Episode Guide

Yes, all 503* series episodes from 1969 to 2019! Mysteries feature setting, villain characters, the culprits and the crimes. Non-mysteries and Pup Named Scooby Doo and later show mysteries are followed by brief descriptions. Also listed are the new What's New Scooby Doo episodes.

*(Other lists may count different numbers, and the Guinness Records even counted 350 before all the WNSD episodes aired!) This seems to come from including the 13 Scrappy and Yabba episodes, which I don't count because that series was a spinoff that did not include Scooby, even though it was apart of the Scooby program for that season. Also people count the eight two part episodes of 83-4 as 2 each. I count them as one. The 24 Laff-A-Lympics episodes also seem to get included, but while even though that show was under the Scooby franchise, it still was more of a Hanna Barbera "all star" series than Scooby Doo episodes. They may also be including the feature length movies, but this list is for series episodes.


2 right columns contain solution of mystery

(* double identities)

1969: Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
Episode Setting Ghost Culprit Crime/Asset
1 What a Night for a Knight Museum at night Black Knight Mr. Wickles the curator Art plagiarism
2 Hassle in the Castle Castle on island "Phantom" (sheeted figure) Bluestone the great: outlawed magician Treasure
3 A Clue for Scooby Doo Sea (marina) Sea-going ghost Captain Cutler* Boat theft
4 Mine your Own Business Western ghost town, abandoned mine Miner 49-er Hank the caretaker Oil in mine
5 Decoy for a Dognapper Desert; Indian caves Ghost of Geronimo; witch doctor Buck Masters, show dog owner Contest Cheating
6 What the Hex Going On haunted estate Ghost of Elias Weatherbee Uncle Stewart, owner of estate Inheritance
7 Never Ape an Ape Man Movie set Ape Man Carl the stunt man Revenge
8 Foul Play in Funland Amusement park Robot caretakers None; rigged robot for good purposes
9 Backstage Rage Theater (puppet show) Puppet master/"Cloaked Cavalier" Pietro (the puppeteer)* Counterfeiting
10 Bedlam in the Bigtop Circus tent The Ghost Clown Harry the Hypnotist (former circus act) Revenge
11 Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts Franken Castle Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf Big Bob Oakley, "the actor" (all 3) Jewels(tapestry)
12 Scooby Doo and a Mummy Too Museum Mummy Dr. Najib, archaeologist Diamond scarab
13 Which Witch is Which Swamp, showboat Witch, zombie Zeb and Zeke, local fisherman Stolen armored car
14 Kooky Space Kook Abandoned airfield Space alien Baskins, local resident Land for profit
15 Go Away Ghost Ship Pirate ship at sea Redbeard the pirate Mr. Magnus, ship owner Hijacking
16 Night of Fright is No Delight haunted mansion Shadow Phantom/green ghosts Creeps and Crawls, attorneys Inheritance(cash)
17 That's Snow Ghost Ski country Ghost of Yeti Greenway, ski resort owner & Leach, guest smuggle jewels

1970: Second Season
18 Nowhere to Hyde Scientist house/lab Mr. Hyde Dr. Jeckyll, (Descendant of original) Jewel robbery
19 Mystery Mask Mixup Chinatown, temple Zen T'uo ghost; zombies Mr. Fong, mask expert, henchmen Golden mask
20 Jeepers, It's the Creeper farm/barnyard dance Creeper Mr Carswell, bank president Bank job
21 Scooby's Night with a Frozen Fright aquarium prehistoric caveman Professor Wayne Steal Scientific instrument
22 Haunted House Hangup Haunted mansion Headless spectre and sheeted man Asa Shanks, greedy neighbor Hidden jewels
23 Tiki Scare is No Fair Hawaii Mano Tiki Tia (parade float); witch doctor Mr. Simms the tour guide; henchman Jewels (poaching)
24 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf? woods Werewolf unnamed man sheep rustling
25 Don't Fool with a Phantom TV station/wax museum wax phantom station manager Embezzlement

1972: Scooby Doo Comedy Movies
Episode Guest Setting Villain Culprit Crime
26 Ghastly Ghost Town 3 Stooges ghost town amusement park various rigs Crunch & Rhino uranium smuggling
27 Dynamic Scooby Doo Affair
(Working Title: Dynamic Duo Affair)
Batman & Robin farmhouse; Gotham City Funhouse Joker & Penguin; hooded man Mrs. Baker, lady of house counterfeiting
28 Wednesday is Missing The Addams Family Addams Family house "The Vulture" Neighbors good intention, no crime
29 Frickert Fracas Jonathan Winters Frickert farm Scarecrow Mr. Wheatley, the bank president hidden chicken formula
30 Guess Who's Knott Coming for Dinner Don Knotts forest, haunted manor phantom crooked family members inheritance
31 A Good Medium is Rare Phyllis Diller Magic Mansion; Diller home masked men Magic Mansion staff Diller Jewels
32 Sandy Duncan's Jekyll and Hydes movie set Mr. Hyde; various other getups retired movie star N/A
33 Secret of Shark Island Sonny and Cher decrepit hotel on island "Pescado Diabolico", the shark god Mr. Meekly (posed as manager) Gold
34 The Spooky Fog Don Knotts western town; caves skeleton man; ghosts Gene Haltrey Rustling
35 The Ghost of BigfootLaurel and Hardy ski resort Bigfoot Mr. Crabtree (resort guest) auto ring
36 Ghost of the Red Baron 3 Stooges old airfield; wheat & corn fields Red Baron Siegfried (pilot) Land for profit
37 Ghostly Creep from the Deep Harlem Globetrotters woods; lodge; pirate ship Redbeard the Pirate crooked businessman Oil rigs
38 Haunted Horseman of Hagglethorn Hall Davey Jones old Scottish castle Haunted Horseman; moat monster Duke of Strathmore; Cyrus Wheatley, the farmer steal castle
39 Phantom of the Country Music Hall Jerry Reed theater "Phantom" Ben Bing; Bertha the wash-lady* (bank robber) hidden bank loot
40 Caped Crusader Caper Batman & Robin woods (camping); cave; Gotham City factory Joker & Penguin (no other villains) extortion
41 Loch Ness Mess Harlem Globetrotters Rural Mass.;

Shaggy's uncle's mansion

Ghost of Paul Revere & two others; sea serpent Morgan, Winslow & Selby, local boat renters hidden treasure in cove (movie set)

1973: Second Season
42 Mystery of Haunted Island Globetrotters haunted boat and mansion on island various rival team leaders (not arrested) cheating on game
43 Haunted Showboat Josie & the Pussycats Mississippi riverboat Ghost of Injun Joe & Tom Sawyer Captain of boat convert to gambling
44 Mystery in PersiaJeannie ancient Persia evil jinn (real) Uncle Abin (released the jinn) Inheritance
45 Spirited Spooked Sports Show Tim Conway school stadium ghost of Fireball McFain twin brother of president convert to racetrack
46 The Exterminator Don Adams House of horror film star Loren Chumley various Chumley (not criminal) N/A
47 Weird Winds of Winona Speed Buggy western town hooded men Bank president, heachmen Convert town to gambling
48 Haunted Candy Factory Cass Elliot candy factory green globs Mr. Crink, foreman; Sterling Smith, bank robber* smuggle stolen gold
49 The Haunted CarnivalDick Van Dyke Haunted carnival Ghostly hand carnival strongman revenge


1976: Scooby Doo/Dynomutt Show
Episode Setting Ghost/monster Culprit Crime
50 High Rise Hair Raiser high rise skeleton; house moved from site Ebenezer Crab ("Spectre") Foreman and contractor safe burglary
51 The Fiesta Host is an Aztec Ghost Mexican hotel; Aztec pyramid ghost of Contezuma; stone statue Prof. Stonehack & wife (archaeologists) Aztec treasures
52 Gruesome Game of the Gator Ghoul Hokeyfenokey Swamp Gator Ghoul Ms. Dovely, plant worker Revenge
53 Watt A Shocking Ghost ski town; electric plant 10,000 volt ghost Voltner, electrician & Mayor Dudley land for profit
54 Headless Horseman of Halloween Halloween party in Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman cousin Ellwood diamond
55 Scared A lot in Camelot Shagworthy Castle (moved to New England from Old England) Merlin and Black Knight Zarko the magician; gatekeeper family jewels
56 Harum Scarum Sanitarium sanitarium; Niagara Falls ghost of mad Doctor Coffin outlaw posing as border patrol officer Gold smuggling
57 No Face Zombie Chase doll factory no-face zombie; gorilla Mr. Dilly, co-owner of factory Golden Gallion coin
58 Mamba Wamba and the Voodoo Hoodoo haunted plantation witch doctor and zombie Roger and Lilafont> fraud
59 A Frightened Hound Meets Demons Underground Seattle/old underground city Steamin' Demon contractor *(posed as sea captain) Stolen money
60 A Bum Steer For Scooby western ranch Tamuka (bull ghost); witch doctor Sam Ferrin, nearby ranch owner; Lennie the cook Rustling
61 There's a Demon Shark In the Foggy Dark aquarium demon shark Mr. Wells pearls
62 Scooby Doo, Where's the Crew? Ship at sea;

sunken wreck

ghost of Capt. Pescado; octopus & kelp monster ship's crew treasure of Diablo Doro
63 Ghost the Sacked the Quarterback "Wonder Bowl" stadium Ramblin' Ghost former coach*(posing as scoreboard operator) revenge
64 Ghosts of the Bad Humor Man Ice cream factory Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry phantoms Mr Grisby*(Sammy the Shrimp) stolen armored car
65 Spirits of '76 Washington, DC "Splitsonian Institute") ghosts of Benedict Arnold, Demond Wilson & Major Andre museum worker Mint burglary

Dynomutt show guest appearances

1976 Season syndicated airing order

1977: Scooby's All Star Laff-A Lympics
66 Curse of Viking Lake rural lake Vikings Curator, geologists stealing uranium
67 Vampires, Bats & Scaredy Cats island Vampire crooked uncle inheritance
68 Hang in There, Scooby Doo desert valley pterodactyl Mayor Bohannon; music pirates Music piracy
69 Creepy Heap from the Deep sea; submarine sea monster captain Clemons smuggling convicts
70 Chiller Diller Movie Thriller train, town of Boothville ghost of Milo Booth dog trainer dognapping
71 Spooky case of the Grand Prix Race race track; junk yard Phantom Racer Ken Rogers, racer Auto ring
72 Ozark Witch Switch Ozarks; Hatfield home Witch McCoy; zombie shopkeeper Aggie Wilkins; boyfriend hidden loot
73 Creepy Cruise cruise ship monster from the time machine scientist; financial backer Grady "shwindle"

1978: Scooby's Allstars
74 Watch Out, It's the Willowaw! Indian country Willowaw (fiery owl ghost); owl men crooked tribesmen treasure
75 Creepy tangle in the Bermuda Triangle submarine at sea UFO; skeleton men head of weather eye project Boat theft
76 Scary Night With the Snow Beast Fright Eskimo country Snow Beast crooked tribesmen Oil
77 To Switch A Witch Halloween; Salem Witch Hunt Wilcox Witch crooked twin sister; squire Inheritance
78 Tar Monster Turkish tarpits, caves Tar monster crooked geologists hidden treasure
79 Highland Fling With a Monstrous Thing McDuff Castle; Loch Ness Loch Ness Monster; ghost of Finnean McDuff Jamie Cragmore, chief of staff Smuggling watches
80 Creepy Case of Old Iron Face ocenaside; vacant island prison Iron Face ghost; metal sharks Mama Meone, diner owner smuggling convicts
81 Jeepers, It's the Jaguaro Amazon jungle Jaguaro Luis, co-pilot; Barney, guide jewels
82 Make A Bee-line From that Feline (alternate: Who was that Cat Creature I Saw You With) New York City penthouse; cemetery Cat Creature crooked doctor (hypnotist) jewel burglary; frame-up
83 Creepy Creature of Vulture's Claw gardens 7-foot tall Mantis Professor Greer fraudulent property acquisition
84 Diabolical Disc Demon recording studio "phantom" Ace Decade, owner Music piracy
85 Scooby's Chinese Fortune Cookie Caper China Moon Monster uncle Chin family jewels (treasure)
86 Menace In Venice Venice; museum Ghostly Gondolier Crooked relative jewels
87 Don't Go Near the Fortress of Fear fortress in Puerto Rico ghost of captain Captain Eddie Smuggle treasure
88 Warlock of Wimbledon British tennis championship stadium Warlock Amphos & Devil Hound Nick (crooked cousin); gatekeeper Inheritance
89 The Beast Is Awake In Bottomless Lake logging country near US/Canada border beast Julie the shopkeeper smuggling

1979 (SPECIAL):
SCOOBY GOES HOLLYWOOD "Real life" Scooby wants to abandon the show and do other film or TV roles in Hollywood

1979: Scooby and Scrappy Doo
90 The Scarab Lives Comic book studio Blue Scarab Gruger [sp?], assistant revenge
91 Night Ghoul of Wonderworld London fantasy world Ghost of Sherlock Holmes Mr Marino, host Royal jewels
92 Strange Encounters of a Scooby Kind woods (camping) UFO; space alien Tessie excavated metals
93 Neon Phantom of the Roller Disco roller-skating rink Neon Phantom next door neighbor prevent property acquisition
94 Shiver and Shake, That Demon's a Snake Cruise: Haiti, Miami, New Orleans Snake Demon first mate smuggle silver
95 Scary Sky Skeleton airfield Sky Skeleton Eddie Drake, reporter Oil
96 Demon of the Dugout International Baseball championship, Japan Dragon Beast Mr. Husai diamond trophy
97 Hairy Scare of the Devil Bear cave dwellings near Grand Canyon Devil Bear Chuck Hunt, Asst' archaeologist hidden treasure
98 Twenty Thousand Screams Under the Sea Acapulco sea beast Tiger Morris, diver Treasure
99 I Left My Neck in San Francisco hotel Lady Vampire of the Bay Mrs Cornell*(Lefty Callahan, thief) jewels
100 When You Wish upon a Star Creature observatory Star Creature Mr Greenfield observatory owner secret codes
101 The Ghoul, the Bat, and the Ugly Monster film awards ceremony Shadow Creature Mr. Davies, host of awards Valuable stamp
102 Rocky Mountain Yiii! Ski resort ghost of Jeremiah Pratt great, great grandson of Pratt hidden wagon
103 The Sorceror's A Menace magic show Haldane's Ghost Morgan the Magician Pearl
104 Lock the Door, It's a Minotaur Greece; olive farms Minotaur Nick Jewels
105 Ransom of Scooby Chief New York City no ghostly characters (not a mystery) pair of crooks kidnaping; extortion


1980-1: Richie Rich/Scooby Doo (Renamed "Scary Scooby Funnies") (3 per half-hour)
106 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF A STRANGE KIND Aliens kidnap Shaggy into space
107 FIT NIGHT OUT FOR BATS Encounter Vampire named Sylvester
108 CHINESE FOOD FACTORY Gang gets job as night watchmen; confronted by burglar
109 DESERT DILEMMA Encounter magician in desert castle
110 STUNTMAN SCOOBY Gang gets jobs as movie set doubles
111 MUMMY'S THE WORD Encounter mummy in Egyptian pyramid
112 SCOOBY'S BULL FRIGHT Take siesta in middle of bullfighting ring, wind up replacing bullfighter
113 STOWAWAYS Board wrong ship, chased by crew
114 LONG JOHN SCRAPPY Battle pirate looking for treasure
115 THE OLD CAT & MOUSE GAME Run into Cat Man and Siamese Cat; become shrunken in pool
116 SCOOBY'S THREE DING-A LING CIRCUS Gang get jobs as vendors; eat up food, chased by boss, and wind up part of show
117 HANG IN THERE, SCOOBY Gang gets carried off on runaway hang glider
118 A BUNGLE IN THE JUNGLE Battle "Nazrat" of the Jungle
119 SCOOBY'S FUN ZONE Battle strongman at carnival
120 SCOOBY'S FANTASTIC ISLAND Encounter prehistoric island, chased by caveman
121 SCOOBY GHOSTS WEST Encounter ghosts in a ghost town hotel
122 SWAMP WITCH witch and goblin aim to turn gang into frogs for frog leg stew
123 WAXWORLD Battle Wax Master who wants to add gang to wax museum
124 SCRAPPY'S BIRTHDAY Retells Scrappy's birth; newborn Scrappy gets Shaggy and Scooby in trouble with hospital orderly
125 SIR SCOOBY AND THE BLACK KNIGHT Battle knight, whom they thought was "hotel manager" in Scottish castle
126 SCOOBY IN WONDERLAND Scooby dreams he is Alice; chased by Queen of Hearts and Cheshire Cat
127 SCOOBY'S SWISS MISS Scooby falls for poodle and is confronted by jealous bulldog in skiing trip
128 ET TU, SCOOB? Too much pepperoni pizza in Italy lands gang, visiting Colosseum, in ancient Roman gladiator fight
129 SOGGY BOG SCOOBY Battle swamp creature on old riverboat
130 SOUTH SEAS SCARE Battle lava monster on Pacific Island
131 SCOOBY GUMBO New Orleans restauranteur refuses to serve dogs and chases them until he tastes Scrappy's Gumbo
132 ALASKAN KING COWARD Frozen creature comes to life during gold search. Scrappy thinks it's a "claim jumper"
133 MOONLIGHT MADNESS Family amulet turns Shaggy into Werewolf
134 WAY OUT SCOOBY Wind up on ship to Mars; chased by US robot
135 STRONGMAN SCOOBY Battle weightlifting bulldog in gym
136 SCOOBY AT THE CENTER OF THE WORLD Battle limestone monsters and giant bat in underground cavern
137 SCOOBY'S TRIP TO AHZ Scooby dreams he is cowardly lion; battle Wicked Witch of the North by Southeast
138 DOG TAG SCOOBY Visiting Army base; confronted by tough drill sergeant who mistakes them for new recruits
139 A FRIGHT AT THE OPERA Battle phantom in Paris sewers
140 INVASION OF THE SCOOBY SNATCHERS Alien clones gang, attempts to take over world
141 SCOOBY AND THE BANDIT Battle truckers on road after taking their van, which looks like the Mystery Machine
142 ROBOT RANCH Robot Master attempts to turn gang into robots to add to theme park; battle Rawhide Red robot
143 SCOOBY DOOBY GURU Confronted by Taj Mahal guard they angered; He befriends them when they find lost ruins
144 SURPRISED SPIES Gang winds up on mission to catch spy in San Francisco Bay
145 SCOOBY-NOCCHIO ('81 season begins) Scooby dreams he is Pinocchio after accepting free tickets to a carnival (nose grows long when he lies, gang turns into donkeys)
146 SCOOBY'S ROOTS Ghost at Scooby Manor turns out to be spirit of Great Grandpa Scooby, Civil War hero
147 LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER SCOOBY Battle sea captain ghost in abandoned lighthouse
148 EXCALIBUR SCOOBY Battle Merlin who needs gang to make formula to pull sword out of stone
149 SCOOBY'S LUCK OF THE IRISH Tackle leprechaun caught in Scrappy-trap for his pot of gold
150 SCOOBY'S ESCAPE FROM ATLANTIS Gang is washed off of cruise and swept into Atlantis; battle Grecian centaur
151 SCOOBY DOOBY GOO Shaggy and Scooby are turned into babies by steam bath; entered into baby contest
152 RICKSHAW SCOOBY Battle dragon statue come to life in China
153 BACKSTAGE SCOOBY Gang gets jobs backstage, and are chased by Marvo the magician, whose act they ruined
154 SCOOBY SAVES THE WORLD As space shuttle cleaners, gang accidentally takes off and encounters Darth Vader-like alien who wants to conquer Earth
155 SCOOBY'S HOUSE OF MYSTERY Fortune teller Madam Olga needs puppy dog tails for a formula to turn herself beautiful
156 SWEET DREAMS SCOOBY Locked in museum for the night, gang dreams of exhibits (Ben Franklin Shaggy, Blue Max Scrappy, Caveman Scooby)
157 HARD HAT SCOOBY Gang works, unknowingly, on Vampire State Building for a vampire foreman
158 CANINE TO FIVE Gang works for newspaper science editor who accidentally turns himself into a wolf-like caveman
159 SOPWITH SCOOBY Battle German baron pilot in air race
160 HOTHOUSE SCOOBY Gang, as gardening service, battles man-eating plant creatures in overgrown garden
161 SCOOBY DOO 2000 Cleaning Big Ben, spinning clock hands transports gang to automated Jetsons-like future; battle robot toy gorilla
162 PUNK ROCK SCOOBY Alien who looks like Scrappy lands in concert attended by gang; thinks Scrappy is fellow Plutonian
163 PIGSKIN SCOOBY Gang winds up playing against hulking rival football team after former team quits
164 SCOOBY AND THE BEANSTALK Battle giant in huge castle atop beanstalk after Scooby drops beans, (for dinner) in puddle
165 TENDERBIGFOOT Scrappy tries to catch Bigfoot in scout camping trip

1982: Scooby and Scrappy Doo/Puppy;
(List order based on current broadcasting order, separated by unofficial sub-series "Teen adventures" and "Fearless Detective Agency". Actual broadcasting order with list numbers in table below)

[The teen adventures]
BASKETBALL BUMBLERS Battle bully rival basketball team members cheating with electronic device
SUPER TEEN SHAGGY a bump on the head transforms Shaggy into super hero Super Teen; confronts bullies at a masquerade party
WHO'S SCOOBY DOO? Bullies steal a kid's science project which switches personalities, including Shaggy & Scooby's, and theirs
MOVIE MONSTER MENACE Scientist uses a device to turn teens acting in a movie into real monsters. Shaggy likewise becomes a monster to confront him
DOUBLE TROUBLE DATE Shaggy, booking two dates at once, dresses Scooby up as a guy for one of the girls, but her brother is wise to it and confronts them
MISFORTUNE TELLER A bully, impressing his girlfriend at a carnival, holds fortune teller Shaggy up to his prediction that he would win every game he plays.
SCOOBY DOO AND GENIE POO a girl genie's poodle falls for Scooby, and seeks to take him with her into their bottle, and back to ancient Arabia
PICNIC POOPERS Gang is threatened to be tied into knots by cheating bully and bulldog if they win picnic contests
MUSCLE TROUBLE Bully challenges gang to boating race after Shaggy (accidentally) shows him up at weightlifting; his pet, the bulldog, aids his cheating
CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE WORST KIND Young aliens kidnap various earth specimens, including "a dog called a Great Dane"
ONE MILLION YEARS BEFORE LUNCH the gang's teen project turns out to be a time machine; protect prehistoric cave girl from her bully boyfriend
HOE-DOWN SHOWDOWN Family feud caused by Shaggy's country cousin refusing to date boy who doesn't bathe
WHERE'S THE WEREWOLF? Scooby gets turned into a werewolf; greedy teens try to capture him for fortune

The Fearless Detective Agency (semi return to crime solving format)

episode Villain Culprit Crime
MALTESE MACKERAL pair of crooks; one fat, one shrimpy real identities Maltese Mackeral
STAKEOUT AT THE TAKEOUT crooks running hamburger joint real identities smuggling gold coins
BEAUTY CONTEST CAPER "Big ugly hairy thing" (real) Miss Bulgravia cheating on contest
DUMB WAITER CAPER Bugsy Burton & Gang real identities jewels
COMIC BOOK CAPER Slime Boy Mr. Morley, convention manager steal "Slime Boy" #1
BAD TO CURSE Gypsy true identity amulet
GEM OF A CASE Fingers Malone (jewel thief) true identity jewels
CAPTAIN CANINE CAPER gorilla, masked man Director kidnaping
CATFISH BURGLAR CAPER Catfish Burglar Ms. Higgins, who hired them burglary
CAT LADY CAPER Cat Lady true identity burglary (jewels)
DISAPPEARING CAR CAPER Pistons McGee True identity auto ring
SNOW JOB TOO SMALL Abominable snowman Uncle Cosgrove Inheritance
CABLE CAR CAPER female crook and accomplice true identities stealing cable car full of people

Original broadcasting order: (middle cartoon is always Scrappy and Yabba Doo)
166 Maltese Mackeral Yabba's Rustle Hustle 167 Dumb Waiter Caper 9-25-82
168 Catfish Burglar Caper Mine Your Own Business 169 Movie Monster Menace 10-2-82
170 Super Teen Shaggy Tragic Magic 171 Basketball Bumblers 10-9-82
172 Beauty Contest Caper Runaway Scrappy 173 Stakeout at the Take-out 10-16-82
174 Who's Scooby Doo? Slippery Dan the Escape Man 175 Double Trouble Date 10-23-82
176 Cable Car Caper Lowdown Showdown 177 Muscle Trouble 10-30-82
178 Comic Book Caper Vild Vest Vampire 179 Misfortune Teller 11-6-82
180 A Gem of a Case Tumbleweed Derby 181 From Bad To Curse 11-13-82
182 Disappearing Car Caper Law & Disorder 183 Scooby Doo and Genie Poo 11-20-82
184 Close Encounter Worst Kind Alien Schmalien 185 Captain Canine Caper 11-27-82
186 Cat Lady Caper Go East, Young Partner 187 Picnic Poopers 12-4-82
188 Million Years Before Lunch Up A Crazy River 189 Where's the Werewolf 12-11-82
190 Hoedown Showdown Bride & Gloom 191 Snow Job Too Small 12-18-82

Current broadcasting order: ([syndicated/cable];

1983: All New Scooby and Scrappy Doo

The order here is based on Lenburg's Cartoon Encyclopedia [as well as recollection for the first few episodes]. Wikipedia has a different order, with the air dates, but those could still be wrong. They may have simply taken a modern airing order and fitted it to the schedule from the premiere date. Things have clearly changed, as the original title was "The All New Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show", but the "All" has now been left out, including on the current prints being shown. '83 was "The All New...", and '84 was simply "The New..." [i.e Scooby Doo Mysteries]. So, this "New Scooby and Scrappy" may be a syndicated version (now forwarded to cable, when it was no longer "all new". The current prints playing online and in the stream service go even further, to feature an instrumental version of the opening!). And so the order may have been changed along with it. "Dinosaur Deception" was a pilot episode shown in the preview special.

Episode Setting Villain Culprit Crime
192 Scoobygeist haunted mansion various none (real haunts) N/A
193 Dinosaur Deception Mexico Dinosaur man posing as archaologist Montezuma's silver
194 Quagmire Quake Caper Indian land Mud monster Pronto, from museum steal Indian gold
195 Scoobsie TV studio ("Genuine Hospital") phantom Danny Devine (costar) revenge
196 Hound of the Scoobyvilles Scottish farm Hound of the Barkervilles Bentley the caretaker sheep rustling
197 No Sharking Zone Scaruba (beach); surfing contest Great White Shark; seaweed monster Cowabunga Carlyle, surfing contestant treasure (jewels)
198 Wizards and Warlocks W & W Castle Yadzruck, Zogs (real monsters) None; gang wins at W&W game with real sorcerer
199 Who's Minding the Monster Transylvania Frankenstein, Dracula & wife, baby werewolf Monster family is real, Frankenstein was their robot babysitter
200 Scooby A-La Mode Paris pastry school Ghost of Chef Maras Chef Gustave hidden treasure
201 Carnival caper high-school carnival clown Jerry laser ruby
202 Scooby and the Barbarian Viking ship Ola & Viking crew Prof. Busby (the pirate ) Plunder
203 Mark of Scooby Spanish Village (Zorro Dream) N/A (not a mystery) commandante embezzlement
204 Scooby Doo and Cyclops Too Paradise Island zombies (hypnotized people) Mr. Cyclops uranium
205 Scooby of the Jungle jungle Randar the Apeman assistant Randall Batco stealing animals to sell
206 Scooby Roo Australian outback Neanderthal Darcy the ranch hand Uranium
207 Creature From Chem-Lab high school creature Toby bootleg video games
208 No Thanx, Masked Manx Daphne's parents' house party gorilla ("masked Manx") Mr. Damp, fake pravate eye Valuable stamp
209 Scooby Coupe Auto race Spectre of Sports cars assistant Crocker pitt steal plans for Sports car
210 Fall Dog movie set The Gremlin Producer? Revenge
211 Scooby and the Minotaur Greece Minotaur Mr. Kronos, innkeeper hidden treasure
212 Scooby Pinch Hits baseball stadium ghost of Casey O'Reilly Roosters' coach Rungout Counterfeiting
213 Gold Medal Gambit decathlon Chamelion true identity gold medal
214 Where's Scooby Doo (pt 1&2) Orient Express "The Mummy" fugitive scientist/spy* (posing as mystery club member) code for secret formula
215 Wedding Bell Boos (pt 1&2) Shaggy's sister's wedding (parents' house) ghost of McBaggy Rogers (ancestor) Alex Anders, photographer Treasure (Indian corn)

1984: New Scooby Doo Mysteries (Guest appearances: F=Freddy, V=Velma [all 2 part])
216 Happy Birthday, Scooby (F, V) TV Studio ("This was Your Life, Scooby Doo") Red Skull Stuyvesant, the original butler* (posed as TV director) revenge/gold necklace
217 The Hand of Horror scientist's lab floating mechanical hands Ratfink, lab assistant stealing invention (the hands)
218 Scooby's Peep Hole Pandemonium house of horror film star (female vampire) real monsters Gang's publisher(disguised as Maid Mummy) treasure
219 Stoney Glare Scare Greek Isle Cyclops Prof. Mikos; Thaddeus Blimp&Wilmer Mask of Medusa
220 Scoo-Be, or Not Scoo-Be lodge, sea ghost of Hamlet; sea demon Rosie Kranz, Gilley stern, hotel staff Oil piracy
221 Mission Un-Dooable Statue of Liberty "Mastermind"; robots Cecil, the tour guide take over the world
222 Night of the Living Toys toy workshop Evil Elf King Catarina Cobalt, store staff safe burglary
223 Dooby Dooby Doo Ado music show Male and female crooks (unnamed) stolen laser band in collar
224 Showboat Scooby Dixieland river boat ghost of Colonel & Magnolia Pops, the janitor 100 year old priceless necklace
225 A Code in the Nose department store Codefinger true identity(spy) secret code in appliance
226 Doom service Overview Hotel (snowy mountains) Ghost of Ebenezer Overview Mrs. Van Loon (guest) Top secret papers
227 South Pole Vault polar station Mad Sea-lion Dr. Carlin (Sagan caricature) sabotage research for publicity
228 The Bee Team honey farm giant killer bees spy posing as gas station attendant* stealing rockets
229 Scary Duel with a Cartoon Ghoul animation studio Monster Mutt Dimwittie*(spy posing as guard) espionage
230 E I E I O Old McDonald's Farm Monster Mouse (giant mutation) Parker* (farm worker) stealing formula
231 Night Louse at the White House (V) Ghosts of George Washington, Abe Lincoln diplomat & wife (spies) secret tapes
232 Ghosts of the Ancient Astronauts (F, V) jungle, temple crook and assistants real identities Celestial Orb (part of real alien ship)
233 Halloween Hassle in Dracula's Castle (F, V) ghost of Dr. Van Helsing Igor revenge (applauded by monsters)
234 Sherlock Doo (F) London Ghost of Sherlock Holmes Mr. Stapleton, mystery host Crown Jewels
235 Nutcracker Scoob (F) Wintery lodge Ghost of Christmas past Nanette Musette, lodge worker emerald in Nutcracker

1985: Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby Doo

Episode Ghost story
236 To All the Ghouls I've Loved Before N/A In Himalayas, gang meets Flim Flam and Vincent; Shaggy & Scooby tricked into opening Chest of Demons, releasing 13 ghosts
237 Scoobra Kadoobra Maldor The ghost tries to steal Wonder Wand and take over a kingdom; puts Daphne into sleep of the centuries
238 Me And My Shadow Demon Queen Morbidia Demon actually is not bad, it's an old lady who's the ghost; gang lost in her house
239 Reflections in A Ghoulish Eye Mirror Demon Gang gets trapped in mirror dimension by ghost
240 That's Monstertainment Zomba Ghost traps gang in the movie "The Son of the Bride of the Ghost of Frankenstein,"
241 Ship of Ghouls ghost posing as travel agent and captain Cruise ship Scooby is trying to take a break on runs into Bermuda Triangle and all its guests are revealed to be ghosts. Chest will open if they don't change course
242 Spooky little Ghoul like You Nikara Beautiful ghost tries to make Vincent fall in love with her, which will turn him to stone
243 When You Witch Upon a Star Marsella Brewsky Black book of spells is released to 3 stooge witches; Gang must trap ghost before 13th spell is released
244 It's A Wonderful Scoob Time Slime Scooby gets so tired of ghosts he quits business, but is shown the future when Time Slime opens the Chest and takes over.
245 Scooby In Kwackyland Demondo Gang gets trapped in the pages of the funny papers, and is aided by various comic strip characters
246 Coast to Ghost Rankor Vincent looks in Eye of Eternity and turns to stone
247 Ghouliest Show on Earth Fantasmo Ghost opens a circus, hypnotizing everyone in Dooville with his calliope, including the gang and Scooby's parents
248 Horror Scope Zimbulu, the lion demon Boris Kreepoff, a high school rival of Vincent's, as publicity stunt tries to open Chest of Demons on national TV


Scooby Doo Meets the Boo Brothers "Three Stooges"-like ghostly ghost exterminators are called to plantation Shaggy has inherited
Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School Shaggy and the dogs are teachers for the daughters of classic monsters
Scooby Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf Shaggy is turned into a werewolf by Dracula who needs him to win a monster race

1988: A Pup Named Scooby Doo

Episode Ghost Story
249 A Bicycle Built For Boo [green ghost] Ghost steals Shaggy's bike in connection with counterfeiting ring
250 Sludge Monster from the Earth's Core Scooby's doghouse is haunted in connection with bank job
251 Wanted, Cheddar Alive Cheddar Monster gang runs out of Scooby Snacks, and finds the Scooby Snack factory haunted
252 The Schnook Who Took My Comic Book Crooker, bad guy from comics steals Shaggy's Commander Cool comic
253 For Letter or Worse Al Cabone haunts "Letter or Worse" game show
254 Babysitter from Beyond Boogedy Bones Shaggy babysits his sister
255 Snow Place Like Home Ice Demon Haunts ski resort gang is at
256 Now Museum, Now You Don't ghost of Lord Asakari valuable artifacts stolen from museum; Shaggy and Scooby accused
257 Scooby Dude Headless Skateboarder haunts beach; dolphins missing from marine institute; drug ring
258 Ghost Who's Coming to Dinner pirate ghost & friendly ghost neighbor's house is haunted so it can be condemned
259 The Story Stick Totem pole monster Battle over Indian land; gang sits around fire and tells spooky stories
260 Robopup Ghost of Chef Pierre haunts Daphne's parents' kitchen; robot dog, invented by Blake's security man to the rescue
261 Lights...Camera...Monster Stinkweed movie set is haunted to cover up theft

1989 Second Season
262 Curse of the Collar Ghostly Dog catcher tries to steal Scooby's dog collar; kidnaps Scooby's parents
263 Return of Commander Cool alien Shaggy and Scooby become Commander Cool and Mellow Mutt to stop stealing of CC toys
264 Spirit of Rock 'N Roll ghost of Pervis Parker tries to steal money
265 Chickenstein Lives! Freddy's uncle ("National Exaggerator") hires gang to investigate lady who claims to have brought monster to life.
266 Night of The Living Burger Shaggy and Scooby aren't speaking to each other, as gang defends O'Greasy from being run out of business.
267 The Computer Walks Among Us Velma invents a computer, which goes haywire, tries to "delete" gang, and Velma is framed for theft of other kids' lockers
268 Dog-Gone Scooby crazy lady Scooby runs away
269 Terror, Thy Name is Zombo Clown tries to scare people away from fair
1990-1 (six half hours; five short episodes, four full length)
270 Night of the Boogey Biker (10-15 min) Red Herring's aunt's motorcycle is stolen
271 Dawn of the Spooky Shuttle Astronaut ghost Space shuttle is haunted
272 Horror of the Haunted Hairpiece (10-15 min) Bigwig, video game character arcade Daphne works at is haunted
273 Wrestle Maniacs (10-15 min) Terrible Hooded Heifer Coolsville Wrestling Federation becomes haunted
274 Mayhem of the Moving Mollusk snail monsterTerrorizes New York City; gang brought in to help
275 Weredog of Doo Manor (half hr) Scooby's family may suffer the curse
276 Catcher on the Sly (5 min.) Chase gags between Scooby and a dog catcher (no gang)
277 Ghost of Mrs. Shushman Ghost of librarian wants overdue book from Shaggy
278 Wrath of Waitro (7 min) Commander Cool and Mellow Mutt tackle spooky waiter

Special: SCOOBY'S ARABIAN NIGHTS (1994) Shaggy and Scooby are food tasters for Caliph and tell stories featuring Yogi and Magilla

Crossover: BRAVO DOOBY DOO (1997) Gang guest stars on Cartoon Network's Johnny Bravo parody (Last Hanna-Barbera appearance)


279 There's No Creature Like Snow Creature (Originally Aired 9/14/2002)
280 3-D Struction (Originally Aired 9/21/2002)
281 Space Ape At The Cape (Originally Aired 9/28/2002)
282 Big Scare In The Big Easy (Originally Aired 10/5/2002)
283 It's Mean, It's Green, It's The Mystery Machine (Originally Aired 10/26/2002)
284 Riva Ras Regas (Originally Aired 11/2/2002)
285 Roller Ghoster Ride (11/9/02)
286 Safari, So Goodi (11/23/02)
287 She Sees Sea Monster At The Sea Shore (11/30/02)
289 Toy Scary Boo (2/1/03)
290 Lights! Camera! Mayhem! (2/15/02)
291 Pompeii And Circumstance (2/22/03)
292 The Unnatural(3-22-03)


293 Mummy Scares Best (9-13-03)
294 Big Appetite in Little Tokyo (9-20-03)
295 The Fast and the Wormious (9-27-03)
296 High-Tech House of Horrors (10-4-03)
297 The Vampire Strikes Back (10-18-03)
298 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL (10-24-03)
299 Homeward Hound(10-25-03)
300 The San Franpsycho (3-20-04)
301 Simple Plan and the Invisible Madman (3-22-04)
302 Recipe for Disaster (3-23-04)
303 Large Dragon at Large (3-24-04)
304 Uncle Scooby and Antarctica* (3-25-04)
305 New Mexico, Old Monster (3-26-04)
306 It's All Greek to Scooby (3-27-04)

*This title naturally raised the question of whether Scrappy was making an appearance in the show. Turns out, it is a group of little penguins whom Scooby becomes "uncle" to in this one. The story is in some ways similar to the Scooby and Scrappy episode "South Pole Vault".


307 Fright House Of A Lighthouse (1-29-05)
308 Go West, Young Scoob (2-5-05)
310 Wrestle Maniacs (2-12-05)
311 Ready To Scare (2-19-05)
312 Farmed And Dangerous (2-25-05)
313 Diamonds Are A Ghouls Best Friend (3-5-05)
314 A Terrifying Round With A Menacing Metallic Clown* (3-12-05)
315 Camp Comeoniwannascareya** (3-19-95)
316 Block-Long Hong Kong Terror (3-25-05)
317 Gentleman, Start Your Monsters (4-2-05)
318 Gold Paw" (4-9-05)
319 Reef Grief! (4-16-05)
320 E-Scream (7-21-06; originally scheduled to air April 23, 2005)

*This episode features childhood "Pup Named Scooby Doo" version of the gang in a flashback of how Velma became afraid of clowns

**Much like "Ransom of Scooby Chief" (1979), Fred & the Girls only make brief appearances, and it's the camp kids who join Shaggy and Scooby on the case

Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!

321 "Shags to Riches" 9-23-06 (with Fred and the girls)
322 "More Fondue for Scooby-Doo!" 9-30-06
323 "High Society Scooby" 10-7-06
324 "Party Arty" 11-4-06
325 "Smart House" 11-11-06
326 "Lightning Strikes Twice" 11-18-06
327 "Don't Feed the Animals" 2-3-07
328 "Mystery of the Missing Mystery Solvers" 2-10-07
329 "Chefs of Steel" 2-17-07
330 "Almost Ghosts" 2-24-07 (with Fred and the girls)
331 "Pole to Pole" 3-3-07
332 "Big Trouble" 4-28-07
333 "Operation Dog and Hippy Boy" May 5-07
Season 2:
334 "Shaggy and Scooby World" 9-22-07
335 "Almost Purr-fect" 9-29-07
336 "Inside Job" 10-6-07
337 "Zoinksman" 10-13-07
338 "The Many Faces of Evil" 11-3-07
339 "Cruisin' For a Bruisin'" 11-10-07
340 "There is a Doctor in the House" 12-1-07
341 "Super Scary Movie Night" 1-26-08
342 "Runaway Robi" 2-2-08
343 "Don't Get A Big Head" 2-16-08
344 "Scooby-Dudes" 2-23-08
345 "Zoinks The Wonderdog" 3-8-08
346 "Uncle Albert Alert" 3-15-08


347 Beware the Beast from Below - April 5, 2010
348 The Creeping Creatures - July 19, 2010
349 The Secret of the Ghost Rig - July 26, 2010
350 Revenge of the Man Crab - August 2, 2010
351 The Song of Mystery - August 9, 2010
352 The Legend of Alice May - August 16, 2010
353 In Fear of the Phantom - August 23, 2010
354 The Grasp of the Gnome - August 30, 2010
355 Battle of the Humungonauts - September 6, 2010
356 Howl of the Fright Hound - October 4, 2010
357 The Secret Serum - October 11, 2010
358 The Shrieking Madness - October 18, 2010
359 When the Cicada Calls - October 25, 2010
360 Mystery Solvers Club State Finals - May 3, 2011
361 The Wild Brood - May 10, 2011
362 Where Walks Aphrodite - May 17, 2011
363 Escape From Mystery Manor - May 24, 2011
364 The Dragon's Secret - May 31, 2011
365 Nightfright - June 7, 2011
366 The Siren's Song - June 14, 2011
367 Menace of the Manticore - June 21, 2011
368 Attack of the Headless Horror - June 28, 2011
369 A Haunting In Crystal Cove - July 5, 2011
370 Dead Justice - July 12, 2011
371 Pawn of Shadows - July 19, 2011
372 All Fear the Freak - July 26, 2011

Season two: 2012-2013

373 The Night the Clown Cried - July 30, 2012
374 The House of the Nightmare Witch - July 31, 2012
375 The Night the Clown Cried II - Tears of Doom! - August 1, 2012
376 Web of the Dreamweaver! - August 2, 2012
377 The Hodag of Horror - August 3, 2012
378 Art of Darkness! - August 6, 2012
379 The Gathering Gloom - August 7, 2012
380 Night on Haunted Mountain - August 8, 2012
381 Grim Judgment - August 9, 2012
382 Night Terrors - August 10, 2012
383 The Midnight Zone - August 13, 2012
384 Scarebear - August 14, 2012
385 Wrath of the Krampus - August 15, 2012
386 Heart of Evil - August 16, 2012
387 Theater of Doom - August 17, 2012
388 Aliens Among Us - March 25, 2013
389 The Horrible Herd - March 25, 2013
390 Dance of the Undead - March 26, 2013
391 The Devouring - March 27, 2013
392 Stand and Deliver - March 28, 2013
393 The Man in the Mirror - March 29, 2013
394 Nightmare in Red - April 2, 2013
395 Dark Night of the Hunters - April 3, 2013
396 Gates of Gloom - April 4, 2013
397 Through the Curtain - April 5, 2013
398 Come Undone - April 5, 2013

Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! (2015) (I think of it as "Famiy Guy Scooby", with the weird fitting McFarlane-esque designs).

399 Mystery 101 - October 5, 2015
400 Game of Chicken - October 6, 2015
401 All Paws on Deck - October 7, 2015
402 Poodle Justice - October 8, 2015
403 Grand Scam - October 9, 2015
404 Trading Chases - October 12, 2015
405 Be Quiet, Scooby-Doo! - October 15, 2015
406 Party Like It's 1899 - October 19, 2015
407 Screama Donna - October 20, 2015
408 Kitchen Frightmare - October 21, 2015
409 Me, Myself, and A.I. - October 22, 2015
410 Area 51 Adjacent - October 23, 2015
411 Where There's a Will, There's a Wraith - October 28, 2015
412 Scary Christmas - December 10, 2015
413 If You Can't Scooby-Doo the Time, Don't Scooby-Doo the Crime - February 6, 2016
414 Gremlin on a Plane - February 13, 2016
415 Sorcerer Snacks Scare - February 20, 2016
416 Saga of the Swamp Beast - February 27, 2016
417 Be Cold, Scooby-Doo! - March 5, 2016
418 Giant Problems - March 12, 2016
419 Eating Crow - March 23, 2016
420 I Scooby Dooby Do - June 20, 2017
421 El Bandito - June 20, 2017
422 Into the Mouth of Madcap - June 20, 2017
423 The Norse Case Scenario - June 20, 2017
424 The People vs. Fred Jones - June 20, 2017

Season 2

425 Halloween (207) - September 28, 2017
426 Some Fred Time (201) - November 14, 2017
427 There Wolf (202) - November 15, 2017
428 Renn Scare (203) - November 16, 2017
429 Worst in Show (205) - November 17, 2017
430 Mysteries on the Disorient Express (206) - November 18, 2017
431 The Curse of Kaniaku (208) - November 19, 2017
432 Vote Velma (209) - November 19, 2017
433 In Space (211) - November 20, 2017
434 Doo Not Disturb (212) - November 21, 2017
435 Silver Scream (213) - November 22, 2017
436 Fright of Hand (214) - November 22, 2017
437 Greece is the Word (215) - November 23, 2017
438 Scroogey Doo (210) - November 30, 2017
439 How to Train Your Coward (204) - December 21, 2017
440 American Goth (216) - March 8, 2018
441 Omelettes Are Forever (217) - March 9, 2018
442 Ghost in the Mystery Machine (218) - March 10, 2018
443 Naughty or Ice (219) - March 11, 2018
444 Night of the Upsetting Shorts (220) - March 12, 2018
445 Junkyard Dogs (221) - March 13, 2018
446 Protein Titans 2 (222) - March 14, 2018
447 World of Witchcraft (223) - March 15, 2018
448 Professor Huh? Part 1 (225) - March 16, 2018
449 Professor Huh? Part 6 3/4 (226) - March 17, 2018
450 Pizza O'Possum's (11 min.)
451 The Curse of Half-Beard's Booty (224) - March 18, 2018 (11 Min.)

"SCOOBY DOO, AND GUESS WHO" (2019); a new series with guest stars, like the old "Comedy Movies".

452 "Revenge of the Swamp Monster!" (Chris Paul) June 27, 2019
After gang solves the mystery of the Bee Man of Alcatraz, they are flown to Florida where Shaggy is to caddy for Houston Rockets basketball player and bowling fan Chris Paul at a charity golf event to raise money for a struggling arts school, which is on the brink of going bankrupt because of a swamp monster causing trouble for the tournament.

453 "A Mystery Solving Gang Divided" (Abraham Lincoln; Funky Phantom) July 2, 2019
Gang receives a call from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, a battlefield nearby Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to solve the mystery of ghost zombie Civil War soldiers only to bump into The Funky Phantom crew. Although both mystery solving teams get into subsequent conflicts until the Ghost of Abraham Lincoln appears where he suggests they should work together and save the mystery for last once and for all.

454 "Peebles' Pet Shop of Terrible Terrors!" (Wanda Sykes; Magilla Gorilla and Mr. Peebles) July 11, 2019
An egg that was delivered to Peebles' Pet Supply Mega-Store hatches into a fish monster and makes off with Mr. Peebles. Later, Scooby and the gang rescue Mr. Peebles' intern, Wanda Sykes, who is helping save a bunch of animals up for adoption in a pet supply store. Now, our heroes and Wanda must not only save the store and the animals, but their own lives. A non-talking Magilla Gorilla also figures in the story.

455 "Elementary, My Dear Shaggy!" (Sherlock Holmes) July 18, 2019
When Scooby and the gang are taking a tour of London, they run afoul of horrible screaming skulls of English legend! They team up with an eccentric man who claims to be none other than Sherlock Holmes. He can't be the real thing, can he? Also, during this time, he refers to Velma as Dr. Watson and Shaggy as Mrs. Hudson.

456 "Ollie Ollie In-Come Free!" (Ricky Gervais) July 25, 2019
In London, gang visits Ricky Gervais when a cat mummy comes unannounced from his door with a connection with the Egyptian goddess Bast. At this rate, the gang agrees to prevent the statue of Bast from falling into the wrong hands.

457 "The Scooby of a Thousand Faces!" (Wonder Woman) August 1, 2019
While on vacation in Greece, gang is caught in a confusion between a Minotaur and Wonder Woman. As Scooby-Doo takes a liking to Wonder Woman, Daphne and Velma are the only ones trained by Wonder Woman leaving Shaggy and Fred feeling left out.

458 "The Cursed Cabinet of Professor Madds Markson!" (Penn & Teller) August 8, 2019
When our mystery solving gang accepts the invitation to spend one night in the haunted Savannah Hotel in Las Vegas before its controlled demolition, they find that they're not alone. Magicians Penn & Teller have also accepted the challenge.

459 "When Urkel-Bots Go Bad!" (Steve Urkel) August 15, 2019
When Steve Urkel turns to gang for help on tracking down the Urkel-Bot in Chicago, they stumble onto a deeper mystery with the appearance of a Technomancer, controlling all the robots where some of the blame has fallen onto Urkel.

460 "The Fastest Food Fiend!" (Jim Gaffigan) August 22, 2019
When Scooby and Shaggy compete in a fast food eating competition, they meet their ultimate challenge eating against comedian Jim Gaffigan while contending with the Spectral Speedster who is trying to stop the contest from finishing.

461 "Attack of the Weird Al-Osaurus!" ("Weird Al" Yankovic) August 29, 2019
Driving through the Rocky Mountains, the gang stumbles upon a stowaway in the form of "Weird Al" Yankovic who warns them about a horrible Allosaurus raining relentless destruction on his local accordion sleep away camp alongside some other dinosaurs.

462 "Now You Sia, Now You Don't!" (Sia) September 5, 2019
In Palm Springs, Daphne's friend Sia gets framed for a diamond robbery she didn't commit at the hands of her ghostly doppelgänger (whose hair covers her eyes, the way Sia used to wear hers) and the gang must catch it in order to clear Sia's name.

463 "Quit Clowning!" (Kenan Thompson) September 12, 2019

464 "What a Night For a Dark Knight!" (Batman) September 19, 2019 Alfred is Daphne's uncle!
After he gets kidnapped by Man-Bat, it is up to Batman to get him back with a little help from Mystery Inc. While it was originally suspected that Kirk Langstrom became Man-Bat again, Batman discovers that he is still incarcerated at Arkham Asylum meaning that someone else is posing as Man-Bat.

465 The Nightmare Ghost of Psychic U! (Whoopi Goldberg) July 2, 2020 (Sept. 24, 2019 on Boomerang Italy)
While driving through snowy mountains, Mystery Inc. comes across a remote university where they meet Whoopi Goldberg who is a student at the university after having previously protrayed a psychic. Here, the gang must stop the university from closing before Whoopi can graduate, all while dealing with the Nightmare Ghost.

466 "The Sword, The Fox, and the Scooby-Doo!" Mark Hamill July 2, 2020
While in Japan, the gang helps Mark Hamill rescue his old high school drama teacher Mr. Berle who was kidnapped by a Fox Monster. Investigating the scene of the crime reveals a secret basement below the floor and the monster itself, who traps them under a pile of collapsing rubble. Hamill convinces Scooby to dig them out using a "Jedi Mind trick", leading them straight into an underground tunnel and Fox Monster prints. The mystery only deepens when the monster's footprints lead to an old Japanese temple, rumored to house an ancient and valuable sword still hidden somewhere inside to this day.

467 "One Minute Mysteries!" Flash July 2, 2020
Barry Allen wants to hang out with his favorite eating buddies Shaggy & Scooby at Big Belly Burger more often, but can't due to them always having to leave to help solve mysteries. Deciding to give the gang a little help as the Flash, he quickly steps on their toes by solving the mysteries too fast and incarcerating the villains at Iron Heights Penitentiary, which leads to mounting tensions amongst the group. Flash agrees to slow things down and run at 'normal speed', pretending to be in mortal danger while everyone else runs for their lives. Meanwhile, in the background, a plot by a giant living teddy bear unfolds to force Flash to reveal his secret identity to the world.
Other villains from the original show: Miner Forty-Niner, the Ghost of Captain Cutler, the Spooky Space Kook, the Snow Ghost, the Ghost of Redbeard, the Black Knight, the Witch ("Which Witch is Witch?"), the Witch Doctor ("Decoy for a Dognapper"), the Phantom ("Hassle in the Castle"), Charlie the Robot, and The Creeper.

468 "Hollywood Knights!" George Takei July 2, 2020
The gang investigates a haunted estate belonging to deceased Hollywood Director Cecil D. Darrington (based on Cecil B. DeMille) at the request of George Takei who is currently serving as a tour guide. The house's true owner is currently unknown and is going to be seized by the government within a few weeks before being auctioned off to the highest bidder. To make matters worse, suits of armor are being brought to life by the Ghost Knight of Duke Doom-Bringer, eventually drawing out the house's rightful owner....the kooky and reclusive Darla Darrington.

469 "The New York Underground!" Halsey July 2, 2020
Scooby surprises Shaggy by secretly entering him into a poetry slam against Halsey, with the winner being awarded an antique brass key to the city. The poetry slam is interrupted when a Gator Man Monster attacks, stealing the key and escaping with it, but not before an impression of the key is made into a burrito stuck to Scooby's stomach. Using the impression, they are able make a replica with a symbol on the key leading them to the mysterious New York Underground, a strange cafe where patrons pay for food with poetry, the Keeper of Knowledge, and the mysteries that lie beyond.

470 "Fear of the Fire Beast!" Steve Buscemi July 2, 2020
Mystery Inc. is in Sicily tracking down a Fire Monster from Mount Etna that is apparently hunting Steve Buscemi, currently in the country visiting his cousins Nana Buscemi and Paolo Buscemi. On top of this, everyone in Sicily thinks he is a vicious gangster with Steve constantly trying to explain he's just an actor with those roles being character he portrayed in his films to no avail. In addition, he must also face and overcome his greatest fear....chipmunks!

471 "Too Many Dummies!" Jeff Dunham July 2, 2020
Scooby and the gang are hired to deliver a creepy doll named Crazy Karl to a ventriloquist competition by the organizer of the event named Baz Bozzington. Jeff Dunham & Walter alongside Darci Lynne Farmer & Petunia are both attending as celebrity judges when Karl seemingly comes to life, attacking a nearby security guard. Complicating matters is the run down motel they are staying in where both the owner and her son want to make Petunia and Walter a permanent part of their doll collection.

472 "Dance Matron of Mayhem!" Maddie Ziegler July 2, 2020
Maddie Ziegler has won a dance studio in a dance competition under the condition it be reopened or else the city will confiscate the property and demolish it to make way for a parking lot. Making things more difficult is the ghost of the previous owner, who died 30 years prior, wreaking havoc on the building preventing the studio from re-opening. Daphne is invited by Maddie during her latest attempt to re-open, but the gang arrive only to find the aftermath of the latest disaster. Maddie's only hope of appeasing the ghost is an impossibly complicated dance move called "The Zorbrinski Triangle", a move so difficult, only Madam Zorbrinski herself has ever done it.

473 "The Wedding Witch of Wainsly Hall!" Jeff Foxworthy July 2, 2020
Jeff Foxworthy is hired as a truck driver to transport a house known as Wainsly Hall to its new location before a six lane interstate is built on top of the land. Unfortunately, it is haunted by the Wedding Witch, preventing its removal. According to legend, it is the ghost of a woman named Lenora Wainsly who was left at the altar by famous chef Bayard B. Beauregard. Her self-depression and self-loathing supposedly caused her to turn into the witch and curse the property. Now Mystery Inc. and Jeff must get rid of the Wedding Witch of Wainsly Hall so that the house can be relocated.

474 "A Run Cycle Through Time!" Malcolm McDowell July 2, 2020
At the request of Malcolm McDowell, Mystery Inc. travels to his estate just outside Santa Barbara, California in order to help solve the mystery of the Chronobeast and why it is pursuing him. While filming a Hollywood movie about time travel decades prior, he became deeply interested in the theoretical physics behind actual time travel in real life, cracking the code after many years of research. He escorts them into his secret underground lab before showing off his time machine which is made in the form of a pedal powered carousel featuring antique style "Big Wheel" bicycles on the outer track. Velma barely has time to get a call from her future self before the Chronobeast is hot on their heels, leaving the time machine as their only route of escape.

475 "I Put A Hex On You!" The Hex Girls July 2, 2020
A mysterious package from an anonymous fan arrives for Hex Girl Thorn containing the cursed guitar of Ester Moonkiller. Thorn decides to use it in their concert later that night in Cincinnati, having one of their roadies, Tiny, tune it in time for the show. Tuning and then playing said guitar causes Tiny to go Ballistic, trashing everything in site at Thorn's house, and later backstage at the concert. With Daphne doing their makeup, the gang is close at hand to help wrangle him in before being passed off by the Hex Girls as "Rock and Roll". The Ghost of Ester Moonkiller appears on stage to curse everyone at the concert, with both Thorn and Luna's personalities becoming polar opposites of their normal selves after playing the cursed guitar, threatening to end their careers.

476 "The High School Wolfman's Musical Lament!" Christian Slater July 2, 2020
In a special Broadway musical-like episode, Mystery Inc. are attacked by a werewolf jumping on top of the Mystery Machine, causing them to crash into the nearby Hudson river. Christian Slater sees them passing nearby, saw the logo on the van & winds up hiring them to track down said Werewolf....a Werewolf with a history. At Slater's original senior prom decades ago, the Werewolf attacked and destroyed it, thus prompting the makeup prom currently being held at his alma mater with the Werewolf looming yet again. As Mystery Inc. looks for the Werewolf, they must also contend with a mysterious woman with a past.

477 "Space Station Scooby" Neil deGrasse Tyson Bill Nye July 2, 2020
Velma and the gang are invited to help Bill Nye the Science Guy test his new experimental space voyager but things turn sour when they are met with only eerie silence and the missing crew of the multi-national space station. They follow the sound of uneven tapping to an electronically locked door with Bill & Velma recognizing it as Morse code. Using the tapped out message, Nye enters the code into the keypad opening the door to reveal Neil deGrasse Tyson. Quickly explaining the monster of the week, a giant Tardigrade (or water bear) appears shortly after, threatening not only the mission, but the entire station as well.

Season 2 (2020–2021)

478 "The Phantom, The Talking Dog, and the Hot Hot Hot Sauce!" Kacey Musgraves October 1, 2020
Daphne takes the gang to see her celebrity bestie Kacey Musgraves in Nashville where she is performing and a phantom is on the loose, attacking artists he does not like.

479 "The Last Inmate!" Morgan Freeman October 1, 2020
Mystery Inc. together with Morgan Freeman investigate an old prison, abandoned for 100 years for purportedly being haunted by the Ghost of Jean Lebeau.

480 "The Horrible Haunted Hospital of Dr. Phineas Phrag!" Kristen Schaal October 1, 2020
Mystery Inc. and Kristen Schaal investigate a haunted hospital with the ghost of a 1950s doctor named Phineas Phrag.

481 "The Hot Dog Dog!" Joey Chestnut October 1, 2020
A tree monster called the Gnarled One attacks Shaggy and Scooby-Doo when they are at a hot dog eating contest with Joey Chestnut. 482 "A Moveable Mystery!" Gigi Hadid October 1, 2020
While in Paris during Fashion Week, the gang helps model Gigi Hadid after a gargoyle attacks.

483 "The Feast of Dr. Frankenfooder!" Alton Brown October 1, 2020
Shaggy and Scooby do the unexpected and welcome a visit to a haunted castle in Germany because famous chef Alton Brown will be there. They must also contend with a monster made by the known mad food scientist Dr. Frankenfooder.

484 "A Fashion Nightmare!" Tim Gunn October 1, 2020
Mystery Inc. runs into Tim Gunn while investigating the sighting of an elevator operator ghost that is haunting the Dergfall Boldman Department Store.

485 "Scooby on Ice!" Tara Lipinski October 1, 2020
Mystery Inc. heads to Austria for the International Ice Games, where they meet figure skating champion Tara Lipinski. During this time, they must deal with a snow monster called the Snow Devil.

486 "Caveman on the Half Pipe!" Chloe Kim October 1, 2020
A defrosted caveman scares up the slopes on the Rocky Mountains where Mystery Inc. meets gold medalist snowboarder Chloe Kim.

487 "The Crown Jewel of Boxing!" Laila Ali October 1, 2020
A robot sabotages the opening of a boxing museum created by boxing pro Laila Ali.

488 "The Internet on Haunted House Hill!" Liza Koshy October 1, 2020
Arriving at a haunted Thraber Estate, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo meet with their friend Liza Koshy. As they take part in Liza's fast-paced Internet videos, they must also contend with the attacks caused by the Ghost of Charles M. Thraber.

489 "The 7th Inning Scare!" Macklemore Frank Paur Ben Lapides October 1, 2020
A mysterious invitation to a baseball game allows a chance encounter between Mystery Inc. and rapper Macklemore, the latter of whom is being attacked by a ghostly mascot.

490 "The Dreaded Remake of Jekyll & Hyde!" Sandy Duncan October 1, 2020
Sandy Duncan is making a new Jekyll and Hyde movie only for the set to be attacked by a real-life Hyde monster. Note: This episode is a callback to The New Scooby-Doo Movies episode "Sandy Duncan's Jekyll and Hyde" which had a similar plot that also involved Sandy Duncan, a similar Mr. Hyde, and a homage to the character Zalia Z. Fairchild who was the culprit in the original episode.

491 "Total Jeopardy!" Alex Trebek November 13, 2020
Alex Trebek hosts an episode of Jeopardy! featuring Velma and Shaggy competing against a robot named Max Kilobyte who goes on a rampage against anyone that looks like they might cause him to lose the game.
Note: The episode premiered on November 13 as a posthumous tribute to Trebek who died on November 8, 2020. Real-life announcer Johnny Gilbert also was involved in the episode.

492 "Dark Diner of Route 66!" Axl Rose February 25, 2021
When Fred, Daphne, and Velma are kidnapped by three Mud Men at a diner, Shaggy and Scooby must team up with Axl Rose to save their friends.
Note: This episode was dedicated in memory to both Joe Ruby and Ken Spears who were the creators of the Scooby-Doo franchise and the founders of Ruby-Spears Productions, as they died in 2020.

493 "Lost Soles of Jungle River!" October 1, 2021
Jason Sudeikis leads the gang on a treasure hunt through the Amazon rainforest, where they meet a snake man monster.

494 "The Tao of Scoob!" October 1, 2021
A sculpture monster threatens to sabotage the opening of Lucy Liu's art show, so she enlists the gang's help.

495 "Returning of the Key Ring!" October 1, 2021
The gang investigates a hardware store after a dinner with Sean Astin turns into an adventure to return a lost key ring. The gang quickly realizes that a plant monster is also after the key ring, and they must keep it from the creature at all costs.

496 "Cher, Scooby and the Sargasso Sea!" (Cher returns!) October 1, 2021
The gang celebrates Scooby-Doo's birthday on a yacht with Cher. Things become oddly familiar when a pair of shark men attack Cher's boat, and the gang has to solve the mystery.

497 "The Lost Mines of Kilimanjaro!" 1, 2021
The gang encounters a gorilla on a rampage while bumping into Jessica Biel in the rainforest.

498 "The Legend of the Gold Microphone!" October 1, 2021
Reverend Run needs the gang's help to renovate a youth center haunted by the spirits of two famous musicians.

499 "Scooby-Doo and the Sky Town Cool School!" October 1, 2021
Billy Dee Williams teaches the gang how to be cool at his "Cool School." When a pterodactyl suddenly appears, the gang and Billy have to stop the creature.


"Falling Star Man!" October 1, 2021
The gang helps Terry Bradshaw solve the mystery of an alien at his farm.

501 "A Haunt of a Thousand Voices!" (Actual voice actors are the guests!) October 1, 2021
Daphne introduces the gang to her friend Frank Welker, and his friends Grey Griffin, Matthew Lillard and Kate Micucci, who are filming a television show about four mystery solving teens and a talking dog. Familiar monsters begin kidnapping the voice actors one by one, and the gang must devise a plan to rescue them.
Villains: The Ghost of Captain Cutler, Charlie the Robot, The Ghost of Redbeard and The Creeper

502 "Scooby-Doo, Dog Wonder!" October 1, 2021
When Blue Falcon is turned to stone by Medusa at an art museum, Scooby-Doo has to become Dog Wonder while Dynomutt takes Blue Falcon's place. Along with the rest of the gang, the duo have to stop Medusa in order to rescue Dynomutt's partner.

503 "The Movieland Monsters!" October 1, 2021
The gang tests out Carol Burnett's new virtual reality movie world, but things become far too realistic than they expected when a monster attempts to sabotage the simulations.

Episode count recap:
SDWAY (17+8) 1-25
Comedy Movies (16+8) 26-49
Scooby Doo Show (16+8+16 = 40) 50-89
Scooby and Scrappy (16) 90-105
7 minute shorts (60+26 = 86; EXCLUDING 13 Scrappy&Yabba=spinoff) 106-191
All New Scooby & Scrappy (24; 2-parters counted as one) 192-215
New Scooby Doo Mysteries (20; 2-parters counted as one) 216-235
13 Ghosts (13) 236-248
Pup Named Scooby (13+8+9 = 30; short episodes counted separately) 249-278
What's New Scooby Doo (14+14+14 = 42) 279-320
Get A Clue (13+13 = 26) 321-346
Mystery Incorporated (26+26 =52) 347-398
Be Cool Scooby Doo (26+27 = 53) 399-451
Season 1: (13+13=26) 452-477
Season 2 (26) 478-503

WB Era Features and Specials

Animated DTV series

1 Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island September 22, 1998
2 Scooby-Doo! and the Witch's Ghost October 5, 1999
3 Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders October 3, 2000
4 Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase October 9, 2001
5 Scooby-Doo! and the Legend of the Vampire March 4, 2003
6 Scooby-Doo! and the Monster of Mexico September 30, 2003
7 Scooby-Doo! and the Loch Ness Monster June 22, 2004
8 Aloha, Scooby-Doo! February 8, 2005
9 Scooby-Doo! in Where's My Mummy? December 13, 2005
10 Scooby-Doo! Pirates Ahoy! September 19, 2006
11 Chill Out, Scooby-Doo! September 4, 2007
12 Scooby-Doo! and the Goblin King September 23, 2008
13 Scooby-Doo! and the Samurai Sword April 7, 2009
14 Scooby-Doo! Abracadabra-Doo February 16, 2010
15 Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare September 14, 2010
16 Scooby-Doo! Legend of the Phantosaur September 6, 2011
17 Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire March 13, 2012
18 Big Top Scooby-Doo! October 9, 2012
19 Scooby-Doo! Mask of the Blue Falcon February 26, 2013
20 Scooby-Doo! Adventures: The Mystery Map July 23, 2013
21 Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright August 20, 2013
22 Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery March 25, 2014
23 Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy August 19, 2014
24 Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness February 17, 2015
25 Scooby-Doo! and Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery July 21, 2015
26 Lego Scooby-Doo! Haunted Hollywood May 10, 2016
27 Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon August 9, 2016
28 Scooby-Doo! Shaggy's Showdown February 14, 2017
29 Lego Scooby-Doo! Blowout Beach Bash July 25, 2017
30 Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold January 9, 2018
31 Scooby-Doo! and the Gourmet Ghost September 11, 2018
32 Scooby-Doo! and the Curse of the 13th Ghost February 5, 2019
33 Scooby-Doo! Return to Zombie Island October 1, 2019
34 Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo! October 6, 2020
35 Scooby-Doo! The Sword and the Scoob February 23, 2021
36 Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby-Doo! Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog September 14, 2021

([proposed?] Scooby-Doo! in King Arthur's Court TBA)

Theatrical and/or other live action films and specials:

Scooby-Doo June 14, 2002 (Live action, theatrical)
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed March 26, 2004 (Live action, theatrical)
Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins September 13, 2009 (Live action, TV)
Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster October 16, 2010 (Live action, TV)
Daphne & Velma May 22, 2018 (Live action, DTV)
Scoob! May 15, 2020 (CGI, theatrical)

Cartoon Network specials:

Scooby-Doo: Behind the Scenes October 24, 1998 (8 part spotlights on the gang and other elements of the show, later used as interstitials)
The Scooby-Doo Project October 31, 1999 (CN interstitials)
Night of the Living Doo October 31, 2001 (parody of "New Scooby Doo Movies" featuring Gary Coleman, David Cross, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Mark Hamill

Other specials:

An Evening with the Scooby-Doo Gang February 8, 2005 (Came with the film "Aloha, Scooby-Doo!")
The Hanna-Barbera Kennel Club Roasts Scooby-Doo August 15, 2006 (Came with the collection "The Best of the New Scooby-Doo Movies")
Scooby-Doo! Spooky Games July 17, 2012 (DTV)
Scooby-Doo! Haunted Holidays October 16, 2012 (DTV)
Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Scarecrow September 10, 2013 (DTV)
Scooby-Doo! Mecha Mutt Menace September 24, 2013 (DTV)
Scooby-Doo! Ghastly Goals May 13, 2014 (DTV)
Scooby-Doo! and the Beach Beastie May 5, 2015 (DTV)
Lego Scooby-Doo! Knight Time Terror November 25, 2015 (DTV)

Reunion Special (Fall, 2021)

Web toons shorts:

1 [LEGO]: Scooby-Doo and the Tag-Sale Clue July 30, 2015
2 [LEGO]: Donuts Save the Day August 11, 2015
3 [LEGO]: Doorway Debacle August 19, 2015
4 [LEGO]: Ghoul on Wheels August 26, 2015
5 [LEGO]: The Getaway September 2, 2015
6 [LEGO]: Creaky Creep Out September 9, 2015)
7 [LEGO]: Impossible Imposters September 15, 2015
8 [LEGO]: Scooby-Dooby-Doo! September 29, 2015
9 [LEGO]: Trick and Treat October 21, 2015
10 [LEGO]: Mystery Machine Mash-Up March 8, 2016
11 [LEGO]: Lighthouse Lunch Break March 15, 2016
12 [LEGO]: Scary Sleepover March 22, 2016
13 [LEGO]: Nice Ride March 29, 2016
14 [LEGO]: If You Build It, Pizza Will Come April 5, 2016
15 [LEGO]: Mummy Museum Mystery April 12, 2016
16 [LEGO]: Danger Prone Daphne April 19, 2016
17 [LEGO]: Wicked Warehouse Pursuit April 26, 2016
18 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Cases: The Case Of The Scooby Snack Specter July 30, 2015
19 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Cases: The Case Of The Swamp Picnic Showdown August 11, 2015
20 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Cases: The Case Of The Speed Vampire August 19, 2015
21 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Cases: The Case Of The Monster Birthday August 26, 2015
22 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Cases: The Case Of The Party Mayhem September 2, 2015
23 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Cases: The Case Of The Ghost In The Theater September 9, 2015
24 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Cases: The Case Of The Bad Science Ghost September 15, 2015
25 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Cases: The Case Of The Vanishing Van September 29, 2015
26 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Cases: The Case Of The Beach Pirate Bonanza October 21, 2015
27 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Cases: The Case Of The Very Spooky Cave March 8, 2016
28 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Cases:The Case Of Frankenstein's Monster March 15, 2016
29 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Cases: The Case Of The Gift Grabber March 22, 2016
30 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Cases: The Case Of The Problematic Pumpkin Pie March 29, 2016
31 Scooby-Doo! Mini Mysteries: Ice To Meet You April 12, 2016
32 Scooby-Doo! Mini Mysteries: Cotton Candy Chaos April 5, 2016

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