Episode Guide

Yes, all 360* series episodes from 1969 to 2008! Mysteries feature setting, villain characters, the culprits and the crimes. Non-mysteries and Pup Named Scooby Doo mysteries are followed by brief descriptions. Also listed are the new What's New Scooby Doo episodes.

*(Other people in the past had counted around 30 or so more episodes, and the Guinness Records even counted 350 before all the WNSD episodes aired!) This seems to come from including the 13 Scrappy and Yabba episodes, which I don't count because that series was a spinoff that did not include Scooby, even though it was apart of the Scooby program for that season. Also people count the eight two part episodes as 2 each. I count them as one. The 24 Laff-A-Lympics episodes also seem to get included, but while even though that show was under the Scooby franchise, it still was more of a Hanna Barbera "all star" series than Scooby Doo episodes. They may also be including the feature length movies, but this list is for series episodes.


2 right columns contain solution of mystery

(* double identities)

1969: Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
Episode Setting Ghost Culprit Crime/Asset
What a Night for a Knight Museum at night Black Knight Mr. Wickles the curator Art plagiarism
Hassle in the Castle Castle on island "Phantom" (sheeted figure) Bluestone the great: outlawed magician Treasure
A Clue for Scooby Doo Sea (marina) Sea-going ghost Captain Cutler* Boat theft
Mine your Own Business Western ghost town, abandoned mine Miner 49-er Hank the caretaker Oil in mine
Decoy for a Dognapper Desert; Indian caves Ghost of Geronimo; witch doctor Buck Masters, show dog owner Contest Cheating
What the Hex Going On haunted estate Ghost of Elias Weatherbee Uncle Stewart, owner of estate Inheritance
Never Ape an Ape Man Movie set Ape Man Carl the stunt man Revenge
Foul Play in Funland Amusement park Robot caretakers None; rigged robot for good purposes
Backstage Rage Theater (puppet show) Puppet master/"Cloaked Cavalier" Pietro (the puppeteer)* Counterfeiting
Bedlam in the Bigtop Circus tent The Ghost Clown Harry the Hypnotist (former circus act) Revenge
Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts Franken Castle Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf Big Bob Oakley, "the actor" (all 3) Jewels(tapestry)
Scooby Doo and a Mummy Too Museum Mummy Dr. Najib, archaeologist Diamond scarab
Which Witch is Which Swamp, showboat Witch, zombie Zeb and Zeke, local fisherman Stolen armored car
Kooky Space Kook Abandoned airfield Space alien Baskins, local resident Land for profit
Go Away Ghost Ship Pirate ship at sea Redbeard the pirate Mr. Magnus, ship owner Hijacking
Night of Fright is No Delight haunted mansion Shadow Phantom/green ghosts Creeps and Crawls, attorneys Inheritance(cash)
That's Snow Ghost Ski country Ghost of Yeti Greenway, ski resort owner & Leach, guest smuggle jewels

1970: Second Season
Nowhere to Hyde Scientist house/lab Mr. Hyde Dr. Jeckyll, (Descendant of original) Jewel robbery
Mystery Mask Mixup Chinatown, temple Zen T'uo ghost; zombies Mr. Fong, mask expert, henchmen Golden mask
Jeepers, It's the Creeper farm/barnyard dance Creeper Mr Carswell, bank president Bank job
Scooby's Night with a Frozen Fright aquarium prehistoric caveman Professor Wayne Steal Scientific instrument
Haunted House Hangup Haunted mansion Headless spectre and sheeted man Asa Shanks, greedy neighbor Hidden jewels
Tiki Scare is No Fair Hawaii Mano Tiki Tia (parade float); witch doctor Mr. Simms the tour guide; henchman Jewels (poaching)
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf? woods Werewolf unnamed man sheep rustling
Don't Fool with a Phantom TV station/wax museum wax phantom station manager Embezzlement

1972: Scooby Doo Comedy Movies
Episode Guest Setting Villain Culprit Crime
Ghastly Ghost Town 3 Stooges ghost town amusement park various rigs Crunch & Rhino selling of uranium
Dynamic Scooby Doo Affair
(Working Title: Dynamic Duo Affair)
Batman & Robin farmhouse; Gotham City Funhouse Joker & Penguin; hooded man Mrs. Baker, lady of house counterfeiting
Scooby Doo Meets the Addams Family
(aka "Wednesday is Missing")
Addams Family house "The Vulture" Neighbors good intention, no crime
Frickert Fracas Jonathan Winters Frickert farm Scarecrow Mr. Wheatley, the bank president hidden chicken formula
Guess Who's Knott Coming for Dinner Don Knotts forest, haunted manor phantom crooked family members inheritance
A Good Medium is Rare Phyllis Diller Magic Mansion; Diller home masked men Magic Mansion staff Diller Jewels
Sandy Duncan's Jekyll and Hydes movie set Mr. Hyde; various other getups retired movie star N/A
Secret of Shark Island Sonny and Cher decrepit hotel on island "Pescado Diabolico", the shark god Mr. Meekly (posed as manager) Gold
The Spooky Fog Don Knotts western town; caves skeleton man; ghosts Gene Haltrey Rustling
Scooby Doo Meets Laurel and Hardy
(aka "The Ghost of Bigfoot")
ski resort Bigfoot Mr. Crabtree (resort guest) auto ring
Ghost of the Red Baron 3 Stooges old airfield; wheat & corn fields Red Baron Siegfried (pilot) Land for profit
Ghostly Creep from the Deep Harlem Globetrotters woods; lodge; pirate ship Redbeard the Pirate crooked businessman Oil rigs
Haunted Horseman of Hagglethorn Hall Davey Jones old Scottish castle Haunted Horseman; moat monster Duke of Strathmore; Cyrus Wheatley, the farmer steal castle
Phantom of the Country Music Hall Jerry Reed theater "Phantom" Ben Bing; Bertha the wash-lady* (bank robber) hidden bank loot
Caped Crusader Caper Batman & Robin woods (camping); cave; Gotham City factory Joker & Penguin (no other villains) extortion
Loch Ness Mess Harlem Globetrotters Rural Mass.;

Shaggy's uncle's mansion

Ghost of Paul Revere & two others; sea serpent Morgan, Winslow & Selby, local boat renters hidden treasure in cove (movie set)

1973: Second Season
Mystery of Haunted Island Globetrotters haunted boat and mansion on island various rival team leaders (not arrested) cheating on game
Haunted Showboat Josie & the Pussycats Mississippi riverboat Ghost of Injun Joe & Tom Sawyer Captain of boat convert to gambling
Scooby Doo Meets Jeannie
(aka "Mystery in Persia")
ancient Persia evil jinn (real) Uncle Abin (released the jinn) Inheritance
Spirited Spooked Sports Show Tim Conway school stadium ghost of Fireball McFain twin brother of president convert to racetrack
The Exterminator Don Adams House of horror film star Loren Chumley various Chumley (not criminal) N/A
Weird Winds of Winona Speed Buggy western town hooded men ? Convert to gambling
Haunted Candy Factory Cass Elliot candy factory green globs Mr. Crink, foreman; Sterling Smith, bank robber* smuggle stolen gold
Scooby Doo Meets Dick Van Dyke
(aka "The Haunted Carnival")
Haunted carnival Ghostly hand carnival strongman revenge

1976: Scooby Doo/ Dynomutt Show
Episode Setting Ghost/monster Culprit Crime
A Bum Steer For Scooby western ranch Tamuka (bull ghost); witch doctor Sam Ferrin, nearby ranch owner; Lennie the cook Rustling
Gruesome Game of the Gator Ghoul Hokeyfenokey Swamp Gator Ghoul Ms. Dovely, plant worker Revenge
Spirits of '76 Washington, DC "Splitsonian Institute") ghosts of Benedict Arnold, Demond Wilson & Major Andre museum worker Mint burglary
Ghosts of the Bad Humor Man Ice cream factory Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry phantoms Mr Grisby*(Sammy the Shrimp) stolen armored car
No Face Zombie chase doll factory no-face zombie; gorilla Mr. Dilly, co-owner of factory Golden Gallion coin
Scooby Doo, Where's the Crew? Ship at sea;

sunken wreck

ghost of Capt. Pescado; octopus & kelp monster ship's crew treasure of Diablo Doro
The Fiesta Host is an Aztec Ghost Mexican hotel; Aztec pyramid ghost of Contezuma; stone statue Prof. Stonehack & wife (archaeologists) Aztec treasures
Watt A Shocking Ghost ski town; electric plant 10,000 volt ghost Voltner, electrician & Mayor Dudley land for profit
There's a Demon Shark In the Foggy Dark aquarium demon shark Mr. Wells pearls
Scared A lot in Camelot Shagworthy Castle (moved to New England from Old England) Merlin and Black Knight Zarko the magician; gatekeeper family jewels
Headless Horseman of Halloween Halloween party in Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman cousin Ellwood diamond
Harum Scarum Sanitarium sanitarium; Niagara Falls ghost of mad Doctor Coffin outlaw posing as border patrol officer Gold smuggling
High Rise Hair Raiser high rise skeleton; house moved from site Ebenezer Crab ("Spectre") Foreman and contractor safe burglary
Frightened Hound Meets Demons Underground Seattle/old underground city Steamin' Demon contractor *(posed as sea captain) Stolen money
Ghost the Sacked the Quarterback "Wonder Bowl" stadium Ramblin' Ghost former coach*(posing as scoreboard operator) revenge
Momba Womba and the Voodoo Hoodoo haunted plantation witch doctor and zombie Roger and Lilafont> fraud

1977: Scooby's All Star Laff-A Lympics
Curse of Viking Lake rural lake Vikings ? ?
Vampires, Bats & Scaredy Cats island Vampire crooked uncle inheritance
Hang in There, Scooby Doo desert valley pterodactyl Mayor Bohannon; music pirates Music piracy
Creepy Heap from the Deep sea; submarine sea monster captain Clemons smuggling convicts
Chiller Diller Movie Thriller train, town of Boothville ghost of Milo Booth dog trainer dognapping
Spooky case of the Grand Prix Race race track; junk yard Phantom Racer Ken Rogers, racer Auto ring
Ozark Witch Switch Ozarks; Hatfield home Witch McCoy; zombie shopkeeper Aggie Wilkins; boyfriend hidden loot
Creepy Cruise cruise ship monster from the time machine scientist; financial backer Grady "shwindle"

1978: Scooby's Allstars
Watch Out, It's the Willowaw! Indian country Willowaw (fiery owl ghost); owl men crooked tribesmen treasure
Creepy tangle in the Bermuda Triangle submarine at sea UFO; skeleton men ? Boat theft
Scary Night With the Snow Beast Fright Eskimo country Snow Beast crooked tribesmen Oil
To Switch A Witch Halloween; Salem Witch Hunt Wilcox Witch crooked twin sister; squire Inheritance
Tar Monster Turkish tarpits, caves Tar monster crooked geologists hidden treasure
Highland Fling With a Highland Thing McDuff Castle; Loch Ness Loch Ness Monster; ghost of Finnean McDuff ? Smuggling
Creepy Case of Old Iron Face ocenaside; vacant island prison Iron Face ghost; metal sharks Mama Meone, diner owner smuggling convicts
Jeepers, It's the Jaguaro Amazon jungle Jaguaro Luis, co-pilot; Barney, guide jewels
Make A Bee-line From that Feline (alternate: Who was that Cat Creature I Saw You With) New York City penthouse; cemetery Cat Creature crooked doctor (hypnotist) jewel burglary; frame-up
Creepy Creature of Vulture's Claw gardens 7-foot tall Mantis Professor Greer fraudulent property acquisition
Diabolical Disc Demon recording studio demon Ace Decade, owner Music piracy
Scooby's Chinese Fortune Cookie Caper China Moon Monster uncle Chin family jewels (treasure)
Menace In Venice Venice; museum Ghostly Gondolier Crooked relative jewels
Don't Go Near the Fortress of Fear fortress in Puerto Rico ghost of captain ? Smuggle treasure
The Beast Is Awake In Bottomless Lake logging country near US/Canada border beast Julie the shopkeeper smuggling
Warlock of Wimbledon British tennis championship stadium Warlock Amphos & Devil Hound Nick (crooked cousin); gatekeeper Inheritance

1979: Scooby and Scrappy Doo
The Scarab Lives Comic book studio Blue Scarab Gruger [sp?], assistant revenge
Night Ghoul of Wonderworld London fantasy world Ghost of Sherlock Holmes Mr Marino, host Royal jewels
Strange Encounters of a Scooby Kind woods (camping) UFO; space alien Tessie excavated metals
Neon Phantom of the Roller Disco roller-skating rink Neon Phantom next door neighbor prevent property acquisition
Shiver and Shake, That Demon's a Snake Cruise: Haiti, Miami, New Orleans Snake Demon first mate smuggle silver
Scary Sky Skeleton airfield Sky Skeleton Eddie Drake, reporter Oil
Demon of the Dugout International Baseball championship, Japan Dragon Beast Mr. Husai diamond trophy
Hairy Scare of the Devil Bear cave dwellings near Grand Canyon Devil Bear Chuck Hunt, Asst' archaeologist hidden treasure
Twenty Thousand Screams Under the Sea Acapulco sea beast Tiger Morris, diver Treasure
I Left My Neck in San Francisco hotel Lady Vampire of the Bay Mrs Cornell*(Lefty Callahan, thief) jewels
When You Wish upon a Star Creature observatory Star Creature Mr Greenfield observatory owner secret codes
The Ghoul, the Bat, and the Ugly Monster film awards ceremony Shadow Creature Mr. Davies, host of awards Valuable stamp
Rocky Mountain Yiii! Ski resort ghost of Jeremiah Pratt great, great grandson of Pratt hidden wagon
The Sorceror's A Menace magic show Haldane's Ghost Pearl
Lock the Door, It's a Minotaur Greece; olive farms Minotaur ? Jewels
Ransom of Scooby Chief New York City no ghostly characters (not a mystery) pair of crooks kidnaping; extortion

1980: Richie Rich/Scooby Doo (Renamed "Scary Scooby Funnies") (3 per half-hour)
CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF A STRANGE KIND Aliens kidnap Shaggy into space
FIT NIGHT OUT FOR BATS Encounter Vampire named Sylvester
CHINESE FOOD FACTORY Gang gets job as night watchmen; confronted by burglar
MUMMY'S THE WORD Encounter mummy in Egyptian pyramid
DESERT DILEMMA Encounter magician in desert castle
STUNTMAN SCOOBY Gang gets jobs as movie set doubles
SCOOBY'S BULL FRIGHT Take siesta in middle of bullfighting ring, wind up replacing bullfighter
STOWAWAYS Board wrong ship, chased by crew
LONG JOHN SCRAPPY Battle pirate looking for treasure
THE OLD CAT & MOUSE GAME Run into Cat Man and Siamese Cat; become shrunken in pool
SCOOBY'S THREE DING-A LING CIRCUS Gang get jobs as vendors; eat up food, chased by boss, and wind up part of show
HANG IN THERE, SCOOBY Gang gets carried off on runaway hang glider
A BUNGLE IN THE JUNGLE Battle "Nazrat" of the Jungle
SCOOBY'S FUN ZONE Battle strongman at carnival
SCOOBY'S FANTASTIC ISLAND encounter prehistoric island, chased by caveman
SCOOBY GHOSTS WEST Encounter ghosts in a ghost town hotel
SWAMP WITCH witch and goblin aim to turn gang into frogs for frog leg stew
WAXWORLD Battle Wax Master who wants to add gang to wax museum
SCRAPPY'S BIRTHDAY Retells Scrappy's birth; newborn Scrappy gets Shaggy and Scooby in trouble with hospital orderly
SIR SCOOBY AND THE BLACK KNIGHT Battle knight, whom they thought was "hotel manager" in Scottish castle
SCOOBY IN WONDERLAND Scooby dreams he is Alice; chased by Queen of Hearts and Cheshire Cat
SCOOBY'S SWISS MISS Scooby falls for poodle and is confronted by jealous bulldog in skiing trip
ET TU, SCOOB? Too much pepperoni pizza in Italy lands gang, visiting Colosseum, in ancient Roman gladiator fight
SOGGY BOG SCOOBY Battle swamp creature on old riverboat
SOUTH SEAS SCARE Battle lava monster on Pacific Island
SCOOBY GUMBO New Orleans restauranteur refuses to serve dogs and chases them until he tastes Scrappy's Gumbo
ALASKAN KING COWARD Frozen creature comes to life during gold search. Scrappy thinks it's a "claim jumper"
MOONLIGHT MADNESS Family amulet turns Shaggy into Werewolf
WAY OUT SCOOBY Wind up on ship to Mars; chased by US robot
STRONGMAN SCOOBY Battle weightlifting bulldog in gym
SCOOBY AT THE CENTER OF THE WORLD Battle limestone monsters and giant bat in underground cavern
SCOOBY'S TRIP TO AHZ Scooby dreams he is cowardly lion; battle Wicked Witch of the North by Southeast
DOG TAG SCOOBY Visiting Army base; confronted by tough drill sergeant who mistakes them for new recruits
A FRIGHT AT THE OPERA Battle phantom in Paris sewers
INVASION OF THE SCOOBY SNATCHERS Alien clones gang, attempts to take over world
SCOOBY AND THE BANDIT Battle truckers on road after taking their van, which looks like the Mystery Machine
ROBOT RANCH Robot Master attempts to turn gang into robots to add to theme park; battle Rawhide Red robot
SCOOBY DOOBY GURU Confronted by Taj Mahal guard they angered; He befriends them when they find lost ruins
SURPRISED SPIES Gang winds up on mission to catch spy in San Francisco Bay
SCOOBY-NOCCHIO Scooby dreams he is Pinocchio after accepting free tickets to a carnival (nose grows long when he lies, gang turns into donkeys)
SCOOBY'S ROOTS Ghost at Scooby Manor turns out to be spirit of Great Grandpa Scooby, Civil War hero
LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER SCOOBY Battle sea captain ghost in abandoned lighthouse
EXCALIBUR SCOOBY Battle Merlin who needs gang to make formula to pull sword out of stone
SCOOBY'S LUCK OF THE IRISH Tackle leprechaun caught in Scrappy-trap for his pot of gold
SCOOBY'S ESCAPE FROM ATLANTIS Gang is washed off of cruise and swept into Atlantis; battle Grecian centaur
SCOOBY DOOBY GOO Shaggy and Scooby are turned into babies by steam bath; entered into baby contest
RICKSHAW SCOOBY Battle dragon statue come to life in China
BACKSTAGE SCOOBY Gang gets jobs backstage, and are chased by Marvo the magician, whose act they ruined
SCOOBY SAVES THE WORLD As space shuttle cleaners, gang accidentally takes off and encounters Darth Vader-like alien who wants to conquer Earth
SCOOBY'S HOUSE OF MYSTERY Fortune teller Madam Olga needs puppy dog tails for a formula to turn herself beautiful
SWEET DREAMS SCOOBY) Locked in museum for the night, gang dreams of exhibits (Ben Franklin Shaggy, Blue Max Scrappy, Caveman Scooby
HARD HAT SCOOBY Gang works, unknowingly, on Vampire State Building for a vampire foreman
CANINE TO FIVE Gang works for newspaper science editor who accidentally turns himself into a wolfman
SOPWITH SCOOBY Battle German baron pilot in air race
HOTHOUSE SCOOBY Gang, as gardening service, battles man-eating plant creatures in overgrown garden
SCOOBY DOO 2000 Cleaning Big Ben, spinning clock hands transports gang to automated Jetsons-like future; battle robot toy gorilla
PUNK ROCK SCOOBY Alien who looks like Scrappy lands in concert attended by gang; thinks Scrappy is fellow Plutonian
PIGSKIN SCOOBY Gang winds up playing against hulking rival football team after former team quits
SCOOBY AND THE BEANSTALK Battle giant in huge castle atop beanstalk after Scooby drops beans, (for dinner) in puddle
TENDERBIGFOOT Scrappy tries to catch Bigfoot in scout camping trip

1982: Scooby and Scrappy Doo/Puppy;

[The teen adventures]
BASKETBALL BUMBLERS Battle bully rival basketball team members cheating with electronic device
SUPER TEEN SHAGGY a bump on the head transforms Shaggy into super hero Super Teen; confronts bullies at a masquerade party
WHO'S SCOOBY DOO? Bullies steal a kid's science project which switches personalities, including Shaggy & Scooby's, and theirs
MOVIE MONSTER MENACE Scientist uses a device to turn teens acting in a movie into real monsters. Shaggy likewise becomes a monster to confront him
DOUBLE TROUBLE DATE Shaggy, booking two dates at once, dresses Scooby up as a guy for one of the girls, but her brother is wise to it and confronts them
MISFORTUNE TELLER A bully, impressing his girlfriend at a carnival, holds fortune teller Shaggy up to his prediction that he would win every game he plays.
SCOOBY DOO AND GENIE POO a girl genie's poodle falls for Scooby, and seeks to take him with her into their bottle, and back to ancient Arabia
PICNIC POOPERS Gang is threatened to be tied into knots by cheating bully and bulldog if they win picnic contests
MUSCLE TROUBLE Bully challenges gang to boating race after Shaggy (accidentally) shows him up at weightlifting; his pet, the bulldog, aids his cheating
CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE WORST KIND Young aliens kidnap various earth specimens, including "a dog called a Great Dane"
ONE MILLION YEARS BEFORE LUNCH the gang's teen project turns out to be a time machine; protect prehistoric cave girl from her bully boyfriend
HOE-DOWN SHOWDOWN Family feud caused by Shaggy's country cousin refusing to date boy who doesn't bathe
WHERE'S THE WEREWOLF? Scooby gets turned into a werewolf; greedy teens try to capture him for fortune

Uncle Fearless Detective Agency (semi return to crime solving format)

episode Villain Culprit Crime
MALTESE MACKERAL pair of crooks; one fat, one shrimpy real identities Maltese Mackeral
STAKEOUT AT THE TAKEOUT crooks running hamburger joint real identities smuggling gold coins
BEAUTY CONTEST CAPER "Big ugly hairy thing" (real) Miss Bulgravia cheating on contest
DUMB WAITER CAPER Bugsy Burton & Gang real identities jewels
COMIC BOOK CAPER Slime Boy Mr. Morley, convention manager steal "Slime Boy" #1
BAD TO CURSE Gypsy true identity amulet
GEM OF A CASE Fingers Malone (jewel thief) true identity jewels
CAPTAIN CANINE CAPER gorilla, masked man Director kidnaping
CATFISH BURGLAR CAPER Catfish Burglar Lefty Callahan burglary
CAT LADY CAPER Cat Lady true identity burglary (jewels)
DISAPPEARING CAR CAPER Pistons McGee True identity auto ring
SNOW JOB TOO SMALL Abominable snowman Uncle Cosgrove Inheritance
CABLE CAR CAPER female crook and accomplice true identities stealing cable car full of people

Current broadcasting order: (3 per half hour; third cartoon is always Scrappy and Yabba Doo)
Basketball Bumblers Maltese Mackeral Yabba's Rustle Hustle
Super Teen Shaggy Stakeout at the Takeout Mine Your Own Business
Who's Scooby Doo Beauty Contest Caper Runaway Scrappy
Movie Monster Menace Double trouble Date Slippery Dan the Escape Man
Dumb Waiter Caper Comic Book caper Lowdown Showdown
Bad to Curse Misfortune teller Vild Vest Vampire
Gem of a Case Scooby Doo and Genie Poo Tumbleweed Derby
Picnic Poopers Muscle Trouble Alien Schmalien
Captain Canine Caper Close Encounter of the Worst Kind Law & Disorder
Catfish Burglar Caper One Million Years Before Lunch Go East Young Partner
Cat Lady Caper Disappearing Car Caper Up a Crazy River
Snow Job Too Small Hoedown Showdown Tragic Magic
Where's the Werewolf Cable Car Caper Bride & Gloom

1983: All New Scooby and Scrappy Doo

Episode Setting Villain Culprit Crime
Scoobygeist haunted mansion various none (real haunts) N/A
Dinosaur Deception Mexico Dinosaur ? ?
Quagmire Quake Caper Indian land Mud monster ? ?
Scoobsie TV studio ("Genuine Hospital") phantom ? ?
Hound of the Scoobyvilles Scottish farm Hound of the Barkervilles Bentley the caretaker sheep rustling
No Sharking Zone Scaruba (beach); surfing contest Great White Shark; seaweed monster Cowabunga Carlyle, surfing contest treasure (jewels)
Wizards and Warlocks W & W Castle Yadzruck, Zogs (real monsters) None; gang wins at W&W game with real sorcerer
Who's Minding the Monster gang babysits real monster ? ?
Scooby A-La Mode Paris pastry school Ghost of Chef Maras
Carnival caper high-school carnival clown ? Ruby
Scooby and the Barbarian Viking ship Ola & Viking crew Prof. Busby (the pirate ) Plunder
Mark of Scooby Spanish Village (Zorro Dream) N/A (not a mystery) crooked leader embezzlement
Scooby Doo and Cyclops Too Paradise Island Cyclops ? ?
Scooby of the Jungle jungle Randar the Apeman ? ?
Scooby Roo Australian outback Neanderthal ? Uranium?
Creature From Chem-Lab high school creature ?[student] ?
No Thanx, Masked Manx Daphne's parents' house party gorilla ("masked Manx") ? Valuable stamp
Scooby Coupe Auto race Spectre of Sports cars ? Sports car
Fall Dog movie set The Gremlin Producer? Revenge
Scooby and the Minotaur Greece Minotaur Mr. Kronos, innkeeper hidden treasure
Scooby Pinch Hits baseball stadium ghost of Casey O'Reilly Roosters' coach Rungout Counterfeiting
Gold Medal Gambit decathlon Chamelion true identity gold medal
Where's Scooby Doo Orient Express "The Mummy" fugitive scientist/spy* (posing as mystery club member) code for secret formula
Wedding Bell Boos Shaggy's sister's wedding (parents' house) ghost of McBaggy Rogers (ancestor) Alex Anders, photographer Treasure (Indian corn)

1984: New Scooby Doo Mysteries (Guest appearances: F=Freddy, V=Velma)
Happy Birthday, Scooby (F, V) TV Studio ("This was Your Life, Scooby Doo") Red Skull Stuyvesant, the original butler* (posed as TV director) revenge/gold necklace
The Hand of Horror scientist's lab floating mechanical hands Ratfink, lab assistant stealing invention (the hands)
Scooby's Peep Hole Pandemonium house of horror film star (female vampire) real monsters Gang's publisher(disguised as Maid Mummy) treasure
Stoney Glare Scare Greek Isle Cyclops Prof. Mikos; Thaddeus Blimp&Wilmer Mask of Medusa
Scoo-Be, or Not Scoo-Be lodge, sea ghost of Shakespeare; sea demon ? Oil piracy
Mission Un-Dooable Statue of Liberty "Mastermind"; robots ? take over the world
Night of the Living Toys toy workshop Evil Elf King worker safe burglary
Dooby Dooby Doo Ado music show ? ? ?
Showboat Scooby Dixieland river boat ghost of Colonel & Magnolia ? ?
A Code in the Nose department store Codefinger true identity(spy) secret code in appliance
Doom service Overview Hotel (snowy mountains) Ghost of Ebenezer Overview Mrs. Van Loon (guest) Top secret papers
South Pole Vault polar station Mad Sea-lion scientist ?
The Bee Team honey farm giant killer bees spy posing as gas station attendant* stealing rockets
Scary Duel with a Cartoon Ghoul animation studio Monster Mutt Dimwittie*(spy posing as guard) espionage
E I E I O Old McDonald's Farm Monster Mouse (giant mutation) Parker* (farm worker) stealing formula
Night Louse at the White House (V) Ghosts of George Washington, Abe Lincoln diplomat & wife (spies) secret tapes
Ghosts of the Ancient Astronauts (F, V) jungle, temple crook and assistants real identities Celestial Orb (part of real alien ship)
Halloween Hassle in Dracula's Castle (F, V) ghost of Dr. Van Helsing Igor revenge (applauded by monsters)
Sherlock Doo (F) London Ghost of Sherlock Holmes Mr. Stapleton, mystery host Crown Jewels
Nutcracker Scoob (F) Wintery lodge Ghost of Christmas past Nanette Musette, lodge worker emerald in Nutcracker

1985: Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby Doo

Episode Ghost Story
To All the Ghouls I've Loved Before N/A In Himalayas, gang meets Flim Flam and Vincent; Shaggy & Scooby tricked into opening Chest of Demons, releasing 13 ghosts
Scoobra Cadoobra Maldor The ghost tries to steal Wonder Wand and take over a kingdom; puts Daphne into sleep of the centuries
Me And My Shadow Demon Queen Morbidia Demon actually is not bad, it's an old lady who's the ghost; gang lost in her house
Reflections in A Ghoulish Eye Mirror Demon Gang gets trapped in mirror dimension by ghost
That's Monstertainment Zomba Ghost traps gang in the movie "The Son of the Bride of the Ghost of Frankenstein,"
Ship of Ghouls Cruise ship Scooby is trying to take a break on runs into Bermuda Triangle and all its guests are revealed to be ghosts. Chest will open if they don't change course
Spooky little Ghoul like You Nikara Beautiful ghost tries to make Vincent fall in love with her, which will turn him to stone
When You Witch Upon a Star Marsella Brewsky Black book of spells is released to 3 stooge witches; Gang must trap ghost before 13th spell is released
It's A Wonderful Scoob Time Slime Scooby gets so tired of ghosts he quits business, but is shown the future when Time Slime opens the Chest and takes over.
Scooby In Kwackyland Demondo Gang gets trapped in the pages of the funny papers, and is aided by various comic strip characters
Coast to Coast Rankor Vincent looks in Eye of Eternity and turns to stone
Ghouliest Show on Earth Fantasmo Ghost opens a circus, hypnotizing everyone in Dooville with his calliope, including the gang and Scooby's parents
Horror Scope Zimbulu, the lion demon Boris Kreepoff, a high school rival of Vincent's, as publicity stunt tries to open Chest of Demons on national TV

1988: A Pup Named Scooby Doo

Episode Ghost Story
A Bicycle Built For Boo [green ghost] Ghost steals Shaggy's bike in connection with counterfeiting ring
Sludge Monster from the Earth's Core Scooby's doghouse is haunted in connection with bank job
Wanted, Cheddar Alive Cheddar Monster gang runs out of Scooby Snacks, and finds the Scooby Snack factory haunted
The Schnook Who Took My Comic Book Crooker, bad guy from comics steals Shaggy's Commander Cool comic
For Letter or Worse Al Cabone haunts "Letter or Worse" game show
Babysitter from Beyond Boogedy Bones Shaggy babysits his sister
Snow Place Like Home Ice Ghost Haunts ski resort gang is at
Now Museum, Now You Don't ghost of Lord Asakari valuable artifacts stolen from museum; Shaggy and Scooby accused
Scooby Dude Headless Skateboarder haunts beach; dolphins missing from marine institute; drug ring
Ghost Who's Coming to Dinner pirate ghost & friendly ghost neighbor's house is haunted so it can be condemned
The Story Stick Totem pole monster Battle over Indian land; gang sits around fire and tells spooky stories
Robopup Ghost of Chef Pierre haunts Daphne's parents' kitchen; robot dog, invented by Blake's security man to the rescue
Lights...Camera...Monster Stinkweed movie set is haunted to cover up theft

1989 Second Season
Curse of the Collar Ghostly Dog catcher tries to steal Scooby's dog collar; kidnaps Scooby's parents
Return of Commander Cool alien Shaggy and Scooby become Commander Cool and Mellow Mutt to stop stealing of CC toys
Spirit of Rock 'N Roll ghost of Pervis Parker tries to steal money
Chickenstein Lives! Freddy's uncle ("National Exaggerator") hires gang to investigate lady who claims to have brought monster to life.
Night of The Living Burger Shaggy and Scooby aren't speaking to each other, as gang defends O'Greasy from being run out of business.
The Computer Walks Among Us Velma invents a computer, which goes haywire, tries to "delete" gang, and Velma is framed for theft of other kids' lockers
Dog-Gone Scooby crazy lady Scooby runs away
Terror, Thy Name is Zombo Clown tries to scare people away from fair
1990 (four half hours; mostly short episodes)
Night of the Boogey Biker (10-15 min) Red Herring's aunt's motorcycle is stolen
Dawn of the Spooky Shuttle Astronaut ghost Space shuttle is haunted
Horror of the Haunted Hairpiece (10-15 min) Bigwig, video game character arcade Daphne works at is haunted
Wrestle Maniacs (10-15 min) Terrible Hooded Heifer Coolsville Wrestling Federation becomes haunted
Mayhem of the Moving Mollusk snail monsterTerrorizes New York City; gang brought in to help
Weredog of Doo Manor (half hr) Scooby's family may suffer the curse
Catcher on the Sly (5 min.) Chase gags between Scooby and a dog catcher (no gang)
Ghost of Mrs. Shushman Ghost of librarian wants overdue book from Shaggy
Wrath of Waitro (7 min) Commander Cool and Mellow Mutt tackle spooky waiter


There's No Creature Like Snow Creature (Originally Aired 9/14/2002)
3-D Struction (Originally Aired 9/21/2002)
Space Ape At The Cape (Originally Aired 9/28/2002)
Big Scare In The Big Easy (Originally Aired 10/5/2002)
It's Mean, It's Green, It's The Mystery Machine (Originally Aired 10/26/2002)
Riva Ras Regas (Originally Aired 11/2/2002)
Roller Ghoster Ride (11/9/02)
Safari, So Goodi (11/23/02)
She Sees Sea Monster At The Sea Shore (11/30/02)
Toy Scary Boo (2/1/03)
Lights! Camera! Mayhem! (2/15/02)
Pompeii And Circumstance (2/22/03)
The Unnatural(3-22-03)

plus Christmas special (12/2/02)


Mummy Scares Best (9-13-03)
Big Appetite in Little Tokyo (9-20-03)
The Fast and the Wormious (9-27-03)
High-Tech House of Horrors (10-4-03)
The Vampire Strikes Back (10-18-03)
Homeward Hound(10-25-03)
The San Franpsycho (3-20-04)
Simple Plan and the Invisible Madman (3-22-04)
Recipe for Disaster (3-23-04)
Large Dragon at Large (3-24-04)
Uncle Scooby and Antarctica* (3-25-04)
New Mexico, Old Monster (3-26-04)
It's All Greek to Scooby (3-27-04)

Plus Halloween special (10-24-03)

*This episode naturally raised the question of whether Scrappy was making an appearance in the show. Turns out, it is a group of little penguins whom Scooby becomes "uncle" to in this one. The story is in some ways similar to the Scooby and Scrappy episode "South Pole Vault".


Fright House Of A Lighthouse (1-29-05)
Go West, Young Scoob (2-5-05)
Wrestle Maniacs (2-12-05)
Ready To Scare (2-19-05)
Farmed And Dangerous (2-25-05)
Diamonds Are A Ghouls Best Friend (3-5-05)
A Terrifying Round With A Menacing Metallic Clown* (3-12-05)
Camp Comeoniwannascareya** (3-19-95)
Block-Long Hong Kong Terror (3-25-05)
Gentleman, Start Your Monsters (4-2-05)
Gold Paw" (4-9-05)
Reef Grief! (4-16-05)
E-Scream (7-21-06; originally scheduled to air April 23, 2005)

Plus Valentine special (2-11-05)

*This episode features childhood "Pup Named Scooby Doo" version of the gang in a flashback of how Velma became afraid of clowns

**Much like "Ransom of Scooby Chief" (1979), Fred & the Girls only make brief appearances, and it's the camp kids who join Shaggy and Scooby on the case

Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!

"Shags to Riches" 9-23-06 (with Fred and the girls)
"More Fondue for Scooby-Doo!" 9-30-06
"High Society Scooby" 10-7-06
"Party Arty" 11-4-06
"Smart House" 11-11-06
"Lightning Strikes Twice" 11-18-06
"Don't Feed the Animals" 2-3-07
"Mystery of the Missing Mystery Solvers" 2-10-07
"Chefs of Steel" 2-17-07
"Almost Ghosts" 2-24-07 (with Fred and the girls)
"Pole to Pole" 3-3-07
"Big Trouble" 4-28-07
"Operation Dog and Hippy Boy" May 5-07
Season 2:
"Shaggy and Scooby World" 9-22-07
"Almost Purr-fect" 9-29-07
"Inside Job" 10-6-07
"Zoinksman" 10-13-07
"The Many Faces of Evil" 11-3-07
"Cruisin' For a Bruisin'" 11-10-07
"There is a Doctor in the House" 12-1-07
"Super Scary Movie Night" 1-26-08
"Runaway Robi" 2-2-08
"Don't Get A Big Head" 2-16-08
"Scooby-Dudes" 2-23-08
"Zoinks The Wonderdog" 3-8-08
"Uncle Albert Alert" 3-15-08

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