Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy are at a Chinatown parade. Hungry, they take a job at the Chinese Food Factory as night watchmen, where they get all the free food they can eat. Inside, everything's going OK (except for Scooby getting encased in a giant fortune cookie), until a Chinese ghost is seen lurking around. He turns off the light, scaring Shaggy and Scooby, and then soon begins running off with the safe, unmasking himself, revealing that he is a burglar. Scooby and Shaggy try to run away, but crash into a statue of a monster, whose head lands on them, scaring the burglar. He tries to stop them with a potful of spaghetti, but Scrappy uses it to lasso him and the safe. We close with the owner commending them for "using their noodle".


Scooby, Scrappy and Shaggy are driving through the Egyptian Desert. They are so hot, they see a mirage of a refreshment stand. After getting buried in a sand storm, they soon discover a pyramid. Shaggy is worried because that's "a real dead place", where the ancient pharaohs were buried, but Scrappy runs in ahead. Inside, Scooby and Shaggy are horrified by a living pharaoh's head that turns out to be Scrappy wearing the mask. They do however, encounter a moving mummy who comes after them. Scrappy wants to attack, but Scooby grabs him. They hide in ancient paintings, and then try to escape on a boat in an indoor lake, but what looks like stepping stones are actually hungry crocodiles. Shaggy and Scooby narrowly escape their jaws, which Scrappy is able to simply snap shut. The mummy appears again, and Scrappy simply unwinds him ("See, I knew he was nothing but hot air"). But upon leaving the pyramid, the mummy's spirit follows them outside, leaving footprints in the sand. The gang drives off into the desert.

In this episode, we really begin to see the "invincible" Scrappy who really can take care of himself and the others. He has become quite different from the first season, and the critics never realized how the was so greatly improved here


Scooby, Scrappy and Shaggy are boating at sea. Getting filled up with water in a storm, they land on a tropical island with large fruit. Shaggy gets the funny feeling that it looks like a prehistoric jungle, and sure enough, Scooby sees a caveman in some brush. When he tries to describe him to the others through "charades", they see the caveman coming after them, and run. What they think are hills are actually the backs of two dinosaurs, which they run up and slide down; Scrappy thinking these are "fun rides". They land in a pond, and are trapped by the caveman. He mumbles something to them, pointing (Scrappy: "oh boy; more charades!"). They realize he wants them to pull his wagon loaded with heavy rocks, on square wheels. When Shaggy says "Not on your life!", the caveman chases him and Scooby around the wagon, swinging his club, which bangs the wheels into a round shape. He is now grateful to Shaggy and offers his homely daughter to him for marriage. Claiming to have a "prior engagement", Shaggy runs off, the others follow, and they take off in the boat bailing out the water, as they tease Shaggy.


"Riga-ma-raga-ma-roo, I'm making frog's legs stew! Riga-ma-raga-ma-ree, Would anyone care to join me?" sings a witch. She remembers she forgot to add frogs' legs, and sends her goblin sidekick Globby out to look for people to turn into frogs.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy are on a boat in the nearby swamp, and Shaggy flips a coin to see which way is out. Globby grabs the coin, and Scrappy goes after him. He is netted by the witch. She decides he's too puny to turn into a frog, but Shaggy and Scooby, arriving to his rescue, are just right, and she sends Globby after them. They hide, but she lures them out with the promise of dinner. But the dinner is to be "frogs legs; --and, YOU'RE GOING TO BE THE FROGS!" She shoots frog spells at them with her wand. Scrappy tries boxing with the immaterial goblin, and is confronted by the witch. The others grab him and escape, each shouting "haha, you missed!", but Shaggy then discovers (rather late) that he has been changed into a frog. (Witch: "one out of three isn't so bad"). Scooby and Scrappy return as "wand inspectors" from the "Better Gnomes and Goblins Association"; take the wand, and change back Shaggy whom they had concealed in their briefcase. They take off on the witch's broom (Scrappy: "Broom power!"), and the witch shoots another spell at them. Shaggy, glad to be back to normal (he was "beginning to crave flies, yecch!"), looks in a mirror. The spell is reflected off the mirror and changes the witch into a frog. Globby laughs and she changes him into a frog, and chases him away, both hopping off screen.
Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy ride the broom off into the moonlight.


Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy are eating London Fish & Chips at a sidewalk vendor. When they try to pay, the coin drops and rolls away into a cellar window. Scrappy follows it, and Shaggy and Scooby go after him. Unable to get into the cellar, Shaggy uses Scooby's tail to climb into an upper window. Inside, they find Scrappy. They are in a wax museum containing wax figures of various monsters (some of them from earlier mysteries). What looks like one figure is actually the Wax Master, who now wants to add the gang to his wax collection. He chases them, and they hide, disguising as various wax figures, but Scrappy repeatedly gives them away.(to "wait till I find you", says "we can't wait, now put' em up!") Hiding in a case, Scooby is forced into the shape of a guitar (Shaggy: "I didn't know you were musically inclined"). Shaggy tells Scrappy to keep quiet, but he gets 3 more words: "THERE HE IS!". They try to escape on a conveyor belt. A mechanical arm paints a mustache on Shaggy and a goatee on Scooby. Scrappy (asking "where's mine?") is snatched away. ("Uncle Scooby has all the fun"). They are being painted as exhibits. Scrappy swings on a rope grabbing them, and they wind up dangling above a vat of hot wax with the Waxmaster about to cut the rope ("Out of the frying pan, into the vat"). Scrappy pulls his bow tie, causing him to lose his footing and fall in, and then double dunks him for good measure, to give them time to escape. Before they leave, Scrappy pulls out of the vat a wax figure of his Uncle Scooby. But it doesn't hold a candle to the real thing!


It is Scrappy's birthday, and he is so happy to be spending it having lunch with his Uncle Scooby. Shaggy begins telling them the story of his real "birth" day, when he was born to Scooby's sister, Ruby Doo.

Just out of the womb, the newborn attacks the doctor for swatting him. When the doctor comments that he's a "scrappy little tyke", Ruby decides to name him Scrappy. He takes off running through the hospital, looking for "action", and Shaggy and Scooby go after him. They bump into a hospital orderly who begins chasing them, leading to the usual disguise routine, such as posing as patients. Scrappy, telling his mother he's bored, sees Shaggy and Scooby running, and decides that they look like fun, and join in the act. Shaggy and Scooby disguise as a couple of parents, with Scrappy as their baby. They give the orderly a bubble gum cigar, and when he says "coochie coochie coo", Scrappy smashes the gum in his face with his rattle ("'coochie coo' yourself, buster!"). Scrappy gets permission from his mother to travel with Shaggy and Scooby, who are now real patients themselves, in bandages and casts.

Looking back, Shaggy claims his bones still ache, and Scrappy says he's less trouble now then he was back then. Yet, blowing out his birthday cake candles ("birthday power!"), be blows icing all over Shaggy and Scooby.


Shaggy is reading the story of Alice In Wonderland to Scooby and Scrappy. Scooby falls asleep and dreams that he is Alice. He sees Scrappy as the white rabbit, running ("Bunny Power!"), shouting that he is late. Shaggy appears in the story as himself, asking Scooby "what's with the curls?" They go after Scrappy, who entered a cave. Inside, they fall down a pit, and see two tiny doors and a table with a couple of Scooby snacks and a sign: "eat these, stupid". At first, they grow big, and then they shrink small enough to fit through the doors. Behind the first one is a monster. They escape through the other one and encounter the caterpillar, who wants to eat them; and they sit on the tail of the Cheshire Cat. He turns visible and chases them. They escape by disguising as a pair of flowers. They find Scrappy at the Mad Hatter's tea party, but the Queen shows up (Shaggy: "I've never eaten with royalty before"). The Mad Hatter takes off, and Scrappy challenges the meanie queen who hates tea parties and intruders. She chases them, and Scooby is caught by the Cheshire Cat, while she screams "off with their heads". At this point, Scooby wakes up in the real world, but still wearing Alice's gold locks.

Scooby's Swiss Miss

The gang is vacationing in the Swiss Alps. At the lodge, Scooby is flattered by a pretty girl poodle. The gang takes off ice skating, and a jealous bulldog watches, saying "Showoff, trying to steal my girl". He skates a hole in the ice around Scooby, who gets frozen solid. Shaggy and Scrappy drop him, and he breaks into pieces, but then "pulls himself together". They next ski and encounter a very steep slope. The girl appears saying "yoo hoo Scooby", and the bulldog, mocking the call, rolls a snowball after them, which bumps them into the dizzying descent. Scooby's ski tracks are split around a tree. Shaggy wonders how he did that, until he crashes into a tree, taking a whole section with him, and the top of the tree lands on the stump making it look whole. ("That's how!"). The bulldog hammers a danger sign into the snow so they can't see it, and Scooby winds up hanging upside down by his skis in a gorge, forming a bridge for the others. They wander into a bear's cave and are chased out and escape, but now the bear has the girl dog cornered up a tree. The bulldog challenges him, but is intimidated ("OK, have it your way"). Meanwhile, Scooby slides backwards down the slope and crashes both bear and bulldog into the snow, and the poodle lands in his arms. ("My hero!"). Next scene, she appears at the lodge in a wedding gown with a minister, and "plans" for Scooby, who wants none of that. Scrappy calls "puppy power" and carries in the bandaged bulldog (already in a tux) to marry her. She says "Oh well, at least he can't run away".


In the Italian countryside, the gang stops to eat pepperoni pizza with anchovies, garlic, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Scooby winds up being tossed like dough into the shape of pizza himself. They visit the ruins of the Roman Colosseum. Inside, they find a live event being watched by ancient spectators, presided over by Nero. It is a lion fight, and Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy are on the field as the next "victims". Scrappy challenges, but Shaggy and Scooby grab him and they disguise as barbers and shave the lion's mane off. Nero has the lion ejected through a trap door as the crowd boos and cries "out with the lion". Next, a gladiator, Rocky Maximus is sent after them. Scooby runs right through iron gate bars, slicing himself in several pieces. He and Shaggy next disguise as vendors, selling Maximus a "hottus doggus", but Scrappy squirts ketchup and mustard on him. He chases them, and Scrappy frees the lion from the pit, scaring the gladiator, who lands on Nero. The gang escapes, but when Scrappy tries to go back to splat the gladiator, they find a deserted ruin again. They realize it was the chocolate covered pepperoni pizza with anchovies, garlic, and whipped cream. They had eaten. Scrappy suggests leaving off the pepperoni next time.


The gang is fishing in a swamp. Scooby catches a small fish that is gobbled up by a big fish. (Shaggy: "The fish are hungrier than we are!") They get a bite and pull up a swamp creature that looks like an alligator. Scooby falls into the water, and when they pull him out he lands on the monster, and they try to drive the boat away, but Scrappy, aiming to hog tie him instead catches a log, and Scooby gets snagged by the rope and lands on a riverboat. Scooby, in the net, is lowered into the water, and sees the creature, and then dashes back up to help Shaggy reel "himself" back in. They pull up the creature instead, and then drop him back into the water. They look for food on the abandoned riverboat, and in the galley find only cans of creamed broccoli. ("No wonder it's the only can left"), They look for a can opener, and a compartment opens up, and Scooby unknowingly uses the creature's teeth as an electric can opener. He enters and chases them, pounding Scooby into a pot. Scrappy splats him with broccoli, and Scooby runs, crashing into Shaggy carrying a stack of pots. They then disguise as a dixieland band singing "Swanee River". Scrappy slings a rope at him, but Scooby gets tied up with him as well. He chases them around the boat and onto the paddle-wheel. Scrappy stops the boat giving Shaggy and Scooby time to jump off the wheel, which they then pry off, carrying the creature into the distance. Scrappy finds another can of creamed broccoli and says Shaggy: "No wonder this boat is deserted!"

South Seas Scare

In a beginning very much like that of a regular mystery, we see a scene of Hawaiian natives singing and hula dancing. A volcano erupts, and out comes a lava monster whom the natives fear their singing has disturbed, and they all run. Scooby, Shaggy and Scrappy are also on the island singing and hula dancing, and see the people running, and soon encounter the lava monster themselves. Scrappy challenges it, but Shaggy and Scooby grab him and run and hide in a restaurant, disguised as waiters. They serve him a dish, inside of which is Scrappy, who squirts him with water. They trick him into washing dishes, and Scrappy splashes him with more water. He throws food at them, and hiding behind a table, Shaggy and Scooby grab it out of the air to eat. Scrappy covers his eyes as he chases them, and he falls into the ocean, but soon returns. The gang disguises as hula dancers, and then run, Shaggy wishing he would go back to where he came from. Scrappy asks "well, why didn't you say so?", and simply picks up the monster and carries it back to the mouth of the volcano and dumps it back in (and without even calling 'puppy power')! Shaggy and Scooby faint.

Yet another clear example of the invincible Scrappy who effortlessly saves the day

Scooby Gumbo

The gang is enjoying a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. They stop at a restaurant and place their orders. As soon as the waiter recognizes two of the customers as dogs, he throws all three out. They disguise themselves with beards and mustaches and return, successfully placing an order. Then Scrappy begins playing with a coin-operated scuba ghost diver, and its head-gear lands on the waiter, and Scrappy takes his disguise off. The waiter chases them and they disguise as divers on a parade float. He gets wise to it ("That last diver is a real dog!"), and they disguise as horn players. He stuffs Scooby into a tuba, and Scooby comes out in its shape. He also stuffs Scrappy into a trumpet, but Scrappy comes out of its mouthpiece and blows it in the man's face. They next run and hide in his kitchen, first in a garbage can, then in pots. Scrappy makes some "Scrappy gumbo" to splat him with, and he likes it. He still won't allow dogs in his restaurant, but now allows them in his kitchen as chefs. Scrappy accidentally squirts icing on Scooby.

Alaskan King Coward

Prospecting for golds the gang travels by dogsled through snowy terrain) even catching a glimpse of Santa Claus. They arrive at where they want to start digging. Behind a wall of ice, Shaggy uncovers a prehistoric creature which was supposedly frozen there for a million years, but suddenly comes to life. They grab Scrappy, who thinks it's a "claim jumper", and ski away. They hide amongst some seals, but Scrappy hits him with a snowball. They hide in a poster, but Scrappy gives that away too) and winds up in the creatures mouth. Scrappy next sets up a Scrappy-trap, and Shaggy and Scooby think they've escaped it for a change ("for once, we'll let the bad guy get caught in it"). But when the creature trips it, the large snowball it releases catches Shaggy and Scooby together with him. Finally, Scrappy releases water from the sluice he earlier built, freezing the creature back into a block of ice. Scooby leans on it and it falls over. Says Shaggy: "We knew he was a pushover!"


Visiting a space flight center, Scooby, Shaggy and Scrappy wander aboard a rocket on a Mars mission, and are trapped inside as the ship launches. As the scientists on Earth discuss what would happen to people on this flight, the gang is flattened by gravity, floats around in the weightlessness of space, and are bounced around like pinballs by a meteor shower. They land on Mars, and Scrappy bounces around, comparing the lower gravity to a trampoline. The scientists (still unaware of the intruders) deploy a robot, which begins collecting Martian soil. Shaggy and Scooby see it, thinking it was a Martian. It then stuffs Scooby into a sample bottle. Meanwhile, Scrappy is planting a canine flag (with a bone on it), declaring "one small step for mankind, one giant leap for canine!" The bottle lands near him, and he, thinking it is a Martian notes how it "looks like", "sounds like", and in fact is his Uncle Scooby! The robot is now chasing Shaggy. Scrappy jumps on top of it, banging its head. The scientists sense something wrong, and activate the ship's camera. At first, to their astonishment, they see Scooby's eye, and then Shaggy and Scooby together, waving, looking like a two headed, four armed Martian. They soon realize they are stowaways, and order them back aboard the ship, threatening them if they've harmed the robot. By now, Scrappy has converted the $6 billion piece of equipment into a surface roving vehicle. Upon arrival back on Earth, Scrappy has fixed the robot back "as good as new", except that it now shouts "robot power" and chases the scientists.

Strongman Scooby

Scrappy enrolls the gang in a one day crash course in bodybuilding at Muscle Beach Gym. Inside, Shaggy and Scooby are more interested in the food bar. Scrappy gives Scooby a weight, and he is pulled into a wall. A weightlifting bulldog laughs, and Scrappy challenges him. He throws Scooby his barbell, and Scooby lands in the food bar where Shaggy is. The bulldog coaches them on bicycle, and Scooby's cycle breaks loose and crashes into the ladies' gym ("what a ladies' man"). The dog puts Scooby on the leg-lift machine, which tosses him into a locker. Scrappy slings a towel on "musclehead", and they run and hide in a steam bath. Scooby comes out smaller than Scrappy. The bulldog takes him and throws him into the pool, which returns him to regular size, and then puts on a plastic shark fin to scare him. A real shark watching from a pipe leading to the ocean sees him and falling in love, chases him out to sea. Scrappy wants to sign up as members of the gym, but Shaggy says they get enough exercise just following him.

Scooby at the Center of the World

The gang is taking a tour of Badcarl's cavern. Inside, they take out their submarine sandwiches and can sodas. A pair of stalagmites are actually rock monsters, who chomp the food right out of their hands (including the metal cans!) Shaggy and Scooby grab Scrappy and run further down into the cave. They enter a room full of sleeping "rats" (bats). Not wanting to wake them, Shaggy tells Scrappy to keep quiet, but what he wanted to tell them was about the giant bat hanging behind them. They run, knocking over the rock monsters (Way to splat 'em, Uncle Scooby!). The giant bat flies ahead of them to block them, and they run back into a room and hide by hanging upside down like the sleeping bats. The giant bat hangs between Shaggy and Scooby; Shaggy thinking it was Scooby in disguise. He soon sees it's not, and they run, knocking over the monsters again. Scrappy gets out of Scooby's hands, and rides the giant bat like a bronco buster, tiring it out. He then scoops up water with the bat's wings, which he splashes on the monsters, shrinking them, and then carries Shaggy and Scooby back to the surface. ("Bat power!") Scrappy now holds the tiny limestone monsters in his hands, which make for neat pet rocks.


Shaggy and Scrappy are watching The Wizard of Oz on TV in the Mystery Machine, and call Scooby who is outside. Scooby runs and trips, knocking himself out. He wakes up, and a tornado comes and whisks him, the Mystery Machine, with Scrappy still inside watching TV, and even a nearby farmer and his cow, away into the sky.

They land, in the Land of Ahz, looking like Oz characters: Shaggy is the scarecrow, Scooby is the lion, and Scrappy is the tin man. They are greeted,.by the "Yellow brick toad", (who talks like Jimmy Durante), who tells them the yellow brick road was torn up for a shopping center. He leads them off to the wizard, as they sing "Follow the yellow brick toad" ("What a bunch of bananas!")

The Wicked Witch of the North by Southeast is watching them on her crystal ball. they hear her laugh, and the toad 'splits', running into a tree. The witch puts the gang in a trance which sends them floating (and Scrappy, who was ready to attack, picks her flowers), and then puts them to sleep. The witch's winged monkey brings them to her castle. Scooby wakes up, and he and Shaggy run, grabbing Scrappy who wants to attack. They are cornered, and Scrappy, who has "seen the movie 3 times" splashes her with water, melting her. The wizard appears and congratulates them, and then takes them off in his balloon. (which runs on "Ahzium gas") He says it only holds three, and when Scooby counts himself as the fourth, he falls out. The wizard is unable to do anything to save him. While falling, he wakes up back in the real world in the field he had tripped in. Only he still has the lion's tail, which hits him in the face.


Visiting an Army training base, Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy try to avoid long mess hall lines by taking a shortcut, from which they come out in uniform, and assumed to be new recruits by a tough drill sergeant. He calls them "dogfaces", and then, barking commands, straightens Scooby into a lean, muscular soldier, and orders them to the obstacle course. Shaggy and Scooby do poorly, but Scrappy, shouting commands from under the sergeant's helmet, tricks him into a workout. He then "fixes" the course by sawing a climbing wall making it a bridge over the mud puddle; tying climbing ropes together, and tossing the tires out of the way "so no one will trip". The sergeant, trapped in the tires, frees himself and begins chasing them in a tank. They disguise as service station attendants and spill oil on his head, and overinflate the tires, causing the tank to explode. He next chases them into the base hospital. (Scrappy: "but no one's sick"; Shaggy: "we will be!"). Shaggy disguises as a nurse, and Scooby as a bandaged patient. The sergeant asks if they've seen "three ugly dogfaces", and Scrappy (hidden) challenges: "Who are you calling 'ugly', buster?", which Shaggy repeats as "the hallway needs a-dustin'". This fools him, but then Scrappy wraps his head with bandages. They run aboard an army plane, and the sergeant shows up, and now aims to give them parachuting lessons. Airborne, they grab onto him, tearing off his pants. When they land, the general tells him he's out of uniform and delivers him his real recruits (a trio of country bumpkins). Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy are released, but Scrappy now wants to see the Navy next.

An early 60's "Magilla Gorilla" style cue is brought out, in the tank scene.


An alien is flying through the sky looking to clone earthlings and take over the world. The first earthlings he sees are Scooby, Shaggy and Scrappy, on their way to the "That's Impossible" TV show. (Scooby gets tossed by a lady's karate practicing plant). The alien shoots a ray at the gang, creating clones of them in pods. They are nearly identical, except that they have antennas and talk mechanically. Their job: to find their twins and eliminate them. Inside the studio, Shaggy and Scooby see the clone Scrappy knock a hole in the wall ("outer space power") --their "doorway", and think they need to cut down on Scrappy's vitamins. The running gag has the real Shaggy telling Scooby to cover the hole with a heavy file cabinet, and the clone Shaggy making him remove it. Then, the real Scrappy is confused when Shaggy tells him he made the hole. Soon, both real and clone gangs are in the same room, and the real gang realizes what is going on, and moves to stop the clones. Scrappy tangles them up in rolls of film. They join their master on stage to announce to the world their takeover. (Host and audience: "That's impossible!"). Nothing can stop them except a neutralizing ray from Mars --or, a grand piano dropped on them (intended for another act). The flattened aliens hobble back to their space ship and take off, as the gang brags about clobbering the clones.


Scooby, Shaggy and Scrappy are eating at a truck stop cafe. When a sexy waitress flatters Scoob, he squirts a ketchup bottle so hard, the ketchup lands on nearby Bandit's ice cream. Bandit's sidekick Wilbur warns him about what happened to the last guy who did that-- he turned him into a pretzel --which Bandit now proceeds to do to Scooby. Scrappy splats him with the ice cream, and they drive off. Upon getting unstuck from mud, they notice from the licence plate, that they have been driving not the Mystery Machine, but rather Bandit's nearly identical Master Movers van (which had been parked next to it). Bandit shows up in Wilbur's rig, and upon the cue [why didn't you] "say so", Scooby floors it, covering Bandit in mud. Scrappy takes a boat, with Scooby and Shaggy "skiing" on the pier plank it was still tied to. Propelled through the air, they land in Bandit's food. They next take off in a hand car. After tricking Bandit with the phony-then-real train-in-tunnel gag, Bandit chases them in a locomotive. Inside the tunnel, Scrappy calls "puppy power", and a crash is heard. Scooby, Shaggy and Scrappy are now running the locomotive, with Bandit and Wilbur stuck in the smokestack.


Visiting the Taj Mahal, Scooby, Scrappy and Shaggy look at the various statues. One, which Scooby laughs at, is actually the palace guard, who now begins chasing them. The guard is further angered when he drops a statue, and Scooby assembles its arms wrong. Scrappy then pounces on his head, and unravels his turban, spinning him like a top. They disguise themselves, and just as Scrappy is about to begin speaking, Shaggy covers his mouth, saying that this time, he was not going to reveal where they were. But Scrappy points out that he doesn't have to; the guard sees them, and is heading their way. They run. Next, he comes after them with an elephant, sucking Scooby into his trunk. Scrappy sprinkles pepper on him, causing him to sneeze, smashing both the guru and Scooby into walls. Scooby's snout is stretched out like an accordion style camera lens (he "winds" it back up with his ears). To retaliate for this, Scrappy pulls and releases the elephant's trunk, sending him smashing the guru into the wall again. They run into the jungle and the cave of a tiger. Scrappy says "hold that tiger"; Scooby grabs on riding it, and bumps his head. Dazed, he goes into a song and dance routine of the jingle "hold that tiger" (to the tune of "Stop that Pigeon"). The gang is ready to surrender, but now the guru is now friendly because they have led him to the lost ruins of the Rajas.


While watching the movie Pinocchio, Scooby goes to get popcorn, and is buried in the stuff. A shady looking man pulls him over and gives hi free tickets to the Pleasure Island carnival. Little does he know that he has been placed under a curse. At the carnival, Scooby eats Shaggy's food, and when he denies it, his nose grows longer. Shaggy and Scrappy at first can't even figure out what looks different about Scooby, until his nose hits a bulls-eye target yards away. The man appears, handing him a prize; a toy donkey, saying "You didn't think you could get something for nothing, did you!?", and the gang now understands what is going on, but begins turning into donkeys, hee-hawing. Scrappy tries to attack, ("nobody puts something over on my Uncle Scooby and gets away with it!") but the others grab him and run. The man shouts "nobody backs out of a deal", and grabs Scooby by his long nose. Scooby wakes up, still in the theater, having missed the entire movie. They leave the theater, Scooby sees the man offering him the tickets, and he takes off running; Shaggy and Scrappy wondering why.


Scooby, Scrappy and Shaggy visit Scooby Manor to see Grandpa Scooby. Scooby is at first startled when he sees him in a window, and upon their greeting, Grandpa confesses "I never could understand that boy!" Grandpa serves them biscuits, and when Shaggy and Scooby pull their routine of grabbing all of them first ("nobody makes biscuits like Grandpa''; "Nobody eats them like us"), Scrappy and Grandpa beat them to the draw, grabbing them all back, before they even know what happened ("I always said you boys were slow!"). He makes them more, plus an upside down cake. But Scooby Manor is haunted by a horn-blowing ghost, who tosses the food at them. Shaggy, Scooby and Grandpa hide under a rug, and then, all four hide in a picture. Scrappy, on a fountain, spits water at the ghost. Next, using feathers from pillows, they disguise as chickens ("southern unfried, y'all"). The ghost comments "chickens is right, Yee-haw!" Grandpa, giving up, begins packing to leave Scooby Manor, and Shaggy and Scooby help him. The ghost appears out of a drawer, saying there is no place in Scooby Manor for cowards. Scrappy has had enough, and confronts the ghost for calling his elders cowards. To everyone's shock, the ghost, (surprised that he is related to the cowardly Scoobies) takes him in his arms, and unmasks. It is the ghost of Grandpa's pappy, Great Grandpa Scooby, Civil War hero. He praises Scrappy's bravery saying "I guess one out of three ain't so bad".

The last "Scooby" family relatives seen (after the earlier "Dum" and "Dee"). From now on, Scooby's family members will all bear the "Doo" name.


Scooby, Shaggy and Scrappy are fishing At sea. A storm brews, and their boat crashes into an island with a lighthouse. Inside, Scrappy comments "I bet if these paintings could talk, they'd tell scary stories. One does talk-- it is the ghost of a pirate who says the lighthouse is no place for landlubbers. He floats to Scooby an anchor which "sinks" him into the floor, and the ghost's ship sails through a wall. On board, he makes them walk the plank, and they splash into the still liquid wooden floor, and are chased by a shark. They run into another room. The ghost looks for them, but they repeatedly scare him with disguises which Scrappy gives away (boasting about scaring the "sea chicken")

Shaggy and Scrappy get out of the lighthouse, but Scooby has wandered upstairs, and trips the lighthouse switch. It casts his shadow into the sky, which the ghost thinks is "the ghost of an old sea dog", and he takes off on a boat for good.


Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy are driving along in the countryside. Scrappy wants to see a castle, so Scooby builds a sand castle in the Mystery Machine, leans on it, and both fall flat. A magician in a big castle is unable to pull a sword out of a stone, which would make him ruler of all England if he could do it. He reads a spellbook, which has a formula to remove the sword: "two toenails from dogs, one big, one small, and the hair of one so tall. He sees the gang (exactly what he needs) in his crystal ball, and speeds their arrival by floating the entire Mystery Machine to the castle. Inside, Shaggy and Scooby want to get away, but are blocked by the wizard's large pet frog. Scrappy attacks, and the frog swallows him. Scooby picks up the creature, and shakes Scrappy out of him. The wizard makes a suit of armor come to life, and Scrappy bowls him over with a crystal ball. They run, and the wizard turns the stairs they're on into a slide. Scooby sees a skeleton in the dungeon, and the wizard brings it to life. Scrappy plays in a set of stocks, and when the skeleton breaks it open, Scrappy places him in it. The three disguise as royal tailors and mess up the wizard's appearance. They run, and then he throws his hat after them, which spins, getting bigger and bigger, capturing them. (Shaggy: "I feel like I've been 'tornado-napped'!") Merlin places Shaggy and Scooby on his lab table, about to make his formula. Scrappy sees the sword, and simply removes it from the stone, and bring it to show the others. Merlin proclaims him the ruler, and he magically frees Shaggy and Scooby with it, and gives it to Scooby. Merlin begs Scooby's mercy (and Scooby, bewildered says "Uhhh...Okay"). As they leave, Scooby gives the sword to the frog, who then begins bossing Merlin around. As they drive off, Scrappy suggests next going to Scotland to see the Loch Ness Monster.


Scooby is eating hot dogs and Irish stew. A leprechaun named Pat O'Wiley is caught in a Scrappy-trap, but refuses to take them to his pot of gold Scrappy reads from the Book of Irish Legends that a leprechaun, when caught, must reveal his pot of gold. Scooby releases him And he begins disappearing and reappearing, and then he makes Scooby's nose follow him. Scrappy catches it in his book. The leprechaun leads them to a castle and then turns into a banshee ghost. He makes a phony door appear ,and Scooby tries to escape through it but slams into the wall. The leprechaun tricks him by turning into a haunted chest, and then back into the banshee. Scrappy splashes him with water and demands the gold. The leprechaun then makes three doors appear, one of which has the gold behind it. Shaggy opens the first and finds food. Scooby then eagerly opens the second, only to find a ghost. Scrappy thinks that it's only the leprechaun playing another trick, but then the leprechaun appears showing that it is not him. Shaggy and Scooby run, and the leprechaun feels that this "wailin' windbag is stealin' all me fun", so he scares him off by showing him his reflection in a mirror. Scrappy opens door 3 and finds a rainbow. The three slide down it into a pot of gold, but then the leprechaun appears and says that it's only "fool's gold".("Now, ya can't go believing in pots of gold, can you?"), and it disappears. Shaggy and decide they'd rather stick to pots of Irish stew! "Scooby Dooby stew!"


Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy are out at sea on a cruise boat trying to get tanned on the deck. A violent storm brews and a big wave sweeps them off the boat and they are sucked down a vortex. They land in Atlantis and hear a horse laughing. Scooby jumps, landing on a gargantuan statue, falls and lands on a fallen colutmn. A boulder falls catapulting Scooby onto the back of a Grecian Centaur who says that noone who enters the lost world of Atlantis ever leaves. Scrappy challenges ("hold it, enough horsing around!"). They grab him and run hiding in vases. Scooby gets stuck upside down halfway in. The centaur kicks the vase and it rolls with Scooby, then rolls back tripping the centaur, who then crashes. Scooby rides him like a broncobuster. The three run behind a stone door. They find bread in ancient ovens, but it turns to dust. The centaur finds them when Scooby sneezes. They then disguise as statues, but Scrappy gives them away, shouting "Right where we wanted him!" Shaggy and Scooby disguise as a female centaur. Scrappy grabs the centaur from behind and a bust is knocked off onto Shaggy and Scooby, who still in disguise, stand, looking like a 4 armed monster, scaring the centaur. Scrappy then bowls over some columns which trap the centaur. They run, and are sucked back up the vortex, and carried by a wave back onto the boat. They see and hear a horse, but it is only a man in disguise for a costume party, which they are just in time for. Shaggy says "We'll sit this one out", and he and Scooby relax in the deck chairs.


At Al's Health Spa, Shaggy and Scooby are left too long in a steam bath. Scrappy, who dozed off awakes to find they are now infants, and it could take up to a week for it to wear off. Scrappy now has to be a babysitter. When he feeds them, Scooby eats Shaggy's hamburger flavored oatmeal, and they both begin crying. Next, the babies play in mud, and when Scrappy washes them, they get carried away in bubbles. Scrappy races with the carriage to catch them when the bubbles pop. Scrappy is now pooped. They roll into a baby contest, and Scooby and Shaggy are instant winners, until they grow big in the host's arms. Too overwhelmed to explain, Scrappy passes out in the carriage, sleeping like a baby. He wins the cutest baby trophy.


On a tour of the Great Wall of China, Shaggy and Scooby are pulling Scrappy along in a rickshaw. Going down a hill, a wheel rolls off, and running after it, they wind up in a temple, and see a statue of a dragon. Scrappy reads that the words "Moo goo gai pan" will bring it to life. They leave the room and sure enough, the dragon is following them. They disguise as Chinese waiters, a Mae West dragon, and as firefighters. A fire-water battle ensues. Scooby is losing, until Scrappy calls "puppy power" and pumps out a powerful jet of water that extinguishes the dragon's fire. The dragon now pulls the gang in the rickshaw for the rest of their tour.

Scooby's House of Mystery

On their way to see the movie "The Chicken that ate Chicago", the gang passes Madam Olga's House of Mystery. Scooby is scared by a giant spider in the window, as Scrappy observes "all the neat stuff". In the back of the store, Madam Olga reveals that she has snips and snails, but no puppy dog tails to complete her spell to make herself beautiful. Her raven shows her the dogs in her store, and she hides in her fortune teller machine. (Shaggy: "this one looks 'real' alright; real ugly!") The fortune reads "Beware of those who follow behind; a fool and his tail will soon be parted". Olga comes out, welcomes them, and soon demands the tails. Scooby, uses his tail as a mustache.("Rhat rail?") She drops a bar gate trapping them inside, and Scooby is scared by a laughing skull. The raven chases them, Scrappy challenges ("Grow your own tail, witch!") and Scooby grabs him and hides in secret passage behind a bookcase. Scrappy finds lizard paste and splats her with it. Shaggy disguises as a fortune teller; in his crystal ball, he sees a tall, dark, handsome-- Scooby Doo! (Olga: "Vat's eh Scooby Doo?"; Scrappy, challenging: "Let's show her, uncle Scooby!") They next wear Groucho Marx glasses, but the raven is wise to them. Scooby drops a box of chattering teeth and one bites his tail, and he runs. They hide behind the bookcase again, and the raven gives them away again (Scrappy: "You're no raven; you're a stool pigeon!") Scrappy is able to lift the gate, and they escape. Olga, now left without her spell, reads her fortune: "Beauty is only skin deep". She tells the laughing boxes to "Put a lid on it", which the raven does. Shaggy points out that Scooby is not the only one who has "grown attached to" his tail. A set of teeth are still clamped to it.


Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy visit a history museum, and get locked in for the night. They fall asleep and dream about their favorite exhibits.

Ben Franklin Shaggy is joined by his friends Thomas Jefferson Scooby and Paul Revere Scrappy, who can't wait to splat Red Coats --and Sweaters. Franklin/Shaggy has invented an electric light, but doesn't know what to do with it. He goes outside to fetch his kite from a thunderstorm and is zapped by lightning, which he now realizes is electricity; the bulb glowing in his hand.

Blue Max Scrappy is awaken by reveille by Privates Shaggy and Scooby, and takes to the sky to fight the Red Baron. He flies around a cloud, ringing the water out of it, which floods the baron's plane, downing him. He then does a somersault, and shouts a victorious "Puppy power!"

Caveman Scooby encounters a huge dinosaur. Scrappy wants to attack ("ug, mug, let me at him!"), but Shaggy grabs him and runs, telling Scooby to use his club. The dinosaur chomps it away. Scooby hides in a hollow palm, but the dinosaur grabs the whole tree in its teeth.

It is now sunrise, and the guard enters to see the three sleeping in their respective exhibits. Scooby mutters in his sleep "Scooby Dooby Doo".


Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy are working on a high rise skeleton, and unbeknownst to them, the foreman is a vampire. Their bungling drives him "bats" (he turns into one). They install a tub, but the drain is connected to the faucet, and the faucet connected to the drain, gushing water out of the drain, carrying the foreman away. They try to cement a floor, but everyone gets covered in cement. Lunchtime, the boss thinks about "putting the bite on them sooner", rather than later. Shaggy is getting the creeps from him, and hardly has any appetite, but still makes a giant sandwich with horseradish sauce. Scooby eats it and denies, but then breaths fire. They try to put up wallpaper, and what Scrappy thinks is a lump is the foreman trapped and not in wallpaper, but the blueprints. He transfers them to the basement and tells them to have the building finished by morning, or "it'll be your necks!" (worrying Shaggy). Scrappy fuels the construction machinery with Shaggy's horseradish mustard, giving them the power to erect the entire building in a matter of minutes. The gang is leaving before having to face the boss, but he appears and is pleased with the finished tower— the "Vampire State Building". He invites them to breakfast, and Shaggy finally realizes "He's a vampire!", and they run. "I hope it wasn't something I said" replies the vampire.


The gang arrives at the Science building, and get a job working for newspaper science editor Werner Wolf While typing, Scooby gets wrapped up in typewriter ribbon and comes out all covered with typed letters. In another room, we see Wolf working on a scientific device he has invented, and if the experiment works, his studies on stone age men will be complete. He steps between the electrodes and is turned into a wolf-like caveman. Scooby sees him and is scared, but he keeps turning back into himself. He asks for coffee, and when they bring it to him, he has turned into the wolfman again (Shaggy: "I didn't know [the coffee] was that bad"; Scrappy: "What have you done with our boss?") They chase through a series of doors. Shaggy and Scooby disguise as janitors (Scrappy: "That ugly old monster's getting away'). Scooby's face gets caught in a pail, and the wolf removes it. Scooby wanders into a duplicating machine and is copied— when the monster appears, the copy balls itself up and throws itself into the garbage pail. Scooby lures the caveman into running through a wall. Next, they all play the file drawer game (like from "Watt a Shocking Ghost"; Scrappy: "I'm under 'P' for 'Puppy power'!") Shaggy and Scooby grab the monster, thinking it was Scrappy. Meanwhile, Scrappy himself, standing between the electrodes actually does get changed into a caveman. He picks up the wolfman and throws him between the electrodes where he is changed back to normal. ("I lose more help this way"). Shaggy and Scooby have gotten outside, and try to remove Scrappy's 'disguise", when they realize that it's real, and take off running. Scrappy turns back to normal and runs after them, none the wiser.


The Three S Gardening Service sees an unkept garden that could use their service. They go to the house and encounter the owner, a strange man, who himself looks like a vegetable. He says his gardeners all keep disappearing. The gang takes the job, saying they won't disappear, but the man says "Oh, really?!" Behind their backs, he reveals that he hires gardeners to be food for his hungry pet plant creatures. Scooby first notices something strange when a fly trap licks him. Shaggy, wonders why he's imitating one, until he notices they are surrounded by man-eating plants. Scrappy sprays them with weed killer, and then the man appears and begins chasing them himself. They first hide in flower pots disguised as plants, and then run into a forest of monster trees, which rain their fruits on them. Scooby creates a delicious sundae. They get fat, and an army of plants is coming after them. Scrappy, disguised as Tarzan, swings in to rescue Shaggy and Scooby (he accidentally grabs a plant first). He then feeds the plants fruit from the ground, making them sick, allowing them to escape.


The scene is a punk rock contest. A spaceship flies in overhead, and its pilot, a Plutonian, is a little tyke who looks like Scrappy, even down to the Devo style pyramid hat he's wearing to the show. The alien sees him with Shaggy and Scooby and radios back to his planet that a fellow Plutonian is being held prisoner by a couple of "monsters". Scrappy steps away for a moment, and the Plutonian confronts Scooby and Shaggy, who of course, think he's Scrappy. He even talks like him, calling "Plutonian power" and threatening them with a "space splat". He shoots rays at them from his hat. The rays also bring inanimate objects to life, which come after Shaggy and Scooby. They grab him and run as he tries to shoot them. Suddenly, Shaggy and Scooby see two Scrappys. The Plutonian turns a camera and hat rack into monsters. Shaggy and Scooby grab the real Scrappy and run behind a curtain, winding up on stage. They have been registered in the contest as "Scooby and the Splats". Not knowing how to play, they are getting booed. (Scrappy: "Nobody boos my Uncle Scooby...Aw, they don't know real talent!"). The alien zaps Scooby's heavy metal guitar, which begins playing itself. Scooby winds up in a drum which the alien zaps, and it beats on Scooby. (Scrappy wants to know who's the "punk rocker muscling in on our act"). He next zaps the whole stage, causing all the instruments to play themselves. The crowd loves it, and it is a real blast. At first, Scrappy wants to "give him a taste of puppy power", but then makes friends with him. They have won the contest, and are awarded with a trophy. Scrappy teaches the alien that Scooby is his uncle, and Shaggy is his friend. Wanting to know what such relationships are, he brings the trophy to life, and flies off with it. Says Shaggy: "I think he deserves it more than we do". The trophy shouts "Scooby Dooby Doo!"


The gang is buying hotdogs at a football game between the Hometown Heroes and the Monrovia Monsters. (The hot dogs line up and march, into Shaggy or Scooby's mouth. They "split" the last one: Scooby gets the meat, while Shaggy gets the bread; he never gets wise in this one). One look at their hulking opponents, and the Heroes run off the field. Scrappy volunteers the gang to play against the Monsters. Scooby gets the ball, and he and Shaggy get tackled in the first down. One Monster chases Scooby and he "passes" the ball (running past it). The Monsters get it. Shaggy and Scooby disguise as cheerleaders, cheering the Monsters on, but when Scrappy snatches the ball, they get wise to the trick. Shaggy and Scooby slam into the Monsters, and Scrappy carries them away. Scrappy disguises as a traffic cop, and charges the Monsters with "speeding"; the penalty being 30 days or one football. They make it vanish, and Scappy calls in "Pigskin Scooby", the huge star fullback (Shaggy and Scooby in disguise). Intimidated, the Monsters give up the ball, but then Shaggy and Scooby lose their balance and fall out of the costume and run. They disguise as the band and head for the goal line, but Monsters get wise and pounce on Shaggy and Scooby, causing the ball to be shot out of the tuba for a touchdown. The gang has won tickets to the rest of the season, but Shaggy and Scooby, in the hospital in casts, lament "yeah, if there are any games left by the time we get out of here."


The gang has picked beans for dinner. It begins to rain, and they run into the Mystery Machine, but the pail of beans gets submerged in a puddle. Shaggy tosses them out and says "Maybe we'll dream about food", as they all turn in for the night hungry. As they sleep, a beanstalk grows carrying the Mystery Machine into the sky. Shaggy realizes they were magic beans. They see a huge castle on a cloud, and they are able to slip under the door. Scrappy, on the table, throws down a strand of spaghetti as a rope for the others to climb, and they find "food heaven". Enter the giant who shouts "Fe fi to fum, I smell the blood of a cowardly dog". Scrappy shouts "nobody calls my uncle Scooby a coward!", and pushes him in the giant's face. He is about to have them for dinner and demands entertainment from his caged bird. When his Groucho Marx routine fails to make him laugh, he scares the poor bird out of his wits. Scrappy challenges, jumping onto the food he was eating, and the giant drops it. Next, they play the shell game under three giant cups, but the giant quickly catches them under the middle one, and demands them to make him laugh. They go into a comedy routine as "the Doos Brothers", and cause even the bird to laugh. The giant is soon asleep, and they run to escape, but Scrappy runs back to rescue the bird, and the cage falls over into the giant's lap, waking him. Scrappy attacks, and they run through the giants head, closing his eyelids like shades. He wakes up again and chases them, but the gang drives down the beanstalk. The giant falls, and the bird tickles him. Says Shaggy: "Leave 'em laughing".


At Camp Kickapoo, Scrappy reads the Pioneer Scoutbook. "A good scout is always cheerful, and never complains about his load". Shaggy and Scooby find this difficult as they are weighed down with camping equipment. To win their camping badges, they have to camp out overnight. Scooby punctures his liferaft, and it flies off, carrying them into the distance, and are now lost. They look for a place to set up camp. Scrappy hopes to run into Bigfoot. Shaggy responds "there's no such thing--at least I hope not". Scooby walks off a cliff, and falls, grabbing onto a branch, and sees Bigfoot in a cliff-side cave. The creature slings him back up to the others, before they could learn to tie a double-bow sheepshank lasso to rescue him. Scooby imitates him to the others by blowing up his foot, but Shaggy doesn't believe him. Scrappy identifies the brush he has landed in as poison ivy, and bandages him up, a bit too much(completely). Shaggy and Scrappy decide to camp there, and go look for firewood. Bigfoot comes along and eats up all the food, right in front of the helpless Scooby. He breaks out of the bandages and runs to tell the others, who not only still don't believe him, but also think he ate the food. Bigfoot appears behind Shaggy and places his hand on his shoulder, as Shaggy repeats that "there is NO Bigfoot!". He now sees him and runs, but Scrappy jumps him ("I got this leg, you grab the other!") Scooby yanks him off and runs. They escape on a canoe, but Bigfoot, hanging from a tree grabs Scooby. The branch breaks, and they fall into the water, and are swept, along with the others, over a fall. At the bottom,. they see the scout camp. Bigfoot, now shrunken, walks away. They didn't win the camping badge, but they did win badges for knot tying, map reading, canoeing, first aid, and plant identification. "And", says Scrappy, "we almost caught Bigfoot!".


On his way to a costume party, Shaggy appears outside the costume store, as "Super Teen". Jumping up like a super hero, he bumps his head on a large bell, and now thinks he really is Super Teen. He aims to stop a speeding car with one hand, but Scooby and Scrappy use a rope to help him. In the car are some teen friends who tell of a motorcycle gang who has scared them from the party. At the party, Shaggy confronts them. One of the bullies picks him up and throws him into the air. He lands on a sofa bouncing another teen into the bully. The bully next challenges him to arm wrestling. Scooby and Scrappy help, causing Shaggy to win ("three arms are better than one"). Shaggy tosses the bully's helmet, which clangs, changing Shaggy back to himself. They run (grabbing Scrappy who was challenging them), and take off on one of the bullies' choppers. They pursue in another one. Scrappy taps Shaggy's helmet changing him back to Super Teen, and he now chases them, but bumps his head on a tree branch. Scrappy and the bullies repeatedly change Shaggy back and forth, until they wind up in a tree branch on the ground. Shaggy steps out of the chopper and holds the wheels to steady them, but all of them are propelled into the air with Shaggy appearing to be flying, "carrying" both choppers. (One teen comments: "Look, it's a bird...or something!") They land in the pool as everyone cheers. The bullies now' serve Shaggy food. He doesn't care much about being a super hero as he does about his "super hero" sandwich, which Scooby now eats.


At a teen science center, the Shaggy and Scooby try out their super pizza maker. They get sucked into it and tossed into another kid's experiment, a personality switcher, which switches their personalities. A couple of bullies watch, and figuring it is worth money, promptly swipe it from behind a curtain, before Scrappy has the chance to change Shaggy and Scooby back. They see the bullies take off in a car, and they pursue in the Mystery Machine. Scooby (in Shaggy's body) drives, reasoning that he has a "licence" (dog license, that is), The bullies spill oil on the road, and the gang spins out of control. Shaggy (in Scooby's body) now drives. A malt shop is the bullies' hangout. As they try to figure out how the device works, the gang hides under the table. The bullies hear them, and as Scooby reaches, they replace the contraption with a cat, who Scooby (Shaggy's body) now chases. Next, they disguise as a waiter and take their orders. The bullies soon see four arms and chase them. Scooby has the device and drops it, and it begins switching both Scooby and Shaggy's personalities with both of the bullies. ("This is getting confusing!") Scrappy grabs it and switches them around some more. Shaggy, back to his normal self, mistakenly thinks Scooby is as well, and runs faster when he discovers it's still one of the bullies. They grab onto a chandelier and all four wind up as a giant sundae. Scrappy changes everyone back to normal, and the bullies flee. Shaggy teases Scooby by saying "Scooby Dooby Doo!"

Scooby Doc and Genie Poo

Scooby, Scrappy and Shaggy are on a beach having a picnic. What Scooby thinks is a soda bottle is actually a genie bottle. When he shakes it, a female genie, Jasmine, and her poodle Genie Poo appear out of it. Genie Poo likes Scooby and zaps him with a love spell, and then the genies take off with him to find the museum where they can find the spell that will take them back to ancient Arabia. Scooby doesn't want to go, and just as Shaggy realizes they get three wishes for freeing her, she causes the beach umbrella to close on them, and they take off on a magic carpet. Shaggy and Scrappy pursue in the Mystery Machine, but the radiator overheats. When Scrappy says they can only catch them with a plane or hot air balloon, Shaggy brilliantly creates one with an inner tube he inflates with steam from the radiator. They are able to grab Scooby midair, but the genie creates a magical hand which deflates the tube and Scooby lands back on the carpet, leaving Shaggy and Scrappy intertwined on a flagpole. Shaggy tells the genie "I wish we could trade places", forgetting he had three wishes. So he and Scrappy are now on the magic carpet, and the genies and Scooby are on the flagpole --which is on the museum they were looking for. The genie finds the spell, but Scooby hides in a dinosaur skeleton. Genie Poo zaps him and not only does he fall in love again, but he also attacks Shaggy and Scrappy who flew in through a window to his rescue. Shaggy "wishes" Scooby wouldn't act that way, using his second wish. Genie Poo grabs Scooby with her tail and they disappear back to the beach to look for the bottle. The others follow on the carpet, and Scrappy "wishes" Shaggy could land it safely, using their last wish. They make one last attempt to grab Scooby, but the genies take him and read the formula, and a flash is seen off screen. Shaggy and Scrappy cry over Scooby, Shaggy saying he loves him more than a pepperoni pizza--with cheese. But Scooby is still there, having escaped from the genies.


At a teen picnic, Scrappy enters the gang into a marathon Shaggy and Scooby didn't want to participate in. The first contest is the sack race. A bully, Buster, and his bulldog, Bull are planning their cheating spree. Shaggy and Scooby hide in a sack that is part of the race. All the other contestants fall into booby traps set by the bully pair, leaving only the gang, who is hopped into the race alongside the bullies by Scrappy. The bullies threaten to "bend you, twist you, tie you into knots", and and the running gag is them tying an imaginary dotted line. Shaggy and Scooby try to hop the other way, but with Scrappy still pulling forward, they are only snapped across the finish line first. The bullies tie the imaginary line. Shaggy and Scooby want to quit, but now the bully won't let them until he beats them back. The next event is the tug of war. The dog uses a pulley to aid his master, but Scrappy sees it, and messes up the scheme, causing the boy to be pulled into the mud. Shaggy and Buster are now tied 7-7. The next contest is an obstacle course. Buster threatens "if they win..." Shaggy and Scooby, fearing their fate, now tie the line. They want to lose, but Scrappy says "We didn't come this far to lose". Buster cuts a climbing rope and the gang falls, and Bull puts glue in the tires, catching Scooby's legs, but he is then "driven" like a four wheeled vehicle, and floats in water, passing the bullies. They all now have to swing across a gorge to win. Scrappy ties the gang with the rope, but the bullies get tangled up with them too. The dog cuts the wrong rope, and he and his master fall into the gorge. The gang wins the trophy, but Scooby worries about being tied into knots by the bully. But it's Bull, carrying Buster to the hospital, who now realizes that that is his fate when he gets out.

Muscle Trouble

At the beach, strongman Muscles Malone shows off holding a pyramid of people. Nearby Shaggy bounces off a volleyball net, crashing into the pyramid, which he now holds, and drops. Muscles and his dog Brutus (the bulldog from Scooby's Swiss Miss, and Strongman Scooby) attack Shaggy and Scooby for showing them up. Shaggy pleads "couldn't we settle this another way?", and the bullies agree to a sail boat race to Dead man's Cove, but begin the race by leaving the gang's anchor line tied to the pier. The bullies change a "danger" sign to say it leads to the island. The gang gets caught in a storm, and has to bail out the boat, and then crash over rocks, (including a loop-de-loop formation) soaring through the sky. Malone disguises as a swordfish and punctures holes in the boat, which Scooby plugs up with every paw and tail. He is next sent down into the water to catch the swordfish, and uses a net like a bullfighter's cape. He causes a large clam to catch him and the bully is catapulted back up to his boat (Scrappy: "cheaters never prosper!"). They think they see the island, and the bullies speed on to it (cheating with an outboard motor), but it is a whale. The gang rescues them with ropes, but they are all thrown off by the whale's tail. They land on the island, the bullies in tow, the gang winning the race. Muscles' girlfriend Trixie, commenting on how Shaggy beat him at both speed boating and weightlifting, tosses him a barbell. As Shaggy brags, he sinks into the sand.

The third appearance of the bullying bulldog, first introduced in Scooby's Swiss Miss. The Picnic Poopers dog comes close as well, except for the coloring and spots.

One Million Years Before Lunch

At a teen center, the gang finishes building their airplane, a propellered car. They start it up, and soon hear cries for help, and see down in a valley, a caveman chasing a cavegirl and her pet dinosaur. They now realize that they've created a time machine that has taken them back into the prehistoric past, and go to help. The girl, Dula kisses Shaggy, and the dinosaur likes Scooby. They take them home, but while the hosts and Scrappy have a good time in the den, Shaggy and Scooby have to do dirty chores. The caveman, Wonga comes in and snatches Dula, and takes off with her on a pterodactyl to his cave where she is caged. The gang goes after them on the dinosaur, then Scooby is catapulted across the gorge and lands in the pterodactyl's nest, disguised as a hatching baby bird. The other nestlings are suspicious, but the mother takes him in his arms, yet he escapes. Inside the cave, the gang tiptoes past the sleeping Wonga, but Scooby's tail gets caught in his legs. Wonga, still half asleep, thinks it's Dula, and tries to kiss "her", but Scooby gives him a fish. He attacks Scrappy with a club and Scrappy "puts his foot down" on his, while the others escape with Dula. They slide down the back of a big dinosaur, and land in water. Wonga follows, but can't swim. They rescue him and make him apologize to Dula, who now decides she likes him, and carries him off on her back. Shaggy confesses he never could understand girls. Taking off in the time machine, Shaggy hopes they'll be back to the present in time for lunch, but Scooby is enjoying the giant prehistoric fruit.


An insurance company has hired the Fearless Detective Agency to find stolen gold coins. The only clue the gang has is special burger sauce, which they trace to Hamburger Haven. They decide to go undercover by getting jobs there making burgers. Scooby turns the burger assembly belt too fast, causing them to be pelted with the food, while the crooked men, in a store room they told the gang to stay out of, are hiding the coins in the burgers. They come out and order the gang to put every last burger back together. Shaggy then begins suspecting that the coins might be in the burgers. They hide Scrappy in a burger sack so he can see what's going on in the room. They see him running back to tell the gang and give chase. Scrappy challenges, and the gang hides in the truck the crooks take off in. At the airport, they load up a plane and take off, but Scooby grabs the tail and guides the plane through a restaurant, and then into a storm pipe, trapping them. The Insurance man arrives at the Fearless office, and is surprised to be handed a box of hamburgers. Scooby 'eats' all of the coins free.


The gang is closing Uncle Fearless's for lunch, when Ms Earth Beauty Pageant contestant Ms Bulgravia (dressed only in a bathing suit) enters and tells them of the disappearances of the other contestants by some "big huge awful thing". Scrappy accepts the case. To get Shaggy into the contest, he is disguised as "Ms Antarctica" (he chooses to be a redhead over a blonde). Backstage, he is quickly snatched by the creature ("I'm no girl; girls don't have beards!") Scrappy and Scooby go after them, and they all slide down the laundry chute. Scooby and Scrappy land in a sink and see Shaggy and all of the contestants in cages. Scrappy pours detergent into the sink, sending Scooby floating up on a bubble to free Shaggy. They hide under a food cart, and trap the creature in an elevator. Ms Bulgravia appears saying "I didn't think you meddlers could do it", frees the creature (Bruno) and sends him after them, revealing that she is trying to win the reward for herself. Shaggy and Scooby ride on stage lights, and finally lasso both Bruno and Ms Bulgravia, just as she was about to be crowned Ms Earth. Scrappy messes the both of them up with makeup ("That takes care of beauty and the beast") The gang is rewarded with kisses from all of the contestants.

• the cutest story of the season, the episode contains some original 1969 score

A Gem of a Case

Scooby, Scrappy and Shaggy are assigned aboard a flight, disguised as old ladies, to deliver a gem to Uncle Fearless, protecting it from Fingers Malone, a notorious Jewel thief. Shaggy reads his descriptions, which fit perfectly to a man sitting near Scooby, even down to his never smiling. (Scooby shapes his mouth into a smile). The man grabs the gem and escapes out the side hatch with a parachute. The gang runs out after him (Scooby grabs a passenger's food), and realizes in midair that they didn't have a parachute. They use Scooby's dress as one, "skirting" disaster. On the ground, they hide in a bush and sneak up on the thief on a footbridge. The thief, on the other side, shakes it by the ropes, tangling up the gang mid-span. What's worse, a bear comes and sits on top of them. When they try to rock him to sleep, the bridge snaps and they land on floating logs (the bear and Scooby on one log). He jumps onto the others' log and they escape. They find the thief in a sawmill, and after a tussle (seen by shadows on a wall) the man locks them in a room. Scrappy brags about how easily they can get out and catch him, and he then ties them to logs on a belt to be sawed. (Shaggy: "You and your big mouth!"). Scooby is able to pull the switch with his tail, and the three chew through the ropes. Prepared for their escape, the thief has set a booby trap, which Scooby trips releasing a large boulder that follows the gang running down a slope. They wind up on top of it, and it lands on the truck the thief was escaping in, and he gives up. Back at the office, Scooby has some "rocks" in a box, but Shaggy does not want to see another rock. But it's rock candy, which Scooby eats.

The Incredible Cat Lady Caper

The Cat Lady strikes again, using her assortment of cats, big and small to help her rob jewelry stores. Scooby and the gang, at Uncle Fearless's, trace the pattern of her burglaries, which outlines a cat's head. One eye is missing, which is the Hoffman Jewelers, located directly above the detective agency. Afraid, Scooby goes to pull the shade down, and ends up pulling the lion's tail; the crime already in progress! They confront the Cat Lady, and she sics her "scraggly alley cat" on them. Scooby tussles with it in a trash can, and the Cat Lady takes off in a helicopter. The gang grabs on to it and is transported to a tree near her hideout. They are attacked by a black panther on a limb, and escape by jumping into the upper window. There they see that she controls the cats with a hypnotic bracelet. Scrappy devises a plan to take the bracelet and gain control of the cats. First, he lures the lion away by snatching away his steak with fishing line. The second part of the plan is "very dangerous, and requires a large dog". Calling "Ruppy rower!", Scooby tries to stretch Scrappy into a tall size, but is nevertheless disguised as the lion. He manages to get the bracelet off the Cat Lady's wrist, but she grabs the phony lion's tail tassel, gets wise and sics the little cat on Scooby, and the black panther on Shaggy and Scrappy. Scooby leads the little cat under a rug, and traps it in a vacuum cleaner, then goes to help the others. In the kitchen, they find sacks of dry milk and create a flood of milk. Scrappy has the bracelet again and calls the cats who now lick the Cat Lady, who is covered in milk. Scooby shouts "Scooby Dooby ROWR!"

Happy Birthday Scooby

Scooby's 15th season begins with a birthday bash.

Driving through the city, the gang, answering as the "Scooby Doo Detective Agency" gets a call about a robbery at the TV station. Scooby is only concerned about it being his birthday, which noone seems to remember. Looking for his birthday cake in the oven, he gets covered with Scrappy's invention--crazy rubber. At the TV station, ZPOP, they look for a "howling ghoul". Scooby is sent into studio 1 to look for him, and is locked in the dark. Sad, he sings "happy birthday to me", and is surrounded by dozens of eyes. It is a surprise birthday party on stage! The howling ghoul myth was made up for the surprise, but a real fiend is shown lurking around.

Mark Winkindale presents Scooby with a book "Here is Your Life Scooby Doo", and he is dressed up like a king. He faints in embarrassment, and the station director, Milo Spender runs shouting "That's not in the script!" He wakes up to birthday cake, but is grabbed away to the show. The first piece is a film of baby Shaggy and Scooby and their monstrous babysitters. (Shaggy: "It was a monstrous childhood!") The fiend on the catwalk drops a light nearly splatting Scooby. Next, Scooby is asked to remember a couple of voices: "Jinkies!" and "Let's split up!" It is old gang members Velma Dinkley, now an apprentice research scientist for NASA, and Freddy Jones*, now a mystery writer. Meanwhile, Scrappy and Daphne search and find that the light had been unscrewed. Freddy and Velma retell an old case of Scooby's--the Red Skull, who had stolen a diamond necklace from Mrs. Vanderwheel, was captured by Freddy and Scooby, and turned out to be Stuyvesant, her butler. Mrs. Vanderwheel now comes out and greets Scooby. By now, Freddy is missing, as is noticed by Daphne. When Scooby boasts of having defeated the Red Skull single handedly, the Red Skull (the fiend seen earlier, who dropped the light) comes out of the TV screen he was on, shouting "you haven't defeated me! End part l.

Part II: Scooby runs, and is twirled around the microphone, and the Red Skull steals Mrs. Vanderwheel's necklace --again! Scooby is dangling from a rope, as the Red Skull wishes him a happy last birthday. He falls and is saved by the crazy rubber. (Dir.:"that Red Skull is trying to ruin my show'!"') Freddy shows up ("Did I miss anything?), and the director asks him, suspiciously, where he was. Everyone splits up and searches, (Scooby being motivated by Velma telling him his birthday present is hidden backstage) while Freddy goes to get the police. Scrappy and the girls fall through a vent. (Velma: the superstructure's atmospheric control system the perpetrator utilized to extricate himself"). They find an ascot, which Fred appears and claims as his own. He then remembers he also left his briefcase in the washroom. Scrappy and the girls feel he is acting "too forgetful". Meanwhile, the camera crews follow Shaggy and Scooby, searching for his present. Soon, they find the Red Skull. They disguise as French chefs and make "crepe du Scoobettes". Police chief Bundy arrives and Shaggy and Scooby are running from the Red Skull. Scrappy goes to catch the bad guy for ruining his Uncle Scooby's birthday, and pulls out Freddy, in whose briefcase are red screws. Scrappy adds up the clues on his wrist computer, which suggests the bad guy is Freddy. The officer tries to arrest him, but he escapes. Shaggy and Scooby are up on the roof talking about how only someone real stupid would be up there on a night like this in a thunderstorm, and the Red Skull appears regardless (Hi, genius!) He chases them to a ledge. Scooby rearranges the station billboard to read "RELP!", and the others see it (Fred already in custody), and run to the rescue. Scrappy trips "numb skull", who then winds up dangling below Shaggy and Scooby. Back on stage, he is unmasked, and turns out to be the TV station director, Milo Spender (Winkindale: "But boss, why?") He claims it was just a gag to liven up the show, and that he was going to return the diamond. But since he kept trying to pin the crime on Freddy and squish Scooby, the gang knew it was really the revenge of Stuyvesant the original butler on the ones who caught him. They remove a second mask revealing him. ("The rutler rid it!") Scooby is praised for capturing the Red Skull twice.
The show ends with everyone singing "Happy birthday Scooby Doo", to the tune of "Frere Jacques".

*Freddy is mistakenly introduced with the last name "Rogers". Later in the show, and in "A Pup Named Scooby Doo", he is called "Jones". Beginning with the prior season's "Wedding Bell Boos", "Rogers" is the name of Shaggy's family.

Scooby now for the first time has his own detective agency


Driving around on Halloween, Scooby, Scrappy, Shaggy and Daphne stop into a costume store, the "Little Stop of Horrors". A couple of space aliens lurk from behind. The store clerks are dressed like Dracula and Igor, sending Shaggy and Scooby running for the door. They are blocked by the aliens, and are terrified for their lives until the aliens unmask, revealing them to be old friends Freddy and Velma. When they say that Shaggy and Scooby are still big chickens, Scrappy charges that his uncle Scooby is the bravest ghost chaser in the world. The Dracula store owner takes notice, and devises a plan to lure the "ghostbusters" to his Halloween party. With a game-show like setting, he announces Scooby as the one millionth customer, winning him and his gang free invitations to his big party.

Outside the party site, which is a castle, Scrappy, who wanted to go as something scary, is upset because the only costume that would fit him was a cute pink bunny. Inside, they see the other party guests who are disguised as other monsters, except for one man standing by a window, who"changes into" his disguise--A werewolf. Scooby and Shaggy don't like the realistic "effects". Velma, disguised as a witch, grabs a broom and flies all around the room. A magician named Chandra "The unbelievably remarkable (and quite interesting too)" appears, and magically stops the broom, landing Velma into a punch bowl. She pulls Scrappy out of her hat with carrot doing Bugs Bunny's "What's up doc" routine. Chandra observes an amulet Daphne's wearing, which she finds of interest. Igor complains because he has to clean up, and Dracula is ordering him around. A dish is opened revealing a live octopus. A ghostly figure of a man appears, which Scrappy thinks is another costume.

The ghost threatens all the monsters, and Dracula says that it is the ghost of his old enemy, Dr.Van Helsing. The gang, not believing in ghosts, and still believing the monsters are only people in disguise attempt to prove it by removing their masks. Freddy grabs the werewolf's headland he roars. Velma grabs Frankenstein's head and gets an electrical charge. Scooby touches Dracula's fangs and cries "HE's REAL!". Scrappy shouts with excitement "THEY'RE ALL REAL!" The gang runs for the door, but the Invisible Man locks them in. The monsters all corner them saying "WE WANT YOU, WE WANT YOU!" End part 1.

Part 2 continues with the monsters saying WE WANT YOU, WE WANT YOU --- TO HELP US!",dropping to their knees. Shaggy faints. The monsters explain that the reason they lured the gang there is because they heard that they were"ghostbusters"and wanted them to drive out this ghost that was haunting them, trying to make them leave the castle they had all retired in.

They all split up into two groups to look for clues. The ghost appears and the room goes dark. When lights have come on again, the mummy and Velma are missing. Chandra performs magic to drive the ghost out, but disappears herself instead. The invisible man is gone too. (Shaggy: "how can you tell?") The ghost reappears, and when the room goes dark again, Shaggy wonders who will disappear next, only to find that this time he did along with Scooby and Scrappy. They wind up in a dungeon with the walls closing in on them. Searching for a way out, Scooby finds a hole in the wall containing the amulet Daphne was wearing. Shaggy wishes they were out of there, and when Scooby agrees, the amulet glows, and they disappear right as the walls slam together. They appear in a room where someone has been digging, and find Velma, the Invisible Man, and the Mummy. Shaggy wishes they were with the rest of the gang, Scooby agrees, and they are all reunited except for Chandra, who is still missing. Dracula identifies the amulet as the Moonstone Medallion.

The ghost appears with Chandra, who is the one responsible for conjuring up the ghost in the first place to drive out the monsters and take over the castle, and was the one who had been digging, in search of the medallion. She grabs it and attaches it to her wand, and casts a spell which sends everyone running. Dracula and his wife want to leave the castle, but the gang encourages them to "act monstrous". Scrappy charges up Frankenstein. Scooby shines moonrays on the werewolf, giving him more strength, and the vampire couple drink old vintage tomato juice they had stored for their anniversary.

The werewolf grabs the wand from Chandra, and it is tossed back and forth. Scooby grabs it and tries to make her disappear, but she only grows larger and takes the wand back. The vampires try to attack by turning into bats, but Chandra changes them into baseball bats. The werewolf and Frankenstein attack and she changes them into a puppy and a windup toy. She shoots a spell at Scooby to turn him into a frog, but it comes back on her, changing her into a frog instead. Scooby, who's hanging from the ceiling falls, landing on the ghost. He is unmasked and turns out to be none other than Igor, who had joined in Chandra's plot to take over the castle because he was tired of always being bossed around. Dracula says "That was a very awful thing to do. Too bad I didn't think of it". The gang is astonished: "HUH?". The monsters all commend Igor and vote him in "to the dishonorable position of Full Fledged Monster in bad standing".

Then all the monsters decide to return from retirement to their"old jobs"which are"BEING MONSTERS!" They come after Scooby and the gang who flee the castle and take off in the Mystery Machine, Scooby shouting "Scooby Dooby Doooooooooooooo .....!"

A new "classic" episode, and with the whole gang. Much of what made the older series great, and yet with real monsters after all.


Shaggy is preparing the inflatable pool for Scooby's bath. Buster McDogcatcher eyes Scooby and lies in wait. He tries dropping several heavy objects on him, but Scooby pirouettes around them as they hit the ground. Buster next disguises as a mailman, but is attacked by all the other dogs in the neighborhood. Scooby opens the door and takes his mail out of his hand. He next rides a bike offering "free peeza", and shoots disintegrating rays at Scooby, which are reflected off the mirror Scooby is looking in, turning the catcher to ashes. He then tries to catch him with a fishing rod, but catches a lawnmower instead. Scooby says "I shouldn't, but I will", and starts it, dragging Buster. He is pulled into a clothesline and slung into orbit. Scooby pulls up in the space shuttle and licks him.

10 years after the Scary Scooby Funnies, Scooby makes this brief return to a non-mystery slapstick format.


Shaggy and Scooby eat lunch at a restaurant. They really pig out ("We haven't had this much since breakfast!"), but find they have absolutely no money to pay! Confronted by the waiter, they begin dreaming of being Commander Cool and Mellow Mutt going after a fiend named Waitro, who is trying to hypnotize all of Coolsville with his food (which includes chocolate covered squid he offers to Daphne, and some smelly socks dish.) The heroes pursue in their car which they have to push because they forgot the fuel. They arrive to find Waitro making Velma wash dishes. Waitro fires dishes at them with a sort of dish gun. The heroes catch them all balancing them on pencils. Mellow Mutt traps him in the wrong sized cage, and therefore has to release him. They grab their utility belts, but their pants fall down. Waitro hypnotizes them and aims to make chocolate covered superheroes of them in a large vat. They simply eat their way out of the chocolate sauce, and shoot food at him, defeating him. Shaggy and Scooby wake back up, and are now washing dishes themselves. When they are finished, the waiter rewards them with money for doing such a good job. They buy a whole table full of more food.

• The final episode of the 22 year initial part of Scooby's TV career. Next would follow the movie "Scooby's Arabian Nights", in which Shag and Scoob are restored to an older age (though still look younger than original), but are more narrators of the stories, with their own little subplot as the wraparound. After that, we would enter the Retro Revival on the Cartoon Network, eith the spoof "Bravo Dooby Doo" and then the new movies with new WB style and animation taking over.

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