Avery/Apr 17) {{BR}}
  162. (LT) Porky and Gabby (Iwerks/May 15) —Porky, Gabby Goat
  163. (MM) Clean Pastures (Freleng/May 22) [Censored Eleven]
  164. (MM) Uncle Tom's Bungalow (Avery/Jun 5) [Censored Eleven]
  165. (LT) Porky's Building (Tashlin/Jun 19) —Porky
  166. (MM) Streamlined Greta Green (Freleng/Jun 19)
  167. (MM) Sweet Sioux (Freleng/Jun 26) {{BR}}
  168. (LT) Porky's Super Service (Iwerks/Jul 3) —Porky
  169. (MM) Egghead Rides Again (Avery/Jul 17) —Egghead
  170. (LT) Porky's Badtime Story (Clampett/Jul 24) —Porky, Gabby
  171. (MM) Plenty of Money and You (Freleng/Jul 31) {{BR}}
  172. (LT) Porky's Railroad (Tashlin/Aug 7/LTGC-4) —Porky
  173. (MM) A Sunbonnet Blue (Avery/Aug 21) {{BR}}
  174. (LT) Get Rich Quick Porky (Clampett/LT Aug 28) —Porky
  175. (MM) Speaking of the Weather (Tashlin/Sep 4/LTGC-3) {{BR}}*
  176. (LT) Porky's Garden (Avery/Sep 11) —Porky
  177. (MM) Dog Daze (Freleng/Sep 18)
  178. (MM) I Wanna Be a Sailor (Avery/Sep 25) {{BR}}
  179. (LT) Rover's Rival (Clampett/Oct 9) —Porky; "Merry Go Round Broke Down" theme begins
  180. (MM) The Lyin' Mouse (Freleng/Oct 16) {{BR}}
  181. (LT) The Case of the Stuttering Pig (Tashlin/Oct 30/LTGC-4) —Porky, Petunia
  182. (MM) Little Red Walking Hood (Avery/Nov 6/LTGC-5) {{BR}}* —Egghead
  183. (LT) Porky's Double Trouble (Tashlin/Nov 13/LTGC-5) —Porky
  184. (MM) The Woods Are Full of Cuckoos (Tashlin/Dec 4/LTGC-3)
  185. (LT) Porky's Hero Agency (Clampett/Dec 4) —Porky
  186. (MM) September in the Rain (Freleng/Dec 18) {{BR}}
    •Merrie Melodies' "bullet" opening and closing title sequences begins changing colors onwards
    •Looney Tunes' primary theme song, Merry Go Round Broke Down, begins this season
    1938 — 40 titles
  187. (MM) Daffy Duck and Egghead (Avery/Jan 1/LTGC-3) {{BR}}* —Daffy, Egghead
  188. (LT) Porky's Poppa (Clampett/Jan 15/LTGC-5) —Porky
  189. (MM) My Little Buckaroo (Freleng/Jan 29) {{BR}}
  190. (LT) Porky at the Crocadero (Tashlin/Feb 5/LTGC-5) —Porky
  191. (MM) Jungle Jitters (Freleng/Feb 19) [Censored Eleven]
  192. (LT) What Price Porky (Clampett/Feb 26/LTGC-5) —Porky
  193. (MM) The Sneezing Weasel (Avery/Mar 12) {{BR}}
  194. (LT) Porky's Phoney Express (Howard and Dalton/Mar 19) —Porky
  195. (MM) A Star is Hatched (Freleng/Apr 2)
  196. (LT) Porky's Five and Ten (Clampett/Apr 16) —Porky
  197. (MM) The Penguin Parade (Avery/Apr 23)
  198. (LT) Porky's Hare Hunt (Hardaway/Apr 30) —Porky, first prototype Bugs (white)
  199. (MM) Now That Summer Is Gone (Tashlin/May 14/LTGC-4) {{BR}}
  200. (LT) Injun Trouble (Clampett/May 21) —Porky
  201. (MM) The Isle of Pingo-Pongo (Avery/May 28) {{BR}} [Censored Eleven] —Egghead ("Elmer" on publicity card)
  202. (LT) Porky the Fireman (Tashlin/Jun 4/LTGC-4) —Porky
  203. (MM) Katnip Kollege (Hardaway and Dalton/Jun 11/LTGC-2) {{BR}}
  204. (LT) Porky's Party (Clampett/Jun 25/LTGC-3) —Porky
  205. (MM) Have You Got Any Castles? (Tashlin/Jun 25/LTGC-2) {{BR}}
  206. (MM) Love and Curses (Hardaway and Dalton/Jul 9)
  207. (MM) Cinderella Meets Fella (Avery/Jul 23) —Egghead
  208. (LT) Porky's Spring Planting (Tashlin/Jul 25) —Porky
  209. (LT) Porky and Daffy (Clampett/Aug 6) —Porky, Daffy
  210. (MM) The Major Lied Till Dawn (Tashlin/Aug 13)
  211. (LT) Wholly Smoke (Tashlin/Aug 27/LTGC-5)
  212. (MM) A-Lad-In Bagdad (Howard and Dalton/Aug 27)
  213. (MM) Cracked Ice (Tashlin/Sep 10/LTGC-4)
  214. (MM) A Feud There Was (Avery/Sep 24) {{BR}} —Egghead (aka "Elmer Fudd, peacemaker")
  215. (LT) Porky in Wackyland (Clampett/Sep 24/LTGC-2) —Porky, Dodo
  216. (MM) Little Pancho Vanilla (Tashlin/Oct 8/LTGC-4) {{BR}}
  217. (LT) Porky's Naughty Nephew (Clampett/Oct 15) —Porky
  218. (MM) Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas (Avery/Oct 22) {{BR}}
  219. (LT) Porky in Egypt (Clampett/Nov 5/LTGC-3) —Porky
  220. (MM) You're an Education (Tashlin/Nov 5/LTGC-4) {{BR}}
  221. (MM) The Night Watchman (Jones/Nov 19/LTGC-4) {{BR}}* —Feline Sniffles; first Jones.
  222. (LT) The Daffy Doc (Clampett/Nov 26/LTGC-5) —Daffy, Porky
  223. (MM) Daffy Duck in Hollywood (Avery/Dec 3/LTGC-3) —Daffy
  224. (LT) Porky the Gob (Hardaway and Dalton/Dec 17) —Porky
  225. (MM) Count Me Out (Hardaway and Dalton/Dec 17) —Egghead
  226. (MM) The Mice Will Play (Avery/Dec 31) {{BR}}
    1939 — 44 titles
  227. (LT) The Lone Stranger and Porky (Clampett/Jan 7) —Porky
  228. (MM) Dog Gone Modern (Jones/Jan 14) {{BR}} —Two Curious Dogs
  229. (LT) It's an Ill Wind (Hardaway and Dalton/Jan 28) —Porky
  230. (MM) Hamateur Night (Avery/Jan 28) —W/Egghead
  231. (MM) Robin Hood Makes Good (Jones/Feb 11) {{BR}}
  232. (LT) Porky's Tire Trouble (Clampett/Feb 18) —Porky
  233. (MM) Gold Rush Daze (Hardaway and Dalton/Feb 25)
  234. (LT) Porky's Movie Mystery (Clampett/Mar 11) —Porky
  235. (MM) A Day at the Zoo (Avery/Mar 11) {{BR}} —Egghead
  236. (MM) Prest-O Change-O (Jones/Mar 25) {{BR}} —Two Curious Pups; w/Prototype Bugs (white)
  237. (LT) Chicken Jitters (Clampett/Apr 1) —Porky
  238. (MM) Bars and Stripes Forever (Hardaway and Dalton/Apr 8)
  239. (MM) Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur (Jones/Apr 22/LTGC-3) —Daffy
  240. (LT) Porky and Teabiscuit (Hardaway and Dalton/Apr 22/LTGC-3) —Porky
  241. (MM) Thugs with Dirty Mugs (Avery/May 6/LTGC-3) {{BR}}
  242. (LT) Kristopher Kolombus, Jr. (Clampett/May 13) —Porky
  243. (MM) Naughty But Mice (Jones/May 30) —Sniffles
  244. (LT) Polar Pals (Clampett/Jun 3/LTGC-5) —Porky
  245. (MM) Hobo Gadget Band (Hardaway and Dalton/Jun 17) {{BR}}
  246. (MM) Believe it or Else (Avery/Jun 25) —w/Egghead
  247. (LT) Scalp Trouble (Clampett/Jun 24) —Porky, Daffy
  248. (MM) Old Glory (Jones/Jul 1/LTGC-2) {{BR}} —Porky Pig
  249. (LT) Porky's Picnic (Clampett/Jul 15) —Porky, Petunia
  250. (MM) Dangerous Dan McFoo (Avery/Jul 15) {{BR}} —Arthur Q. Bryan debut
  251. (MM) Snow Man's Land (Jones/Jul 29)
  252. (LT) Wise Quacks (Clampett/Aug 5/LTGC-5) —Daffy, Porky
  253. (MM) Hare-um Scare-um (Hardaway and Dalton/Aug 12) —Prototype Bugs (grey), transitional Egghead/Elmer
  254. (MM) Detouring America (Avery/Aug 26/AA nominee)
  255. (LT) Porky's Hotel (Clampett/Sep 2) —Porky
  256. (MM) Little Brother Rat (Jones/Sep 2) {{BR}}* —Sniffles
  257. (MM) Sioux Me (Hardaway and Dalton/Sep 9) {{BR}}
  258. (LT) Jeepers Creepers (Clampett/Sep 23) —Porky
  259. (MM) Land of the Midnight Fun (Avery/Sep 23)
  260. (LT) Naughty Neighbors (Clampett/Oct 7) —Porky
  261. (MM) Little Lion Hunter (Jones/Oct 7) {{BR}}
  262. (MM) The Good Egg (Jones/Oct 21) {{BR}}
  263. (MM) Fresh Fish (Avery/Nov 4) {{BR}}
  264. (LT) Pied Piper Porky (Clampett/Nov 4) —Porky
  265. (MM) Fagin's Freshman (Hardaway and Dalton/Nov 18) {{BR}}
  266. (LT) Porky the Giant Killer (Hardaway and Dalton/Nov 18) —Porky
  267. (MM) Sniffles and the Bookworm (Jones/Dec 2) {{BR}}
  268. (MM) Screwball Football (Avery/Dec 16)
  269. (LT) The Film Fan (Clampett/Dec 16/LTGC-3) —Porky
  270. (MM) The Curious Puppy (Jones/Dec 30) {{BR}} —Two Curious Pups
    1940s — 307 titles ----
    1940 — 40 titles
  271. (LT) Porky's Last Stand (Clampett/Jan 6) —Porky
  272. (MM) The Early Worm Gets the Bird (Avery/Jan 13) {{BR}}
  273. (LT) Africa Squeaks (Clampett/Jan 27) —Porky
  274. (MM) The Mighty Hunters (Jones/Jan 27) {{BR}}; credits retained
  275. (MM) Busy Bakers (Hardaway and Dalton/Feb 10) {{BR}}
  276. (LT) Ali-Baba Bound (Clampett/Feb 17) —Porky
  277. (MM) Elmer's Candid Camera (Jones/Mar 2/LTGC-1) —Elmer, Prototype Bugs (grey)
  278. (LT) Pilgrim Porky (Clampett/Mar 16/LTGC-5) —Porky
  279. (MM) Cross-Country Detours (Avery/Mar 16) {{BR}}
  280. (MM) Confederate Honey (Freleng/Mar 30) —Elmer
  281. (LT) Slap-Happy Pappy (Clampett/Apr 13) —Porky
  282. (MM) The Bear's Tale (Avery/Apr 13/LTGC-5) {{BR}}*
  283. (MM) The Hardship of Miles Standish (Freleng/Apr 27) {{BR}} —Elmer
  284. (LT) Porky's Poor Fish (Clampett/Apr 27/LTGC-4) —Porky
  285. (LT) You Ought to Be in Pictures (Freleng/May 18/LTGC-2)
  286. (MM) Sniffles Takes a Trip (Jones/May 22) {{BR}} —Sniffles
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    1941 — 41 titles
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    *First Looney Tune release to not feature a normal, continuing character ala Porky Pig or Daffy Duck.
    1942 — 39 titles
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    • Color Looney Tunes begins, and also begins using "bullet" opening and closing title sequences, usually with thicker rings, and has the same color titles as Merrie Melodies
    1943 — 28 titles
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  418. (LT) Puss n' Booty (Tashlin/Dec 11/LTGC-4) —last Black & White cartoon
    1944 — 27 titles
    Leon Schlesinger sold his cartoon studio to Warner Bros. officially in 1944.
    All cartoons from this point on are in color. Some cartoons would be produced in two-strip Cinecolor, to save money. All cartoons would be produced in three-strip Technicolor by 1950.
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    1945 — 18 titles
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  451. (MM) Life With Feathers (Freleng/Mar 24/AA nominee) {{BR}} —Sylvester
  452. (LT) Behind the Meatball (Tashlin/Apr 7) —Last old "Merry Go Round" theme with flute interlude
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    1946 — 25 titles
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  471. (MM) Hollywood Canine Canteen (McKimson/Apr 20)
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  482. (LT) Racketeer Rabbit (Freleng/Sep 14) —Bugs Bunny, Rocky (EGRobinson), Hugo (Lorre)
  483. (MM) Fair and Worm-er (Jones/Sep 28) {{BR}} —w/Pepe LePew
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  486. (LT) Mouse Menace (Davis/Nov 2) {{BR}} —Porky
  487. (MM) Rhapsody Rabbit (Freleng/Nov 9/LTGC-2) —Bugs Bunny
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    1947 — 22 titles
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  496. (LT) Rabbit Transit (Freleng/May 10/LTGC-2) —Bugs Bunny, Cecil Turtle
  497. (MM) Hobo Bobo (McKimson/May 17) {{BR}} —Bobo
  498. (LT) Along Came Daffy (Freleng/Jun 4) {{BR}} —Daffy, Yosemite Sam brothers
  499. (MM) Inki at the Circus (Jones/Jun 21) {{BR}} —Inki
  500. (LT) Easter Yeggs (McKimson/Jun 28/LTGC-3) —Bugs, Elmer
  501. (LT) Crowing Pains (McKimson/Jul 12) {{BR}}* —Foghorn, Henery, Br'er dog, Sylvester
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  503. (MM) The Foxy Duckling (Davis/Aug 23) {{BR}}
  504. (LT) House Hunting Mice (Jones/Sep 6) {{BR}} —Hubie & Bertie
  505. (LT) Little Orphan Airedale (Jones/Oct 4) {{BR}} —Porky, Charlie Dog (remake of Porky's Pooch)
  506. (MM) Doggone Cats (Davis/Oct 25) {{BR}} —Sylvester
  507. (MM) Slick Hare (Freleng/Nov 1/LTGC-2) —Bugs, Elmer
  508. (LT) Mexican Joyride (Davis/Nov 29) —Daffy
  509. (MM) Catch as Cats Can (Davis/Dec 6) —Sylvester (dumb voice), Crosby vs. Sinatra
  510. (LT) A Horse Fly Fleas (McKimson/Dec 13) {{BR}}* —Homeless Flea
    1948 — 33 titles
  511. (LT) Gorilla My Dreams (McKimson/Jan 3/LTGC-2) —Bugs Bunny, Mr/Mrs Gorilla
  512. (MM) Two Gophers From Texas (Davis/Jan 17) {{BR}} —Goofy Gophers
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  515. (LT) What's Bruin' Bruin? (Jones/Feb 26) {{BR}} —Three Bears
  516. (MM) Daffy Duck Slept Here (McKimson/Mar 6/LTGC-3) —Daffy, Porky
  517. (MM) A Hick, a Slick, and a Chick (Davis/Mar 13) —w/Sylvester-like cat
  518. (MM) Back Alley Oproar (Freleng/Mar 27/LTGC-2) {{BR}}* —Elmer, Sylvester; remake of "Notes to You"
  519. (MM) I Taw a Putty Tat (Freleng/Apr 2/LTGC-4) {{BR}} —Tweety, Sylvester; remake of "Puss n Booty" (1943)
  520. (MM) Rabbit Punch (Jones/Apr 10/LTGC-3) —Bugs Bunny, Crusher
  521. (LT) Hop, Look and Listen (McKimson/Apr 17) {{BR}}* —Sylvester, Hippity Hopper, McKimson bulldog
  522. (MM) Nothing But the Tooth (Davis/May 1) —Porky, Indian
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  528. (LT) The Shell Shocked Egg (McKimson/Jul 10) {{BR}}
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  530. (MM) You Were Never Duckier (Jones/Aug 7/LTGC-5) {{BR}}* —Daffy, Henery Hawk; start "post-48" era(WB)
  531. (MM) Dough Ray Me-Ow (Davis/Aug 14/LTGC-4)
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  535. (LT) Odor of the Day (Davis/Oct 2) —Pepe LePew
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  541. (LT) Riff Raffy Daffy (Davis/Nov 27) —Daffy
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  543. (MM) Scaredy Cat (Jones/Dec 18/LTGC-1) {{BR}}* —Porky, Sylvester
    1949 — 34 titles
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  545. (MM) Hare Do (Freleng/Jan 15/LTGC-3) —Bugs, Elmer
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  547. (MM) Awful Orphan (Jones/Jan 29/LTGC-1) {{BR}} —Porky, Charlie Dog
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  551. (LT) Daffy Duck Hunt (McKimson/Mar 26/LTGC-1) {{BR}} —Daffy
  552. (MM) Rebel Rabbit (McKimson/Apr 9/LTGC-3) {{BR}} —Bugs Bunny
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  577. (LT) A Ham in a Role (McKimson/Dec 31) {{BR}} —Goofy Gophers
    1950s — 278 titles
    1950 — 31 titles
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    1951 — 29 titles
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    1952 — 30 titles
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  667. (LT) Hare Lift (Freleng/Dec 20 —Bugs, Yosemite
    1953 — 30 titles
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  697. (LT) Punch Trunk (Jones/Dec 19)
    •Final year to use both of the series' old-style opening and closing sequences. 1954 begins using new-styled "bullet" sequences
    1954 — 30 titles
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    1955 — 31 titles
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  749. (LT) Dime to Retire (McKimson/Sep 3)
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  752. (MM) Two Scent's Worth (Jones/Oct 15) —Pepe LePew
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  755. (LT) Heir Conditioned (Freleng/Nov 26) —Sylvester, Elmer (Sloane Foundaton)
  756. (LT) Guided Muscle (Jones/Dec 10/LTGC-2) (music: Stalling) —Roadrunner & Coyote
  757. (MM) Pappy's Puppy (Freleng/Dec 17) (m: Stalling) —Sylvester, Hector ("Butch J Bulldog") & son ("Wentworth" gags), Stork
  758. (MM) One Froggy Evening (Jones/Dec 31/LTGC-2) —Michigan J. Frog
    1956 — 29 titles
  759. (MM) Bugs Bonnets (Jones/Jan 14/LTGC-5) —Bugs, Elmer
  760. (LT) Too Hop to Handle (McKimson/Jan 28) —Sylvester, Hippety Hopper, Junior
  761. (MM) Weasel Stop (McKimson/Feb 11) {{BR}} —Foghorn, weasel, different dog
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  763. (LT) Broom-Stick Bunny (Jones/Feb 25/LTGC-2) —Bugs, Witch Hazel
  764. (MM) Rocket Squad (Jones/Mar 10/LTGC-3) —Porky, Daffy
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  766. (MM) Heaven Scent (Jones/Mar 31) —Pepe LePew
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  773. (MM) Tugboat Granny (Freleng/Jun 23) —Tweety, Sylvester, Granny
  774. (LT) Stupor Duck (McKimson/Jul 17/LTGC-5) (m: Stalling) —Daffy
  775. (LT) Barbary Coast Bunny (Jones/Jul 21/LTGC-4) (m: Stalling) —Bugs Bunny
  776. (MM) Rocket-Bye Baby (Jones/Aug 4)
  777. (MM) Half Fare Hare (McKimson/Aug 18) (m: Stalling) —Bugs Bunny, Ralph & Norton
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  781. (LT) Deduce, You Say (Jones/Sep 29/LTGC-1) —Daffy, Porky
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  783. (MM) Wideo Wabbit (McKimson/Oct 27/LTGC-3) (m: Stalling) —Bugs, Elmer
  784. (LT) There They Go-Go-Go! (Jones/Nov 10/LTGC-2) —Roadruner & Coyote
  785. (MM) Two Crows From Tacos (Freleng/Nov 24) —Jose, Manuel (crows)
  786. (LT) The Honey-Mousers (McKimson/Dec 8/LTGC-3) —Honeymousers
  787. (MM) To Hare is Human (Jones/Dec 15/LTGC-4) —Bugs Bunny, Wile E. Coyote
    1957 — 25 titles
  788. (LT) Three Little Bops (Freleng/Jan 5/LTGC-2) (m: Shorty Rogers)
  789. (MM) Tweet Zoo (Freleng/Jan 12) —Tweety, Sylvester
  790. (LT) Scrambled Aches (Jones/Jan 26/LTGC-2) (m: Stalling/Franklyn) —Roadrunner & Coyote
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  792. (LT) Go Fly a Kit (Jones/Feb 23/LTGC-4)
  793. (MM) Bedevilled Rabbit (McKimson/Apr 13) —Bugs, Taz
  794. (MM) Boyhood Daze (Jones/Apr 20) —Ralph Philips
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  796. (MM) Fox Terror (McKimson/May 11) (m: Stalling/Franklyn) {{BR}} —Foghorn, Br'er dog
  797. (MM) Tweety and the Beanstalk (Freleng/May 16/LTGC-5) —Tweety, Sylvester, Hector(giant)
  798. (LT) Piker's Peak (Freleng/May 25) (m: Stalling/Franklyn) —Bugs, Yosemite
  799. (LT) Steal Wool (Jones/Jun 8/LTGC-3) —Sheepdog, wolf
  800. (LT) Boston Quackie (McKimson/Jun 22) —Daffy, Porky
  801. (MM) What's Opera, Doc? (Jones/Jul 6/LTGC-2) —Bugs, Elmer
  802. (MM) Tabasco Road (McKimson/Jul 20/LTGC-4) (m: Stalling/Franklyn) {{BR}} —Speedy Gonzales
  803. (MM) Birds Anonymous (Freleng/Aug 10/LTGC-3) {{BR}} AA Winner —Sylvester, Tweety, Granny
  804. (MM) Ducking the Devil (McKimson/Aug 17) —Daffy, Taz
  805. (LT) Bugsy and Mugsy (Freleng/Aug 31) (m: Stalling/Franklyn) —Bugs, Rocky & Mugsy
  806. (MM) Zoom and Bored (Jones/Sep 14/LTGC-2) (m: Stalling/Franklyn) —Roadrunner & Coyote
  807. (LT) Greedy For Tweety (Freleng/Sep 28) {{BR}} —Tweety, Sylvester, Hector, Granny
  808. (MM) Touche and Go (Jones/Oct 12) —Pepe LePew
  809. (LT) Show Biz Bugs (Freleng/Nov 2/LTGC-2) —Bugs, Daffy
  810. (MM) Mouse-Taken Identity (McKimson/Nov 16) (m: Stalling/Franklyn) —Sylvester, Junior, Hippety Hopper
  811. (MM) Gonzales' Tamales (Freleng/Nov 30/LTGC-3) (m: Stalling/Franklyn) —Speedy, Sylvester, Pedro & Manuel (mice)
  812. (MM) Rabbit Romeo (McKimson/Dec 14/LTGC-4) —Bugs, Elmer
    1958 — 20 titles
  813. (MM) Don't Axe Me (McKimson/Jan 4) —Daffy, Elmer, Br'er dog
  814. (LT) Tortilla Flaps (McKimson/Jan 18/LTGC-4) —Speedy
  815. (MM) Hare-Less Wolf (Freleng/Feb 1) —Bugs, forgetful wolf
  816. (LT) A Pizza Tweety Pie (Freleng/Feb 22) —Tweety, Sylvester, Granny
  817. (MM) Robin Hood Daffy (Jones/Mar 8/LTGC-3) —Daffy, Porky
  818. (LT) Hare-Way to the Stars (Jones/Mar 29) —Bugs, Marvin Martian
  819. (MM) Whoa, Be-Gone! (Jones/Apr 12/LTGC-2) —Roadrunner & COyote
  820. (LT) A Waggily Tale (Freleng/Apr 26)
  821. (MM) Feather Bluster (McKimson/May 10) (m: Stalling/Franklyn) —Foghorn, Br'er dog (as grandparents)
  822. (LT) Now Hare This (McKimson/May 31) —Bugs, Big bad wolf & nephew
  823. (MM) To Itch His Own (Jones/Jun 28) (m: Stalling -last time credited)
  824. (LT) Dog Tales (McKimson/Jul 26)
  825. (MM) Weasel While You Work (McKimson/Aug 6) (m: Seely) —Foghorn, Br'er dog, weasel
  826. (LT) Knighty Knight Bugs (Freleng/Aug 23/LTGC-4/AA Winner) —Bugs, Yosemite
  827. (MM) A Bird in a Bonnet (Freleng/Sep 27) (m: Seely) —Tweety, Sylvester, Granny
  828. (LT) Hook, Line and Stinker (Jones/Oct 11) (m: Seely) —Roadrunner & Coyote
  829. (LT) Pre-Hysterical Hare (McKimson/Nov 1) (m: Seely) —Bugs, Elmer
  830. (LT) Gopher Broke (McKimson/Nov 15) (m: Seely) —Goofy Gophers, Br'er dog
  831. (MM) Hip Hip-Hurry! (Jones/Dec 6) (m: Seely) —Roadrunner, Coyote
  832. (MM) Cat Feud (Jones/Dec 20/LTGC-4) —Marc Antony, Pussyfoot, Claude Cat variation
    1959 — 23 titles
  833. (LT) Baton Bunny (Jones and Levitow/Jan 10/LTGC-1) —Bugs Bunny
  834. (LT) Mouse-Placed Kitten (McKimson/Jan 24)
  835. (LT) China Jones (McKimson/Feb 14) —Daffy, Porky
  836. (MM) Hare-Abian Nights (Harris/Feb 28) —Bugs, Yosemite (Jones unit)
  837. (MM) Trick or Tweet (Freleng/Mar 21) —Tweety, Sylvester, Sam
  838. (MM) The Mouse That Jack Built (McKimson/Apr 4/LTGC-3) —Jack Benny (mice)
  839. (MM) Apes of Wrath (Freleng/Apr 18) —Bugs, Mr & Mrs Gorilla, Drunk stork
  840. (LT) Hot Rod and Reel! (Jones/May 9) —Roadrunner & Coyote
  841. (LT) A Mutt in a Rut (McKimson/May 23) —Elmer
  842. (MM) Backwoods Bunny (McKimson/Jun 13) —Bugs, Pappy & Elvis (buzzards)
  843. (MM) Really Scent (Levitow/Jun 27) —Pepe LePew
  844. (LT) Mexicali Shmoes (Freleng/Jul 4/LTGC-4/AA nominee) —Speedy, Jose & Manuel (cats)
  845. (MM) Tweet and Lovely (Freleng/Jul 18) —Tweety, Sylvester, Hector
  846. (LT) Wild and Woolly Hare (Freleng/Aug 1) —Bugs, Yosemite
  847. (LT) Cat's Paw (McKimson/Aug 15) —Sylvester, Junior
  848. (LT) Here Today, Gone Tamale (Freleng/Aug 29/LTGC-4) —Speedy, Sylvester
  849. (MM) Bonanza Bunny (McKimson/Sep 5) —Bugs, Black Jacque Shellaque
  850. (LT) A Broken Leghorn (McKimson/Sep 26/LTGC-1) —Foghorn, Ms Prissy, Junior rooster
  851. (MM) Wild About Hurry (Jones/Oct 10) —Roadrunner & Coyote
  852. (LT) A Witch's Tangled Hare (Levitow/Oct 31) —Bugs, Witch Hazel
  853. (MM) Unnatural History (Levitow/Nov 14)
  854. (MM) Tweet Dreams (Freleng/Dec 5) —Sylvester, Tweety (clips of previous films, including Junior)
  855. (MM) People Are Bunny (McKimson/Dec 19) —Bugs, Daffy
    1960s — 145 titles
    1960 — 20 titles
  856. (LT) Fastest With the Mostest (Jones/Jan 19) —Roadrunner, Coyote
  857. (MM) West of the Pesos (McKimson/Jan 23/LTGC-4) —Speedy, Sylvester
  858. (LT) Horse Hare (Freleng/Feb 13) —Bugs, Yosemite
  859. (MM) Wild Wild World (McKimson/Feb 27)
  860. (LT) Goldimouse and the Three Cats (Freleng/Mar 15/LTGC-5) —Sylvester, Junior, Mrs. Sylvester
  861. (MM) Person to Bunny (Freleng/Apr 1) —Bugs, Daffy, Elmer
  862. (LT) Who Scent You? (Jones/Apr 23) —Pepe LePew
  863. (MM) Hyde and Go Tweet (Freleng/May 14) —Sylvester, Tweety
  864. (LT) Rabbit's Feat (Jones/Jun 4) —Bugs, Coyote
  865. (MM) Crockett-Doodle-Do (McKimson/Jun 25) —Foghorn, Egghead Jr
  866. (LT) Mouse and Garden (Freleng/Jul 15/LTGC-4) —Sylvester, Sam
  867. (MM) Ready, Woolen and Able (Jones/Jul 30) —Sheepdog, wolf
  868. (LT) Mice Follies (McKimson/Aug 20) —The Honeymousers
  869. (MM) From Hare to Heir (Freleng/Sep 3) —Bugs, Yosemite
  870. (MM) The Dixie Fryer (McKimson/Sep 24) —Foghorn, Pappy & Elvis (chickenhawks)
  871. (MM) Hopalong Casualty (Jones/Oct 8) —Roadrunner & Coyote
  872. (MM) Trip For Tat (Freleng/Oct 29) —Sylvester, Tweety, Granny
  873. (MM) Dog Gone People (McKimson/Nov 12) —Elmer
  874. (LT) High Note (Jones/Dec 3/AA nominee)
  875. (MM) Lighter Than Hare (Freleng/Dec 17) —Bugs, Yosemite
    1961 — 19 titles
  876. (LT) Cannery Woe (McKimson/Jan 7/LTGC-4) —Speedy, Sylvester, Jose & Manuel (mice)
  877. (MM) Zip 'n' Snort (Jones/Jan 21) —Roadrunner & Coyote
  878. (LT) Hoppy Daze (McKimson/Feb 11) —Sylvester, Hippety Hopper, Durante cat
  879. (MM) The Mouse On 57th Street (Jones/Feb 25) —"Muldoon" cop
  880. (MM) Strangled Eggs (McKimson/Mar 18) —Foghorn, Ms Prissy, Henery
  881. (LT) Birds of a Father (McKimson/Apr 1) —Sylvester, Junior
  882. (MM) D' Fightin' Ones (Freleng/Apr 22) —Sylvester
  883. (LT) The Abominable Snow Rabbit (Jones/May 20/LTGC-5) —Bugs, Daffy, Hugo
  884. (LT) Lickety-Splat (Jones/Jun 3) —Roadrunner & Coyote
  885. (LT) A Scent of the Matterhorn (Jones/Jun 24) —Pepe LePew
  886. (LT) Rebel Without Claws (Freleng/Jul 15) —Sylvester, Tweety
  887. (MM) Compressed Hare (Jones/Jul 29) —Bugs, Coyote
  888. (LT) The Pied Piper of Guadalupe (Freleng/Aug 19/LTGC-4/AA nominee) —Sylvester, Speedy
  889. (LT) Prince Violent (Prince Varmint) (Freleng/Sep 12) —Bugs, Yosemite
  890. (LT) Daffy's Inn Trouble (McKimson/Sep 23) —Daffy, Porky
  891. (LT) What's My Lion? (McKimson/Oct 21) —Elmer
  892. (MM) Beep Prepared (Jones/Nov 11/AA nominee) —Roadrunner, Coyote
  893. (MM) The Last Hungry Cat (Freleng/Dec 2/LTGC-3) —Sylvester, Tweety, Granny, Hitchcock bear
  894. (MM) Nelly's Folly (Jones/Dec 30/AA nominee)
    1962 — 16 titles
  895. (LT) Wet Hare (McKimson/Jan 20) —Bugs, Black Jacque Shellaque
  896. (MM) A Sheep in the Deep (Jones/Feb 10) —Sheepdog, wolf
  897. (LT) Fish and Slips (McKimson/Mar 10) —Sylvester, Junior
  898. (MM) Quackodile Tears (Davis/Mar 31) —Daffy, Mrs. Daffy
  899. (MM) Crow's Feat (Freleng/Apr 21) —Elmer, Jose & Manuel (crows)
  900. (LT) Mexican Boarders (Freleng/May 12/LTGC-4) —Sylvester, Speedy, Slowpoke Rodriguez
  901. (MM) Bill of Hare (McKimson/Jun 9) —Bugs, Taz
  902. (MM) Zoom at the Top (Jones/Jun 30) —Roadrunner, Coyote
  903. (LT) The Slick Chick (McKimson/Jul 21) —Foghorn, Junior rooster
  904. (LT) Louvre Come Back to Me (Jones/Aug 18) —Pepe LePew
  905. (MM) Honey's Money (Freleng/Sep 1) —Yosemite (young Mugsy as Wentworth)
  906. (LT) The Jet Cage (Freleng/Sep 22) (score: Half Franklyn/half Lava) —Sylvester, Tweety, Granny
  907. (MM) Mother Was a Rooster (McKimson/Oct 20) —Foghorn, Br'er dog (End Franklyn score)
  908. (LT) Good Noose (McKimson/Nov 10) —Daffy, Capt. Bligh (Begin Lava score)
  909. (LT) Shiskabugs (Freleng/Dec 8) —Bugs, Yosemite
  910. (LT) Martian Through Georgia (Jones/Dec 29)
    1963 — 16 titles
  911. (MM) I Was a Teenage Thumb (Jones/Jan 19)
  912. (MM) Devil's Feud Cake (Freleng/Feb 9) —Bugs, Yosemite
  913. (MM) Fast Buck Duck (McKimson/Mar 9) —Daffy
  914. (LT) The Million Hare (McKimson/Apr 6) —Bugs, Daffy
  915. (LT) Mexican Cat Dance (Freleng/Apr 20) —Speedy, Slvester
  916. (LT) Now Hear This (Jones/Apr 27/AA nominee) (New open/close sequence [white] w/Lava LT theme; closing "bells")
  917. (MM) Woolen Under Where (Monroe and Thompson/May 11) —Sheepdog, wolf
  918. (LT) Hare-Breadth Hurry (Jones/Jun 8) —Bugs (filling in for Roadrunner), Coyote
  919. (MM) Banty Raids (McKimson/Jun 29) —Foghorn, Br'er dog
  920. (MM) Chili Weather (Freleng/Aug 17/LTGC-4) —Sylvester, Speedy
  921. (MM) The Unmentionables (Freleng/Sep 7) —Bugs, Rocky & Mugsy
  922. (MM) Aqua Duck (McKimson/Sep 28) —Daffy
  923. (MM) Mad as a Mars Hare (Jones/Oct 19) —Bugs, Marvin Martian
  924. (MM) Claws in the Lease (McKimson/Nov 9) —Sylvester, Junior
  925. (MM) Transylvania 6-5000 (Jones/Nov 30/LTGC-5) —Bugs Bunny
  926. (MM) To Beep or Not to Beep (Jones/Dec 28/LTGC-3) —Roadrunner, Coyote
    1964 — 13 titles
  927. (LT) Dumb Patrol (Chiniquy/Jan 18) —Bugs, Yosemite
  928. (LT) A Message to Gracias (McKimson/Feb 8/LTGC-4) —Speedy, Sylvester
  929. (MM) Bartholomew Versus the Wheel (McKimson/Feb 29) ("Now Hear This" open/close sequence)
  930. (LT) Freudy Cat (McKimson/Mar 14) —Sylvester, Hippety Hopper, Junior
  931. (MM) Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare (McKimson/Mar 28) —Bugs, Taz
  932. (LT) Nuts and Volts (Freleng/Apr 25/LTGC-4) —Sylvester, Speedy
  933. (LT) The Iceman Ducketh (Monroe/May 16) —Bugs, Daffy
  934. (LT) War and Pieces (Jones/Jun 6) —Roadrunner, Coyote
  935. (MM) Hawaiian Aye Aye (Chiniquy/Jun 27) —Sylvester, Tweety, Granny, Hector-like shark
  936. (LT) False Hare (McKimson/Jul 16) —Bugs, Big Bad & nephew; end concentric rings open/close sequence
  937. (LT) Senorella and the Glass Huarache (Pratt/Aug 1/LTGC-5) End Vitaphone Productions, (start "Now Hear This" open/close sequence)
  938. (LT) Pancho's Hideaway (Freleng/Oct 24/LTGC-4) —Speedy, Yosemite (Mexican) start DePatie-Freleng Enterprises; closing Lava LT theme replaces bells
  939. (MM) Road to Andalay (Freleng/Dec 26) —Speedy, Sylvester (start black background version of new LT/MM card and closing sequence)
    1965 — 19 titles
  940. (LT) It's Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House (Freleng/Jan 16) —Speedy, Sylvester, Daffy, Granny
  941. (MM) Cats and Bruises (Freleng/Jan 30) —Speedy, Sylvester (small classic WB shield added to new LT/MM card)
  942. (MM) The Wild Chase (Freleng/Feb 27/LTGC-4) —Roadrunner, Coyote, Speedy, Sylvester
  943. (LT) Moby Duck (McKimson/Mar 27) —Daffy, Speedy
  944. (MM) Assault and Peppered (McKimson/Apr 24) —Daffy, Speedy
  945. (LT) Well Worn Daffy (McKimson/May 22) —Daffy, Speedy
  946. (MM) Suppressed Duck (McKimson/Jun 26) —Daffy
  947. (MM) Corn on the Cop (Spector/Jul 24) —Daffy, Porky, Granny
  948. (MM) Rushing Roulette (McKimson/Jul 31) —Roadrunner, Coyote
  949. (MM) Run, Run, Sweet Road Runner (Larriva/Aug 21) —Roadrunner, Coyote (Start Larriva Roadrunners)
  950. (LT) Tease For Two (McKimson/Aug 28) —Daffy, Goofy Gophers
  951. (MM) Tired and Feathered (Larriva/Sep 18) —Roadrunner, Coyote
  952. (MM) Boulder Wham (Larriva/Oct 9) —Roadrunner, Coyote
  953. (LT) Chili Con Corny (McKimson/Oct 23) —Daffy, Speedy
  954. (MM) Just Plane Beep (Larriva/Oct 30) —Roadrunner, Coyote
  955. (MM) Hairied and Hurried (Larriva/Nov 13) —Roadrunner, Coyote
  956. (MM) Go Go Amigo (McKimson/Nov 20) —Daffy, Speedy
  957. (LT) Highway Runnery (Larriva/Dec 11) —Roadrunner, Coyote
  958. (MM) Chaser on the Rocks (Larriva/Dec 25) —Roadrunner, Coyote
    1966 — 15 titles
  959. (LT) The Astroduck (McKimson/Jan 1) —Daffy, Speedy
  960. (LT) Shot and Bothered (Larriva/Jan 8) —Roadrunner, Coyote
  961. (MM) Out and Out Rout (Larriva/Jan 29) —Roadrunner, Coyote (start modified "WB" 2-step closing; along with '66 copyright)
  962. (MM) Muchos Locos (McKimson/Feb 5) (m: Herman Stein) —Daffy, Speedy (end '65 copyright and "WB" 4-step closing sequence)
  963. (LT) The Solid Tin Coyote (Larriva/Feb 19) —Roadrunner, Coyote
  964. (MM) Mexican Mousepiece (McKimson/Feb 26) —Daffy, Speedy
  965. (LT) Clippety Clobbered (Larriva/Mar 12) —Roadrunner, Coyote (end Larriva Roadrunners)
  966. (LT) Daffy Rents (McKimson/Mar 26) (m: Irving Getz) —Daffy, Speedy
  967. (LT) A-Haunting We Will Go (McKimson/Apr 26/LTGC-4) —Daffy, Speedy, Witch Hazel
  968. (MM) Snow Excuse (McKimson/May 21) —Daffy, Speedy;
  969. (LT) A Squeak in the Deep (McKimson/Jul 19) —Daffy, Speedy; (start Walter Greene score)
  970. (MM) Feather Finger (McKimson/Aug 20) —Daffy, Speedy
  971. (LT) Swing Ding Amigo (McKimson/Sep 17) —Daffy, Speedy
  972. (LT) Sugar and Spies (McKimson/Nov 5) —Roadrunner, Coyote
  973. (MM) A Taste of Catnip (McKimson/Dec 3) —Daffy, Speedy, w/Sylvester
    1967 — 10 titles
  974. (MM) Daffy's Diner (McKimson/Jan 21) —Daffy, Speedy; end DFE (and Greene who goes with them)
  975. (LT) Quacker Tracker (Larriva/Apr 29) —Daffy, Speedy; Begin Format Films (transitional); Lava score resumes
  976. (MM) The Music Mice-Tro (Larriva/May 27) —Daffy, Speedy
  977. (LT) The Spy Swatter (Larriva/Jun 24) —Daffy, Speedy; end Format Films
  978. (MM) Speedy Ghost to Town (Lovy/Jul 29) —Daffy, Speedy; begin new WB studio
  979. (LT) Rodent to Stardom (Lovy/Sep 23) —Daffy, Speedy
  980. (MM) Go Away Stowaway (Lovy/Sep 30) —Daffy, Speedy (end 1963-4 abstract "WB" open/close)
  981. (LT) Cool Cat (Lovy/Oct 14) —Cool Cat (start "W7" open/close shield)
  982. (MM) Merlin the Magic Mouse (Lovy/Nov 18) —Merlin
  983. (LT) Fiesta Fiasco (Lovy/Dec 9) —Daffy, Speedy
    1968 — 11 titles
  984. (LT) Hocus Pocus Pow Wow (Lovy/Jan 13) —Merlin
  985. (CS) Norman Normal (Lovy/Feb 3) "Cartoon Special" (Neither LT nor MM)
  986. (MM) Big Game Haunt (Lovy/Feb 10) —Cool Cat
  987. (LT) Skyscraper Caper (Lovy/Mar 9) —Daffy, Speedy
  988. (LT) Hippydrome Tiger (Lovy/Mar 30) —Cool Cat
  989. (MM) Feud With a Dude (Lovy/May 25) —Merlin
  990. (LT) See Ya Later, Gladiator (Lovy/Jun 29) —Daffy, Speedy
  991. (LT) 3 Ring Wing Ding (Lovy/Aug 24) —Cool Cat
  992. (LT) Flying Circus (Lovy/Sep 14)
  993. (MM) Chimp and Zee (Lovy/Oct 12)
  994. (MM) Bunny and Claude (We Rob Carrot Patches) (McKimson/Nov 9) —Bunny and Claude
    1969 — 6 titles
  995. (MM) The Great Carrot Train Robbery (McKimson/Jan 25) —Bunny and Claude
  996. (LT) Fistic Mystic (McKimson/Mar 29) —Merlin
  997. (MM) Rabbit Stew and Rabbits Too (McKimson/Jun 7)
  998. (MM) Shamrock and Roll (McKimson/Jun 28) —Merlin
  999. (LT) Bugged By a Bee (McKimson/Jul 26) —Cool Cat
  1000. (MM) Injun Trouble (McKimson/Sep 20) —Cool Cat

1970s — 3 titles
---- 1979

A.(MM)Bugs Bunny's Christmas Carol (Freleng/-Nov 27) (TV1) —Bugs, Porky, Yosemite Sam, Sylvester, Daffy, Tweety
B.(MM)Freeze Frame (Jones/-Nov 27) (TV2) —Roadrunner, Coyote
C.(MM)Fright Before Christmas (Freleng/-Nov 27) (TV3) —Bugs, Taz
1980s — 9 titles
D.(MM)The Chocolate Chase (Freleng/Apr 1) (TV4) —Daffy, Speedy
E.(MM) Daffy Flies North (Freleng/Apr 1) (TV5) —Daffy
F.(MM)The Yolk's On You (Freleng/Apr 1) (TV6) —Daffy, Sylvester, w/Foghorn, Ms Prissy
G.(MM)Soup or Sonic (Jones/May 21) (TV7) —Roadrunner, Coyote
H.(MM)Spaced-Out-Bunny (Jones/May 21) (TV8) —Bugs, Marvin Martian, Hugo
I.(MM)Portrait of the Artist as a Young Bunny (Jones/May 21) (TV9) —Bugs, Elmer w/baby Coyote & Roadrunner cameo
J.(LT)Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24½th Century (Jones/Nov 20) (TV10)—Daffy, Porky, Marvin Martian, Gossamer
K.(LT)The Duxorcist (Ford and Lennon/Nov 20) —Daffy
L.(MM) Night of the Living Duck (Ford and Lennon/Sept 23) —Daffy
1990s — 11 titles
M.(LT)Box Office Bunny (Van Citters/Feb 11) —Bugs, Daffy, Elmer
N.(MM)Blooper Bunny (Ford and Lennon/Feb/LTGC-5) —Bugs, Daffy, Elmer, Yosemite
O.(LT)Daffy & Porky in the William Tell Overture (Haskett/Apr 17)—Daffy, Porky
P.(LT)Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers (Ford and Lennon/LT) —Bugs, Daffy, Elmer, Yosemite, Porky (cameo)
Q.(LT)Chariots of Fur (Jones/Dec 21) —Roadrunner, Coyote
R.(LT)Carrotblanca (McCarthy/Aug 25) —Bugs, Daffy, Pepe LePew, Tweety, Yosemite, Foghorn, Sylvester; other cameos
S.(LT)Another Froggy Evening (Jones/Oct 6) —Michigan J. Frog
T.(LT)From Hare to Eternity (Jones/Mar) —Bugs, Yosemite
U.(LT)Marvin the Martian in the Third Dimension (McCarthy/June) —Daffy, Porky, Mavin Martian
V.(LT)Superior Duck (Jones/Aug 23) —Daffy, Taz, Foghorn
W.(LT)Pullet Surprise (Van Citters/Mar 26) —Foghorn, Pete Puma
X.(LT)Father of the Bird (Fossati/Nov 14) —Sylvester
2000s — 8 titles
Y.(LT)Little Go Beep (Brandt/Nov 6) —Roadrunner, Coyote
Z.(LT)Whizzard of Ow (Haaland/Nov 1) (NT) —Roarunner, Coyote
AA.(LT)Museum Scream (Povenmire/Mar 31) (NT) —Sylvester, Tweety, Granny
AB.(LT)Hare And Loathing In Las Vegas (Kopp & Shin/Mar 31) (NT) —Bugs, Yosemite
AC.(LT)Attack of the Drones (Moore/Mar 31) (NT) —Daffy, Porky, Marvin Martian
AD.(LT)Cook-A-Doodle Duel (Shin/Mar 31) (NT) —Foghorn, Porky
AE.(LT)My Generation G-G-Gap (Povenmire/Mar 31) (NT) —Porky
AF.(LT)Daffy Duck for President (Brandt and Cervone/Nov 2/LTGC-2) (NT) —Daffy, Bugs (1032nd cartoon)

Miscellaneous shorts — 13 titles

M1. 1930 Cryin' for the Carolines
M2. 1942 Any Bonds Today? (Clampett)
M3. 1943 Point Rationing of Foods (Jones/Feb/LTGC-3)
M4. 1949 So Much for So Little (Jones/LTGC-2) For Federal Security Health Agency
M5. 1952 Orange Blossoms for Violet* (Jones/May 24/LTGC-2) "Vitaphone Novelties"
M6. 1955 A Hitch in Time (Jones) —Ralph Philips; for US Army
M7. 1956 90 Day Wondering (Jones/LTGC-4) —Ralph Philips; for US Army
M8. 1957 Drafty, Isn't It? (Jones/LTGC-4) —Ralph Philips; for US Army
M9. (MM) 1965 Roadrunner A Go Go (Jones/Jun 2/NT)**
M10. (MM) 1965 Zip Zip Hooray (Jones/Jun 2/NT)**
M11. 1963 Philbert (Three's a Crowd) (Donner/Apr 1/LTGC-3)
M12. 1968 The Door (Mundie/Jun 1 MM) ***

(*): Non-animated cartoon.
(**)Cut down from the 1962 TV pilot Adventures of the Road-Runner.(LTGC-2)
(***)Independently produced film (1967 copyright) purchased and distributed by WB in 1968

Private Snafu shorts — 27 titles

PS1. 1943 Coming Snafu (Jones/June/LTGC-5)
PS2. 1943 Gripes (Jones/July/LTGC-5)
PS3. 1943 Spies (Jones/Aug/LTGC-3)
PS4. 1943 The Goldbrick (Tashlin/Sep/LTGC-4)
PS5. 1943 The Infantry Blues (Jones/Sep)
PS6. 1943 Fighting Tools (Clampett/Oct)
PS7. 1943 The Home Front (Tashlin/Nov/LTGC-4)
PS8. 1943 Rumors (Freleng/Dec/LTGC-3)
PS9. 1944 Booby Traps (Clampett/Jan)
PS10. 1944 Snafuperman (Freleng/Mar/LTGC-3)
PS11. 1944 Private Snafu vs. Malaria Mike (Jones/Mar)
PS12. 1944 A Lecture on Camouflage (Jones/Apr)
PS13. 1944 Gas (Jones/May)
PS14. 1944 The Chow Hound (Tashlin/June)
PS15. 1944 Censored (Tashlin/July/LTGC-4)
PS16. 1944 Outpost (Jones/Aug)
PS17. 1944 Pay Day (Freleng/Sep)
PS18. 1944 The Three Brothers (Freleng/sep)
PS19. 1944 Target Snafu (Freleng/Oct)
PS20. 1945 In the Aleutians - Isles of Enchantment (Jones/Feb)
PS21. 1945 It’s Murder She Says (Jones/Feb)
PS22. 1945 Hot Spot (Freleng/July)
PS23. 1945 Operation Snafu (Freleng/Oct)
PS24. 1945 No Buddy Atoll (Jones/never released)
PS25. 1945 Seaman Tarfu (Jones/never released)
PS26. 1945 Secrets of the Caribbean (Jones/never released)
PS27. 1945 Coming Home (Jones/never released)

Hook shorts (made for the United States Navy) - 3 titles

H1. 1945 The Return of Mr. Hook (1945/McKimson/LTGC-5)
H2. 1945 The Good Egg (1945/Jones/LTGC-5)
H3. 1945 Tokyo Woes (1945/Clampett/LTGC-5)

Shorts compilation
* 1975 Bugs Bunny: Superstar (LTGC-4, LTGC-4*)
* 1979 The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie
* 1981 The Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie
* 1982 Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales
* 1983 Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island
* 1988 Daffy Duck's Quackbusters

Further reading
* Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies: A Complete Illustrated Guide to the Warner Bros. Cartoons, by Jerry Beck and Will Friedwald (1989), Henry Holt, ISBN 0-8050-0894-2

*Looney Tunes On Television By Kevin McCorry and Jon Cooke.
Chronicles the broadcast of the various LT/MM shows, and which films aired in which programming packages.